Bûter, brea en griene tsiis: wa’t dat net sizze kin, is gjin oprjochte Fries.

I had a couple of great conversation’s today over a plate of blue cheese and crackers with a few targeted individuals, and contrary to what many would have you believe, actual TI’s are quite interesting people, targeted for “beliefs” that fall outside of the mainstream, and most of those who I consider actual target’s share one thing in common: they believe in rights, and freedom.

Put another way–they believe in the right to be free–free from having Jewish-christian culture, and especially it’s language restrictions imposed upon them. And really–that makes a pretty big group of people, should we all come together on this.

And so, I think I have a new litmus test for deciding if someone is a real TI–or I will cull them out, and toss them overboard, like I did here a couple of days ago, and then once before that too.

My new litmus test will be this: Bûter, brea en griene tsiis: wa’t dat net sizze kin, is gjin oprjochte Fries.

And if you fail that test? Off the plank, matey’s!

And so, my eyes are opened each time I laughed at the fact that there are–in fact–many definitions of what a TI even is, because those targeted come from such a wide political spectrum, and so many different identities!

There is this guy, who is suing the NYPD for turning his simple request for an arrest warrant into a nearly fatal “standoff” where the police at each and every point could simply have produced an arrest warrant according to the law–which they didn’t, because there was no arrest warrant to begin with, but certainly, a police precinct who had planned an extra-judicial lynching for a noteworthy activist.

And this guy, who has been strong against the modern KKK in Mississippi, who made me laugh at a hemorrhoid joke too.

And many others, whose cases are not so cut and dry–and most of whom do request anonymity.

Hey, TI’s, say this!

Bûter, brea en griene tsiis: wa’t dat net sizze kin, is gjin oprjochte Fries.

Otherwise, hop off!

3 thoughts on “Bûter, brea en griene tsiis: wa’t dat net sizze kin, is gjin oprjochte Fries.

  1. Well my thrid Federal lawsuit and second one against Union County Mississippi, has finally passed an obstacle and now more people will be served soon. And guess what they have absolutely nothing better to do than to Obstruct Justice. I’ll write more later on the new deal the stalking office has implemented against me!


    1. Good for you Richard.You are truly doing great work, and if you keep your head on your shoulders, you will succeed.

      You also might like to know that I have a woman in New Jersey right now who wrote to thank me for helping her do OSINT and SOCMINT, and trace out her gang of stalkers–all of them local government, firefighters, and police, as ROGS Analysis predicts.

      But really–I must thank you, and her!

      It is you guys who are being targeted now, and your bravery reminds me that I owe it to others before me to help others AFTER me out of these anti-democracy stalking events by these local mafia’s and their law enforcement enablers.

      As I have said many times–if you can shoot bullets in their faces while they are a direct threat to you in your own yard or in your own home, do so, within the law–these people deserve bullets in their faces.

      And failing THAT, keep up the good work of first exposing them, and second, suing them.

      That’s the noble path, as I have myself demonstrated when I sued them too.

      Sadly*–I have heard a few of my stalkers met bad fates after that, if you get my drift–and last I heard a few more MIGHT meet bad fates–but I am still awaiting that (good) news.

      *just kidding–I wasn’t actually sad about it;-)


    2. BTW: there generally is no one “centralized” stalking office, but Fusion Centers are integral in caes like yours, which involve two counties, AND a state.

      Those records can and should be requested, from the Fusion Center–you have the right to request every name that you implicate, and those centers are compelled to produce that information under state and federal law.

      Then–I ask you–did you contact the journalists I referred you to? Do not name them here on my blog–but DO get your case facts ready–only the stuff you can prove–and present it in a no nonsense, no gibberish manner to them.

      I have more, but those two are indeed aware of your situation.

      Lastly, feel free to “screen capture” and post these comments to your social media.


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