The Horseman’s Word: how women in western societies used men as prostitutes(in gendered language–as “paramours”)–you don’t hear that phrase much do ya’?

In the run-up to the 2020 election, we saw how Eastern Star Freemason females went toe to toe with Ku Klux Klan Kamelia’s, like Marjorie Taylor green, and guess what?

The world was indeed watching, as white females fought it out in the streets and voting booths, each side on one hand asserting or challenging power, and on the other, selling themselves as products to the world of power.

And now, we see how the FBI is a mere blackmail agency, allied with other blackmail agencies–but also, that the famous”Steele dossiere” and intel agency “piss tape” procurers are themselves being indicted–as scurrilous political little pissants, who chose to break moral codes and laws, so that they could further an agenda–of white females–are getting indicted.

But what get’s missed is that these white females are merely extensions of one or another “phallic power.,” bent towards more power. On one hand, traditional women, fighting the same battle their patriarchs battled–and on the other hand? Yeah–same thing.

Few patriarchal battles are more pronounced than how the Jewish racist Bari Weiss united with the Baptist racist daughter of Fred Phelps–leaving rational observers to ponder–who was Bari Weiss’ father? Kill the Patriarchy Now!

As othered girls look on in dismay….

And in that? They are all the same–while the “human slavery and sex workers!” also battle for control over our genitals! Oh noooooes! I might have an unsanctioned orgasm! The Pope is watching! Girls, don’t you know what you are worth?

As DVIC narrative control agents, and medical mafia cattle–these women are worth BILLIONS…and so on.

But there is much precedence in that–in the old days, these kinds of women used the men in the stable as paramours, and class was ALWAYS an issue, if even the most cursory glance at the girl porn of romance genre is any example. Ooooohhh, Flavio!

Well, look on as white females secretly take some cock, behind closed barn doors–and horses, too:

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