To the TI in California: I am on the case–we can talk here, please post anonymously!

Dear California TI:

Please read through all of my self help sections, such as “free tools to fight gang stalkers,” and “help yourself using the Krlich method” and any posts about Wireshark, or other electronic methods you can use to capture data.

But brace yourself–it won’t be easy, because you live in California, one of the most gang stalker diseased states in the US, and all law enforcement is indeed “in on it.”

That’s one major reason why the state of California passed a law to “shield” public servants and cops from the public’s insight into this topic–so many CA cops, firefighters, and other state workers are “in on it” that they state gave them a special, law to “protect them” from investigation, lawsuit, or retaliation for what they do. The state itself condones the practice, and does what it can to hide insight into this practice; and the state is by definition a police state for that.

In my fifteen or more years of research, I have identified a salient fact: nearly 100% of all gang stalkers are current and former military, police, and intelligence agent’s, and their friends relatives and associates in the “community.” State workers, targeting others. As you are aware, this is what “community policing IS, and it is “qualified immunity” and “investigation privileged” tactics that keep it out of the public’s eye.

So–get dash camera’s, hidden cameras, such as wildlife camera’s and so on–and bring these cockroaches into the light–expose them, using evidence, and rational argument. And read the self help sections here at this blog. Keep a journal, and begin to prepare your case as if you are preparing for a lawsuit.

Then–sit back and set a few traps for them, and see what kind of rats walk in. Keep a sense of humor about it–read this, about a fat slob who busted his nuts after looking in my bathroom window one time–its a true story. And read this–some creative fiction about the mind of gang stalkers–it’s an eye opener.

Then, go over to, where I document a case of stalkers that ran from the midwest–Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota–all the way to a nest of rats in Temple City California, in the San Gabriel Valley. Use the search term “Temple City” to find those stories over there. All of them went on to feed at bigger pig troughs later, some of them with the FBI, some of them now heading up the Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA) too.

SO, when you might wonder where do they get all the cars? There’s part of your answer–a bunch of cops turned criminals, organized as stalking gangs who do illegal stuff–the EXACT reason why the US is NOT a democracy, but in fact, a secret police state by definition–police unions and fraternal organizations, and all of their associates are what the “deep state” is–because no one prosecutes these criminal police gangs.

All of them when I encountered them, worked in some capacity with policing, ranging from “police explorer’s” like Kyle Rittenhouse, who murdered a few murderous protesters in Kenosha, and is on trial right now, to various “behavioral analysts,” and fornesic’s oriented persons. They literally turned my life into a battle ground with black programs, and constant targeting.

My big break came when a couple of fruitloops who take pictures of raindrops and post online stating “Look! These are microwave brain readers crawling on my windshield!” and so on. Their psychobabble and other garbage was so ridiculous, many of them even left their phone numbers online (and even to this day, they do that–I suggest if you want to help the cause, start Googling “targeted individual: and “call me”–you would have a prosecutable list of offenders in no time at all.

Of those they were all easy to find, and trace, because they are often advertising that they are indeed gang stalkers, disguised as #fakeTI’s, and you can replicate that result, using open source intelligence (OSINT) and social media monitoring (SOCMINT) were working in positions such as the Los Angeles County Corners office, or in other police and related functions. These gang are huge, and networked across the US and the world.

Of the cockroaches that I uncovered, many were private contractors, actual cops, military intelligence–including retired Mossad agents, FBI, and so on.I even found many multi-millionaires, and Infragard agents who work in critical infra-structure such as bridge and tunnel builders, oil drillers, and even the CEO of a helicopter leasing outfit that does business with the FBI and other agencies.

I used Wireshark and some other programs to document that they worked actively with Fusion Center’s, and indeed, during the Ferguson protests, they had my computer connection wiretapped, and so I monitored the Tennessee Fusion Center, the Bloomington, MN Fusion Center and others monitoring ME. I turned that information over to a few journalists, which helped them verify key points in their own research into this topic.

The ACLU is useless on this issue, because some of them are actually “in on it” in ways that are too complex to explain here*–but they need more than just one guy (you) complaining about paranoid sounding stuff–they need cases attached to broader issues, like free speech, association, and activism for example.

I suspect the Institute for Justice–who is bringing the lawsuits forward in the Pasco County Sheriff cases–will be more inclined in the future to take these cases, because they are coming out now, and I am working with a few other organizations on this topic too.

SO get evidence as I describe. It will take awhile–but my work before you speeds that process up about five years for any target.

This is the kind of evidence the ACLU will look at–because it involves free speech, rights of assembly and association, and not merely some petty self-interest. You must build evidence–but also build alliances with other actual TI’s and stay away from #fakeTI’s like Ramola D, Targeted Justice, OSI informers, etc.–all of whom work in one or another academic or intelligence gathering capacity–and none of them have done a thing ever to get these cases into the public’s eye, or pass legislation to end it.

These latter examples are mostly headed by women–and you might also note that they ramble on and on about being zapped with electronic weapons, aliens and other garbage. A couple of my favorite crackpots in that bunch is Dr. Tomo Shibata, who gained her PhD. under the watchful eyes of none other than Catherine MacKinnon, a total shrew, cultist, and man hater.

These women, for the most part, are an integral part of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, and their agenda is to stalk, cyber stalk, and gaslight men who are being targeted, while deriving their portion of the DVIC money pot, likely AS stalkers–avoid anything to do with these people, and note that OSI informers is an actual Air Force operation–the military Special Investigations operators all are MAJOR STALKERS.

Then there is men like Dr. Eric Karlstrom, and others, who, while well intentioned, cannot seem to do anything substantive to get this issue publicized, because they think only “the Jews” are doing this stuff, when in fact, nearly every stalker I ever met was one of those bastard white fascist christians–the same type that they descend from.

And that is where ROGS Analysis is quite different–between 2010 and today, major news articles have been written, prizes have been won for journalists who write about this issue, largely due to two activists online–me, and

Both of us are former security industry actors, and both of us were stalked. I sued a security company, and several others did too, and put them out of business. But not that they are entirely out of business mind you–they went on to higher positions because of their crimes, with one of them providing security for a major NFL team right now, while I merely won a cash settlement, as did five other people.

So–these cases are hard, but with knowledge and evidence, you can indeed prove the larger conspiracy–be patient, and stay calm.

Lastly–if you even mention some ignorant sounding gibberish about “electronic torture” and “electronic zapping” anyone will think you are a crackpot including me–so avoid the language and terms that these security industry and DVIC acolytes and other shitbags are using, and start using proper terms, such as:

electronic harassment! = “I traced my computer connection to the local Fusion Center,” or “I found a microphone attached to my headboard” and so on.

aliens above my house! = “A helicopter with the San Bernadino sheriffs department routinely flies above my house. On several occasions, it circled, and hovered above my house, and I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to that department, and I am awaiting results.”

no touch torture = “Every time I leave my house, I am followed by a Dodge Challenger with the license plate #XXX-XXX. I have documented that with photos and other evidence, including that this same car stalked me from Trader Joe’s to Starbucks. I photographed it in BOTH parking lots on multiple occasions”

And so on. When you use the language that the stalkers use, you are shooting your own case in the foot. So educate yourself, make connections, and use better language–and build coalitions, find others who are also being stalked and harassed. In your area, the Coalition Against Los Angeles PD Spying is a good place to start. SO is CAIR Los Angeles, which has fielded many cases of gang stalking since the banksters bombed the Twin Towers on 9-11.

Good luck bro!

7 thoughts on “To the TI in California: I am on the case–we can talk here, please post anonymously!

  1. This is huge information, do you receive my email when I post to you? I would like for you to have it


    1. Yes, I did receive your email.

      But like I said, post here, in the comments section, because I am tired of being catfished by cowardly stupid cunts who work in law enforcement, Fusion Centers–and espeically those pussies who are private contractors.

      So–we don’t need to do email.


      1. Thank you for this information, I know basic computer stuff, I took yesterday for instance, I looked up my IP address it said it was hosted by Amazon AWS, but at the bottom it had a ASN # so I looked it up and it was under DHS, but these people like to delete stuff off my phone especially when it has to do with locals, but if you like I do have videos on YouTube
        On YouTube it’s People of Organized Criminal Stalking
        I understand the catfishing and deception, and trusting, everything they pretty to us is a deception, I rely heavily on God , so I do appreciate any and all help


      2. Ok, well you are correct about your IP, it is something. And yes–a stunning amount of the NSA and DHS dirty work is indeed hosted by Amazon, but also Automatic and a few others.

        Fusion Centers, sheriffs departments, and the private contractors tend to makesweetheart deals with local hosting providers to keep the cash in their cash strapped states and so on–classic cronyism.

        As foryour records check–yeah, if you can trace it to DHS, keep records of that, and file FOIA’s–that’s a lawsuit. And–if you have those kind of skills, maybe we can work together on something.

        As for trusting G-d, well, I am a stone cold ready to go to hell non-theist, and always will be. I trut no one, except the voices of my ancestors reminding me about the bizarre nature of a bunch of tribes trusting ANYTHING to do with the Jewish-christian-Abrahamic Trifecta of organized religion.

        Lastly, I understand that when you are pinned down in a foxhole, you need someone to talk to, even of it is the Lord’s Prayer, uttered in vain.

        I stopped praying and started doing many years ago though–which is why I am not pinned down in that foxhole anymore, uttering vain prayers, and actually getting some lawsuits started.

        Indeed–it is at all points religious fanatics and their “hope-n-prayers” that are doing the stalking itself. They are devils, every one of them.

        I have one TI in New Jersey who just had an aha moment when she conected people who are stalking her at work to a few firefighters, and finally a judge who stalked her at work!

        She is filing papers too.

        All of that was made possible by her individual bravery–a kind of courage formed AFTER being stalked by crazed religionists–it wasn’t any god I can name.

        It was made possible by her using the science of ROGS Analysis.And that’s what will help you to, if you truly want to get rid of these sick perverts– nearly 100% of gang stalkers are current and former police, military, intel agents, firefighters, state workers and so on.

        Its a hard fight, but worth it if we unite in our skills, and build our own databases and so on.

        As you see, ROGS Analysis of gang stalking makes a difference.


  2. One other thing–four people have clicked this post today. I am guessing one or two of those clicks are you, and two are my regular stalkers. I have two asshats that follow me from blog to blog, and read everything I write.

    That said–if you start your own paid blog somewhere, you can use it as a “honeypot” and begin to collect the IP addresses of people who read your stuff–but also lots of other data, based on pattern analysis.

    Its not 100% guaranteed to give up your stalkers, but WOW! It does point you in the right direction.

    Unsurprisingly, a large number of trolls and harassers online are current and former police/military and so on, many of them working from sheriffs departments, Fusion Centers, etc.

    A huge number of them are retired–over the age of 65–those old cunts are some of the most cowardly do-nothings you will ever meet, and in the sense that they are all milking two or three state pensions, their activity is to some degree “state sponsored.”

    Its THOSE IP’s that you will want to collect.

    I am working on a special project to send all of those types a little “love.”

    Familiarize yourself with a few basic concepts and exploits, such as “social engineering,” and honeypots as relates to data collection–especially as it relates to Facebook and other social media.

    There ARE ways to name these cowards, and sue them too.


  3. BTW, can you send me something that indicates it was indeed the DHS? I tracked it through the related delagations and POC, but did not see that it was related to DHS.

    The parent is AT-88-Z (NET-3-0-0-0-1)


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