Defensive and evasive driving, and how to spot surveillance: help for targeted individuals, from the US State Department

Since the US–and the west in general–have turned into lawless, two tiered societies, ruled covertly by the military and hidden squads of “gang stalkers” aka private contractors, community policing assets and so on–a targeted individual must study up on the basics of surviving in these lawless environments. And, because as we watch victim after victim of western nations “intelligence led predictive policing” programs crash their cars on sidewalks, and into random crowds–and as we saw recently with Richard Moore in Mississippi being run off the roads by “community police” –yeah–the US is no democracy, not by a long shot.

Related Story: Many targets complain about how these ILPP programs misuse funds, and how helicopters are well documented buzzing over their homes. One guy in Canada even documents via “scientific prediction” that such activities do in fact occur–as predicted, in that guys case. So, with little irony, we see that exact scenario play out in Union County Mississippi, where farmer Gary Curbow shot at National Guard heli’s–and got 5150’d by the feds, because unlike DHS whistle blower Julia Davis, who documented similar domestic terror waged from state agencies, he was too stupid to collect solid evidence that he was indeed being targeted this way. Folks–if your going to go shooting at helicopters–don’t do it!–until you have tried to file a few FAA complaints first. And if you ARE going to shoot at them….

A useful skill to have is spotting actual targeted surveillance, and evading it when you are driving, because these “gangs” operate within state and local police departments, they are extensive, and they will kill you if they can–see the case of Attorney Abe Dabela for just one of these examples.

Department of State OSAC Guide: Basic Evasive Driving Techniques

Basic Evasive Driving Techniques–download it here

During my time as a target in the United States (AS a US citizen, mind you) , it was seldom/never “the Russians and the Chinese” stalking me, or trying to kill me by running me off the roads–it was ALWAYS elements of community policing, state patrol, highway patrol, and various security contractors, and “community policing assets” who are nearly always current and former military, police, and their friends and relatives. I was later able to use data from those events ad trace them to their homes, and their associations as current and former police and other agents, and their various real estate rackets run from within police unions and fraternal organizations too.

And the “foreign agents” I encountered were most often Israeli’s enlisted by the various US military programs, and their afflicted “private contractors” that run amok in the US today–why has no one had them listed as foreign agents?! See this recent case of Gilad Peled and SpearTip Security, as they bungled a murder-for-hire plot( they carried out a double homicide, but failed to hide their tracks.)

You can have a look at another one of them here, and note how they all just love junk science, they peddle electronic surveilance gear, and gadgets and electronics–and all have a “higher power” that they answer to which, like them, does not not believe in “secular laws” in any way, shape or form. They are ALL sociopath’s or psychopaths, dual nation or dual loyalty”citizens” who use that duality to target those of us who reject their race, or religion based evangelism.

I recall a certain guy named “Doug the Block Captain,” a Catholic who held candle light vigils for FBI/other agency as yet specified victims of FBI/Navy Intelligence/USAF distributed child pornography– asking me directly–“well where did you learn to drive like that?!” as if somehow, defensive and evasive driving is a sooper seekrit thing–it’s not. The US State department and many other organizations–which I still refuse to name or discuss– teach it as basic personal safety.

Doug was himself formerly military intelligence, and as in most US communities, these former spooks like to think that only they have such “deep knowledge” of spook world–but the reality is that BECAUSE of people like Doug, the former US Marine intelligence officer-cum-block captain*, common citizens are being forced to adopt counter-intelligence paradigms merely to survive in a police state, which the US obviously is at this point.

To hell with the deep state trance formation of the poor little white girl, saved by the child porn distributors of Fort Hood, and Fort Sill, and Fort whatever-PSYOP from within US Cyber Command, and whatever else done there in Texas, pal–the world is looking in on a greater, more historic oppression of simple human and civil rights IN AMERICA BY AMERICANS, and many of those asshats forcing the King James Bible up our asses–the US military has NO BUSINESS involving itself in domestic matters! Yet they do….this is what military cults DO. And all of those strange deaths down there in Texas too….

Listen folks–the cat is out of the bag there now–I have journalists and others researching it.

So–no Russians, no Chinese–not even a sneaky North Korean to worry about harming you in the US–it will ALWAYS BE exactly who I teach you it is–there is help for targeted individuals of all kinds.

But a word of advice: adopting such measures only and usually leads to deeper rabbit holes, and they are constantly upping the game against you, so defensive driving gets logged into some morons daily activity report as “terrorist was seen utilizing evasive driving techniques as I stalked him across the county, from the 7-11 there in Tupelo, to Dunkin Donut’s (or other bakery unspecified) over there by Sheriff Johnson’s motherin laws house, and so on.

They are constantly flagging you as a target worth targeting with EVEN MORE useless surveillance. It’s pure “cult ritual defamation” with zero basis in law or due process–but it IS how the US, its secret police state, and its use of “counterintelligence professionals” is structured today.

And a second word of advice: when the long, black Chevy Suburban’s with no license plates show up, they are extremely difficult to evade, because they are working with a much larger team, and are usually the FBI or another federal agency–or a STRATFOR type private CIA-like firm. And most strikingly, they have head and tail lights that can be used to signal, in a variety of colors too.

Trevor Aaronson, auther of The Terror Factory, helped groom a futre FBI-DHS informant back in 2017, and that case included this exact sort of driving mayhem. More about that from Butlincat

But don’t fool yourself–you can easily tell the difference between a trained wheel man, and a community block captain–the wheel man is usually in contact with a much larger team, and they use predictive technology–electronic tracking devices that enable them to keep a closer tooth on your ass.

This latter category will have at a minimum five to 12 other cars tagging along, and those others will be in a variety of colors, and modes, ranging from junk yard dogs and beaters, to the well known Dodge Chargers, Ford Mustangs, and so on. Contact me if you are having problems like these. I alluded to that in the case of FBI whistle blower Terry Albury, as all of these agencies use muscle cars and literally sit outside a targets house endlessly rumbling their engines.

Related Story: History is our teacher–read “Spy Counter Spy“. one of the most preserved blogs online thay documents these tactics. It was written in the 1990’s as a target of this type of criminality fled to Canada for refuge. But his legacy was that

And–take care of yourself–a lawless world is a dangerous world, made only more dangerous because US agencies and agents–working with their “community assets” have forgone any and every obligation to uphold the law whatsoever.

And take heart–gang stalking victims can sue and win in many of these cases, like this case from 2010! Or this case of the eBay gang of stalkers from just this year! Or this case that is currently at trial…and this….you get the idea–you can sue, and win, once you drop the crazy talk, harden yourself into fearlessness, and get down to the basics of protecting yourself with the proper laws and procedures.

Then, use that money to help others–you will NEED others in these cases, because these crazed, anti-democracy cowards are legion in the west. You will need allies in this endeavour.

And lastly–get a front and rear dash camera that uses Micro-SD cards, and take those cards home with you every day and night–you WILL catch these shitbags– I did it myself, and have just heard this from another TI who is being stalked in New Jersey ” Thank god for your advice! I found connections between many of them on Facebook, and turned that over to the local police department.

And to her I said “Don’t forget to turn your dashcam footage over too!” Which, she did. Go New Jersey!

*block “captain” was a higher rank than he ever achieved as a spy/base cop in the Marines, lol. Captain Doug, has a better ring to it than say” corporal Doug, or sergeant Doug, for example,”lol.

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