Chai Soua Vang–a Hmong milestone: martyr or murderer?

I recently got a report that convict Chai Suoa Vang had died, and I am still investigating that. For me, it’s one of many “old stories” that I lived through–whose people I knew, and whose story languished in media due to an anti-Asian bias.

And as you might predict–racism and stereotypes are at the center of the story, as a “gang” of white people target a “rat” in a “nest.”

Yup…its really a clear case that could use modern intervention. Have a look here, as a “seasoned reporter” adopts racial stereotypes, and steers a man into prison, while avoiding any discussion pre, or post trial of racism. Yeah–its an eye opener, no pun intended for Asian readers who are targeted with “slant eye” jokes and so on.I know them all if you want to do battle about eyes and size–but I always keep my own on the prize–this case deserves a re-visit, now that Asian American’s are enjoying some political clout.

As many of my readers know, I was once stalked by huge white police men, and Hell’s Angels, and all of the informants and “entrappers” that surround them in their “gang stalking orbit.” They are one and the same to me–in fact, in the locality where I documented this story? The police union rep is in fact a Hell’s Angel by default–he regularly drinks with them, and during the George Floyd protests, was outed for that, exactly.

Yup–my case is no “ordinary case” of “gang stalking” and researchers should take note of that.

Well–we begin our story with this tale of a “trespasser”–that ancient British legal term that argues for individual rights, but which also drops the ball every time the police state infringes similar statutes–trespassing should not be a “crime” where individuals are targeted and hunted like animals, while the state and its agents are not held accountable–and it is here, where we see white supremacy featured in its full ugliness.

Deer Woods Murder: The Day a Trespasser Killed 6 Hunters
Chai Soua Vang, hunter, shaman, and citizen of the United States of America was tried and convicted of killing people who shot at him first, and who died after that, because Mr. Vang was an Army trained sniper, and a damned good shot.

For those of us who are true targeted individuals, we have watched as our friends, colleagues, and associates have been picked off, one by one, by the illegal mechanism of un-Constitutional gang stalking. I knew Mr. Vang’s friends, associates, and relatives–they once bought me many drinks at a bar, where i was at all times targeted by state security agents–their daughters, and nieces and nephews were married under my watchful eyes.

And so, I must pick up this case again–a burden I am tired of carrying–because someone brought to my attention the possibility that Mr. Vang has died.

For every ten thousand #fakeTI’s, who are all police and military and intel affilliated–there is one actual TI like me–who moves other TIs stories forwards, because it is the right thing to do.

Chai Suoa Vang did indeed kill some people–racist, nasty, law-invoking people who themselves did not obey simple rules of civil conduct, and who, for all practical purposes, got what they deserved for doing so.

Rule number one, asshats: if you aim a gun at someone else who has a gun, fully expect to get your ass shot off. And that’s what this case was about.

I urge all my readers to study this ONE CASE to understand case law, gun rights, and the racial implications of owning guns in America–and I especially urge minority populations to arm themselves, in that place too.

This ONE case demonstrates why minorities need to exercise that valuable right, in America–and especially Asian, and black people.

Chai Soua Vang shot himself in his own foot, because of his own testimony–he was direct, and honest, an stated the facts, against the advice of his awyer. And it KILLED HIM in a courtroom full of white people–Asian excellence and Asian stereotypes regarding the law absolutely failed him–model minorities of any and every race fail, when they are honest in US court systems.

Do you want to read a primer in US racism–and how journalists themselves are incapable of grasping “nuance”? Read this!

Two of eight Wisconsin deer hunters survived a shooting rampage Nov. 21, 2004, for one reason: The enraged killer ran out of ammo after firing his SKS 7.62×39 semiautomatic rifle 22 times.

That man—Chai Soua Vang, 36, of St. Paul, Minnesota, a certified sharpshooter and six-year National Guard veteran—opened fire by first shooting the group’s only armed hunter. He then shot three where they sat or crouched, chased down a father and adult son who fled, and ambushed a young nurse and her driver from behind as they rode unarmed on an ATV to render aid.

Of the dead, Vang shot four in the back and two in the side, executing three with follow-up shots as if dispatching a wounded animal. When he pulled his rifle’s trigger the 23rd time while confronting a hunter he previously wounded, Vang discovered it was empty.

Yeah, um…some fifteen or so years later, I am still not convinced he “murdered” anyone–but I am certain, he challenged white supremacists, and their sliding scale of property rights; that curious compendium of law, and disorder, that allows a police state to thrive around it, as many gang stalking victims report that “gangs of police” have moved in next door to them–and men like Abe Dabela get bullets in the back of their heads in strange car crashes., after encountering gangs of firefighters stalking him.

Yeah. I am not convinced Vang is guilty, even to this very day, and neither should you be convinced either.

I am keeping an eye on this story now–again.

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