Beauty and the Beast as Little Cleo is found: Indigenous man obsessed with “white dolls” is the guy wut took ‘er!

I don’t pray, but if I did?

It would be this prayer, like an old time letter, before the US post office became a clock milking, gang stalker infested parasite:

“Dear______(deities unspecified): Please use your third eye or some other Panoptical organ to look into this story, where I pray that we find a lonely man–surrounded by dolls–in an imaginary world isolated beyond any hope of assimilation into the society around him that WORSHIPS little blonde girls–that man who could never have the good fortune to be a square jawed straight nosed White Aryan looking Cop Porn worthy hero–nor ever to access a pretty little white girl in any form, in any way, ever, existing as he does in a post colonial environment, in a massively scarred identity, whereby men like him are taught they shouldn’t ever breed, because, well–straight nosed Aryan’s and all that–and that man, much like the artist in Chicago in the last century who was obsessed with the Gibson Vivian girls running around in little naked Gibson girl battalions, and fighting bad guys, and winning!–you know the guy, deity/ies, PBS did a documentary on him. He even has his own website, many decades after his death! Feminists, and people in San Francisco love him!
Henry Darger was a genius, and was very likely way ahead of his time on the whole “pretty white girl” thing.

Well, dear deities unspecified–please make sure it was a case like that–a man whose colonial society had deemed him too ugly, and too misfit to live on his own tribal land–and please dear deity, tell us that he treated that little girl with care and kindness–much like Lenny in “Of Mice and Men,” who just wanted to keep a mouse in his pocket, and so on.

Deity–can we make sure the story is exactly that? That this fellow did not “hurt” the girl, but rather, that they played dolls for 18 days? I would be SOOOOOO happy of the story turns out that way! And if it is–I will keep believing in you, deity/ies unspecified!


Salaam/Shalom/Hell yeah! JahRule! And AAAAAAY-men, Australia! Good police work, you handsome, square jawed Aryan looking fellows! You saved Gold-o-locks again!

But we know it won’t end like that–already the papers are gloating about how he was beaten in prison–clamoring all over themselves to get the salacious quote from the mother of the man who beat the other man in prison–WE WANT BLOOD! And…..soil….

But they fail to tell you that this is standard police procedure–to put an accused “sex offender” or other “pervert” into a cell with an angry guy who wants to beat on someone, or rape them–the first step of the anti-due process western judicial system, and the story of the helpless white girl underpinning it is to give men an introduction to Ye Olden Tymes practice of English Buggery a little ass rape for the bad boys, because the girls cried foul(but also, because the handsome square jawed ships captains preferred buggering boys)!

Georgie, Porjie! Put some puddin in that guys eyes!

Then comes solitary confinement, and then, the rubber room, where our subject will be treated to “no touch torture” as his jailers ramble on about what a deviant he is, while playing Nazi punk, and Ein Zwei Drei Polizei! on an endless loop.

I am not kidding–they brag about these things in their forums online.

This all straight out of Nazi era social programming that started with the Fritz Lang classic “M,” as the Nazi’s and the international banksters that financed them moved towards the Holocaust as a way to solve “social problems.”Warsow, and then Bersen-Belgen, or Belgen-Bersen (whatever its called–I can never remember that one from my early days of constant and chronic indoctrination, where I thought the red ants fighting the black ants had hidden meaning or something, based on the television loops that played endlessly back then) and so on.

One of the post-colonial side effects is that those colonized are doomed to live lives where they are seen as “ugly” in their own lands. The case of Little Cleo in New Zealand highlights this problem, as an indigenous man with a perfectly conquered person name, but not the perfect jawline is rousted out of the scene of the crime in the middle of the night, police rushing in and saving the kidnapped girl–we all like happy endings when it comes to cop porn.

Wherever the European has trod, death seems to pursue the aboriginal. We may look to the wide extent of the Americas, Polynesia, the Cape of Good Hope, and Australia, and we find the same result…

Charles Darwin

Beyond the ongoing genocides that cause death of the various indigenous populations around the world, we see cultural conquest taking its toll too, in what “gangs” of “stalkers” call “slow kill genocide.” This case highlights that, in the most severe and horrible way, as a lonely, isolated indigenous man spends his last 18 days of freedom with a kidnapped four year old–a child that the entire nation finds value in, and will do anything to find her!

This one isn’t too hard to figure out….

Terence Darrell Kelly, an indigenous man who collects dolls–steals a girl in a sleeping bag one night, a little package of whiteness, that he will never be; never know, have or possess in any way–and like a doll in a box, a packaged toy that will always be worth more than him: more treasured, more loved, more cared for–more beautiful too–and far more protected! And most of all–indoctrinated that men like him are primitive, and unsalvageable by any “modern” standard–a 200 year old problem, as these aboriginals refuse to just leave!

For the deities sake–just hop on a raft already, and go find another place to be primitive and ugly! GO AWAY CAVEMAN!

But they never say THAT out loud, do they?

Another fact of colonialism is that the conquistador’s only care about women–spoils of war, they say. But for men like Terence Darrell Kelly, the colonialists hope in the least that they die off, forgotten–leaving no heirs to challenge the genocide that has been waged upon them; or the land claims that could follow.

Or, that should they live, that they will quietly adjust to their place on the margins of society, in a land where they once roamed free, without the European names plastered on them like gum on a park bench. Adjust your seat, so you don’t get stuck in it! Otherwise

Little Cleo is a case of that, and while the police obviously did excellent work, and the family had a happy ending–let’s also not forget what created this situation to begin with. A historic genocide–the aboriginals of Australia, curiously, sharing so much DNA with Neanderthals–and Scotsman–the Black Guard! And Picts, and Celts, Curonians–and so many other European tribes that it hurts to look at them sometimes–reminding “modern man” of “modern man’s” duty to kill off other less “attractive species,” and then–straight to Gold-o-locks breeding BINGO!

Its a sad world.

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