What is Pseudo Law? It depends on who you ask.

I recently began a series on pseudolaw/pseudo law, starting with those laws that are put in place quite hastily, every time a white female gets herself into more trouble that she (has been taught) to handle, and the police hastily inform “the public” about a need for a new law—and that law which is ALWAYS at odds with the U.S. Constitution and which nearly ALWAYS has a corresponding, pre-existing law on the books already.

These laws are designed to circumvent due process and civil liberty, and they began to make their appearance during the 1980’s, as arch-conservatives flooded Congress and state legislatures with attempts at bad law, aka “hidden religion,” and waged assault after assault on existing laws–in most cases, laws that were ALREADY on the books were replaced by “special laws” to assist “special victims”–and that, funded by “special interests.”

The War on Drugs, the War on Terrorism, the War on Human Trafficking–all come pre-packaged for purchase, with special terms and conditions which states must follow if they want to get their fingers wet with that “special use” blood money.

This is what the Two Tiered Society essentially and effectively is–two sets of laws, with the great majority of citizens affected by these “special laws.”

And if ever their was a “wedding ceremony” between the far-right religion infused politic, and the far left side in the Horseshoe Theory shaped politic, it was the Violence Against Women Act, aka VAWA, which sailed through Congress thanks to our current president, Joe Biden.

Other subsidiary pseudolaws such as sex offender registries, family court procedures and policies, and much more were all designed as an end-around the US Constitution. Using the language of “special victims,” and “its for the women and children,” as well as media trance formation, the VAWA and its related pseudolaws were the direct by-product of the Satanic Panic, where both right and left wing institutions and gatekeepers vied for control of not only the hearts and minds of the “public,” but also the lucrative federal dollars set aside for “special uses,” like VAWA.

And in fact, I have traced several cases of gang stalking directly to Satanic Panic era acolytes, religionists, and even hard right, current and former FBI agents too. Have a look at the case of Deb Matheny, and this other guy, Timothy Holmseth–both in Minnesota, both with connections to these agents, and which is no coincidence at all–the state has a major gang stalking problem, and even news reporters have documented and sued because police from “over 180 departments” were driving by one of their houses “every day.”

After all-who could argue that violence against women is a good thing–but wait! Doesn’t that argument inherently state that violence against men (and gay people, and the homeless, and so on) IS a good thing? Who could argue that allowing sex offenders to prey on children is ok–or that men of that generation were equipped to be better parents than there soon to be ex-wives?

Riiiiight. Such is the dialectic–many hidden meanings that are not apparent–it speaks a form of coded speech, and heavily utilizes the negative space of non-conversation to insert itself; that what is NOT said, is what is implied. But all of that was 30 years ago….we live in a different world now, one where pseudolaw has no place–if it ever did.

So–in this post, I simply want to convey that there are two basic definitions of pseudolaw/pseudo law, and there are also two different spellings of the term. I intend to change the expand definition.

The most common form of the usage of pseudolaw can be seen in cases where common citizens, with poor education and often driven to ruin by the DVIC and other state institutions bombard courts and other institutions with frivolous paperwork, exactly how the two tiered state bombards THEM with paperwork.

Here below, is one definition, from Donald Netolitzky of the Alberta, Canada Court of Queens Bench, who holds that pseudolaw is akin to mental illness, and that those who utilize it are “pathogen’s” akin to a disease–that likening is indeed correlated with similar claims by those who hold that actual gang stalking targets are “delusional” cannot be missed!

Let’s look in to the mind of the great Juris Doctor (.pdf here):

A Pathogen Astride the Minds of Men: The Epidemiological History of Pseudolaw

Pseudolaw is a collection of legal-sounding but false rules that purport to be
law. Pseudolaw has independently emerged in different countries and
communities on multiple occasions. Despite that, modern pseudolaw world-
wide is remarkably similar, despite that pseudolaw host populations have
extremely different political, cultural, and historical profiles. What is
common among groups that endorse pseudolaw is: 1) an anti-government
and anti-institutional orientation, and 2) a conspiratorial world perspective.

That’s quite a definition, ay? And an ad hominem attack on anyone who would question the law too, as his definition can be used in any case where a legal challenge of any kind is brought. But that’s what we are dealing with in those who proffer this definition of pseudolaw, and why changing the definition to include other pseudolaw suits a more humanitarian and civil purpose, and afford victims of the DVIC and ITS pseudolaws some relief.

I will go point by point through his definition, adding line by line commentary in parentheses, and I note that Mr. Netolitzky is a one man paper mill on this topic–have a look at his other work here.

  • Pseudolaw is a collection of legal-sounding but false rules that purport to be

What more is any law, or set of laws or rules that is imposed without voter input, or with “special rules” that go along with funding “special laws”? Such laws are in fact an end-around existing laws themselves. That’s what the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC)/War On Drugs/War On Terror is too.

  • Pseudolaw has independently emerged in different countries and communities on multiple occasions.

Right–during periods of social unrest, caused by systemic corruption, bad government, pandemic levels of state lawlessness, and revolutions–see the year 1215 for one example, where King John signed the Magna Carta after centuries of British abuse of the polity outside of any law whatsoever or 1776 for another famous era of “pseudolaw”. And so too has the lawlessness of the FVEYs nations, and their “mystery money” players, as we saw during the Iraq War, and other ongoing illegal operations and incursions–all of which were and are against existing rules and treaties, and law. And on the domestic front, we already have laws on the books that states are circumventing, due to mystery money, and that OTHER version of pseudolaw! See “Marsy’s law” above for just one of thousands of examples.

  • Despite that, modern pseudolaw world-wide is remarkably similar, despite that pseudolaw host populations have
    extremely different political, cultural, and historical profiles

So too does state crime that circumvents the existing laws of sea and land–the Iraq War is redundant to speak about–but the long history of US and British piracy on the high seas echoes the exact situation we are in today, as the US Drug Enforcement Agency and other “law enforcement” agencies circumvent every intention of the Constitution as they stop cars and travelers looking for cash; or how family courts have gendered meanings of words, and bent the clauses of equality to fit their piracy, in order to allow states to seize marital assets in one form or another since 1993.)

  • What is common among groups that endorse pseudolaw is: 1) an anti-government
    and anti-institutional orientation, and 2) a conspiratorial world perspective.

These points are categorically NOT TRUE at all–even a brief survey of their blogs online one finds criticism of bad government” and “racist government”–but very little “anti-government” sentiment–it’s an actual lie in fact, easily debunked: the Rise of the Moors, Sovereign Citizen’s who were recently featured in the news, believe in the Nation of Morocco, and claim to be acting on its behalf–not a false claim at all, considering Morrocco’s own status as a pirate nation at the same time as the US and Britain were ALSO pirate nations–but ALSO that such claims to legitimacy are every bit as “anti-institutional” as the Founding Fathers were when they wrote the Constitution, or those who brought the Magna Carta into being–all of them rebels, militants and pirates. A better, more accurate term might be “anti-current-government, and anti-current-institution,” but that’s a cumbersome phrase. On point 2, we see that in fact, state sponsored conspiracies roll out every single day since 9-11, not least of which is the US-FVEY’s abandoning their own constitutions, keeping actual torture chamber at Guantanamo, kicking in the doors of newspapers to seize evidence that journalists have collected documenting US-FVEYs war crimes and worse; see the example above of US agents seizing travellers cash, cars, and other assets, in acts of pure and actual piracy—-and that this attack on “conspiratorial world perspective” being waged by The Crown is entirely warranted, when the actions of the state are literally criminal themselves–a pig in lipstick, with no actual laws at all. And we know this since 9-11 erased the existing law in both the US and Britain, as other nations–communist nations–laugh, watching so-called western democracies self imploding. Then–all of those who have challenge “existing institutions and the legitimacy of laws” within them are Freemasons of one kind or another–from the Founding Fathers, to the Moors, that is an easily found fact; and so too are those who waged war in Iraq. Yeah–all of these are actual conspiracies of the state itself as a criminal agent, against law, order, and justice, not some theory.

Indeed, one nations pseudolaw is another persons pseudolaw, or, something like that, right?

…..more later. Follow the links–connect the dots!

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