Gang stalker confesses on Reddit: “We were duped into gentrifying Manhattan.”

So, the web has a lot of sociopathic assholes who have no conscience whatsoever, claiming that they are “gang stalking whistle blowers,” or “former gang stalkers” or some other crap, and 95% of those are false confessions–#fakeTI’s advertising their availability AS gang stalkers.

Most famously is some guy out of Seattle, or the entire “Targeted Justice” crowd, or the so-called FBI whistle blowers like Geral Sosbee–and I won’t name most of them, because it’s like giving them an advertisement for their services AS gang stalkers. I mentioned SOsbee because he is a lawyer, and a judge, who has the wherewithall to create a serious lawsuit–but has only yammered on about “dorected energy weapons” online for decades, making no real difference, or helping anyone.

But as we saw in the last mayoral election in New York, a major ACTUAL gang stalker was indeed running for office–Curtis Sliwa, founder of the vigilante organization the “Guardian Angel’s.” He lost the mayoral election largely because the people Sliwa targeted back in the 1990’s were black, brown; disadvantaged, poor, disabled, and so on. He is also a Catholic, and was (is) in fact, an actual gang leader, backed by police and Republican donor’s.

Sliwa and his gang definitely targeted drug dealers and others, and in so doing, he enabled a massive real estate grab as his group stalked marginalized people out of their own homes and neighborhoods, so that property developers, and police could work their agenda–remember, a huge portion of police and other state workers pensions are tied to real estate. Today, Manhattan is a real estate goldmine, and the public pension funds swelled due to his efforts targeting thw marginalized.

So: what does a real gang stalker confession, or whistle blower look like, versus a #fakeTI whistle blower?

The litmus test is really simple, actually: real TI’s seldom if ever yammer on about electronic brain zapping, satellite technology, or anything else slightly ludicrous, while #fakeTI’s nearly always manage to get UFO’s and aliens and Morgellons disease into the first two paragraphs of anything they say.

It’s usually that simple to weed them out, and it is these exact people, #fakeTI’s, who psychologists like these interview in their polls and “content analysis,” to get equally squirrely results.

In the case of a genuinie whistle blowerbelow, its a person on Reddit, who realizes what a mistake he made stalking primarily poor people out of Manhattan back in the 1990’s along with Curtis Sliwa.

And, unsurprisingly, the moderator at Reddit flagged it as “disinformation,” and that mod–like so many “mod’s” in the gang stalking dialectic–uses a Germanic name “vor 4 Jahren,” which means “four years ago” in German. Many of the white supremacists and others who emulate them (#fakeNazi’s) that work in policing, and information and tech also use Germanic names to signal their neo-Nazi. altRight, or other affiliation and symbolism.

Which is unsurprising because Reddit was started by an amazing man, Aaron Schwartz, who himself was gang stalked and imprisoned by the FBI because he believed information should be free. Reddit was taken over awhile ago, just like 8chan, and 4chan, and so on–the FBI acts as a narrative gatekeeper anywhere information in the public’s interest occurs, or where “free speech” exposes government, police, and corporate misconduct.

SO–I copy-pasted the entire thread below, from r/gangstalking, to preserve it here and elsewhere. Enjoy! And know that actual TI’s and actual gang stalking whistle blowers exist too. And note that this Redditor mentions stalking and photographing targeted individuals–its a real thing, as many of us have demonstrtated.

This guy.

I was a “Gangstalker” and I can confirm to you right now that these protocols exist and get used on targets.

I was a “gangstalker” during the years of approx. 1989-1993 I lived in NYC and we fought a war on street drug dealing, and we won this fight by using IDENTICAL techniques such as: color harassment, street theater, overt-photography, same time “exit/entry” and smear tactics. There has not been a single person to actually step up and state they have been involved in these activities, except for a couple “we are coming to get you” types, which are likely meant to intimidate and are mis-information.

This stuff, these techniques, wether they exist, it can’t be disputed because you can just walk out your house and engage in these activities… how could anyone deny they exist? go do the moonwalk in front of someone eating at a restaurant every time they look out the window- instant “street theater.”

It’s odd to me, seeing people question wether this even exists…People can’t start to deal with it because they are so mis-informed. I can confirm to you right now, these tactics exist, and I have engaged in them decades ago when we fought the war on street dealing in Manhattan.

I mean, just walk out of your house and do it to a target, it’s not difficult. All street theater is, is acting in the silliest way possible in front of someone who doesn’t understand why, and overt photography is well, obvious too. Go take someone’s photo and run away, they will be left bewildered or confused. Do it 10 times to someone and you will scare them.

I assure you this protocol exists and was used to fight (and win) the crack epidemic in American cities. At least in New York… “gangstalking” as they call it now, is exactly the reason New York was cleaned up and why there are no, NO street dealers in Manhattan any longer.

Google images of “NYC Guardian Angels” to see examples of red color harassment…

Any other tactics such as crowding mobbing overt photgraphy etc… again- just walk out your house and do them, there should be no question wether they exist. Just act like that idiot from 6th grade, the one that used to pick on you all the time.

Today you can take it a step further and get a spy app, they are all over youtube and the web, and in 10 minutes you can be tracking someone using GPS via their phone number without their knowledge. There isn’t really a conspiracy here, and it’s got nothing to do with science fiction, voice to skull, etc… that’s all smoke and mirrors. If there was any conspiracy, it would be as to which agency is creating all the diversions online so people can’t simply discuss this new (state-sponsored?) crime wave. It’s simply martial law. Don’t get freaked out and let people say they are microwaving targets or reptile-human hybrids. It’s all mis-information. All it is, is community policing, and as always, it’s a system that invites corruption from inept citizens with no integrity.

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you just copy and pasted this from 4chan you piece of shit9level 2Comment deleted by user · 4 JContinue this thread level 2OpCake day · 4 J · edited 4 J

I am not a piece of shit, however- I was never briefed at the time and told that I am unable to speak of the activities and tactics that were used to fight the street dealing epidemic, there is no official reason I cannot share this information, and I think will put some people at ease. I can confirm right now these tactics exist and were used to fight street dealing : smear campaigns, overt photography, street theater, same time exit/entry and color-based harassment alongside (of course) gas-lighting. It was not called “gangstalking” but the tactics are the same. We called it “Guerilla” and we did not call it “street theater” we called it “Hey, go fuck with that guy”

But I assure you these protocols exist, and I have engaged in these tactics years ago with others to fight street dealing problems in Manhattan. They were very effective and we did in fact win the war on street dealing. And I will tell you something “Milgram” related- We had A LOT of fun engaging in these activities, scaring dealers etc, because we honestly thought we had the right and that we were doing good in the world. Actually we were just doing the bidding of rich real estate interests but didn’t know it at the time. And we were, sadly, “useful idiots” without realizing it.

It is COMMUNITY POLICING, not “reptile human hyrbids etc…” Its just, martial law and civilians who are unfortunately taken for fools. So, if you are victim of this harassment and reading this, stay away from dis-information, all it is, is smoke and mirrors and a very simple program, some could say the world is on lock-down. No microwaving, no RNM, no V2K- that is all meant to scare the hell out of you.0Continue this thread level 1 · 4 J

Sad part is that you were probably duped into thinking you were targeting drug dealers when in fact they were not.4level 2OpCake day · 4 J

They told us we were like the guardian angels. “Heros.”

Fast forward 20 years and I went to the old neighborhood and really hit me like a ton of bricks, we WERE duped- and we were actually “clearing” out lower Manhattan and making way for new colonization/gentrifying elements and bigger $$$. They tricked us and told us we were heroic and we did their dirty work and even felt good about it at the time. All we actually did was antagonize and eventually kick out the poor people from downtown Manhattan.3Continue this thread level 1 · 4 JMod

I guess you’re an alt of /u/targetedwhowhatnow, who also liked to attempt to give everyone “special” information. I will flair your post as Disinformation.3level 2OpCake day · 4 J · edited 4 J

do as you like. In fact- I challenge your authenticity as you are the same admin who stated “no TRUE TI” would discuss color-based harassment. I would suggest you are working AGAINST these people, for whatever reason. I am NOT a TI, however, but a concerned citizen of the world. These people are on these forums in a panic and I have valuable information that will help them.

I am someone who doesn’t want to put my neck out too far on the line- but I CAN testify and I assure you that these protocols were taught to some people who lived in downtown Manhattan during the war on crack, and I can testify to you that they worked, very effectively, on ending the street dealing problem once and for all.

I can also testify to my own involvement in using these tactics, and I want to share with the victims who are on here that these protocols absolutely exist and have existed for decades. The sci-fi stuff is smoke and mirrors. What you are really dealing with, is a type of martial law.

Regarding the Guardian Angels, The red 100% was to leave an impression, make a mark on people’s psyche, and I can also assure you, color-based harassment is 100% effective. this thread level 1 · 4 JTroll

There is no street drug dealers in Manhattan? Are the neighborhoods of east village and Washington heights still considered Manhattan? People like to jokingly debate the heights, I know, but I know several coke dealers in both.2level 2OpCake day · 4 J

nonsense the entire business was forced to move to deliveries as long ago as pagers and beepers, and I am telling you why- because I was there, and I am also telling you how it was accomplished. Using Gangstalking.

For the victims out there reading this: you now have confirmation that these protocols have been used for a long time, and I wish you well and I hope you manage to live your life despite whatever targeting you face. Wishing you the best, TWN5Continue this thread level 1 · 4 J

I have been gang stalked off and on for 6 years. This guy, targetedwhatnow, absolutely has the most correct view of what is going on that I have ever read. I seriously doubt that anyone is being hit with DEWs or V2k or NRM, if they are targeted by law enforcement and their misled ignorant community minions. Maybe it might happen if you really pissed off or have some really dangerous dirt on some really rich, well connected person. But overwhelmingly, the DEW/V2k/NRM idea is to scare real targets, make them look insane, and by association, to discredit any person who complains of real gang stalking. Also, by implying that the NSA/CIA/FBI runs it, people will not go to a federal source to combat this.Yes,Snowden was right, we live in a surveillance state, but by and large, this program is run and administered by corrupt law enforcement at local and county levels, that coordinate with each other when targets move. Local police don’t and will not police themselves. Once you get REAL, LEGALLY TANGIBLE EVIDENCE, and not before you do, go to the FBI. They are the agency that deals with lower level law enforcement misconduct and corruption. In the meantime, do not get tricked into displaying any behavior that can be seen as mental illness. The majority of these jokers antics are to scare you into not committing some crime that they think you will commit, to make you look mentally ill so your testimony has no creedence, and to scare you into shutting up about it happening to you. These cops have spouses and children to support and don’t want to lose their jobs or go to jail.2level 2 · 23 T

I can assure you, V2K is real. It is especially disturbing having people react negatively to your thoughts, when you have not said anything out loud1level 1Comment removed by moderator · 4 Jlevel 2 · 23 T

Taunting the mentally ill, or anyone who is sensitive and struggling emotionally, is cruel. Anyone who does so- is a sociopath1level 1OpCake day · 4 J

The reactions on this thread are very credible evidence for those of you who are looking for answers to your problems, it’s likely these forums are completely dominated by people who are meant to prevent you from access to information.

Here is a very rare post where someone comes forward to confirm involvement in these activities and take note of what happens – total attack mode from “shils” and “trolls” consider that these forums have a purpose- to DISRUPT and to DISCREDIT anyone who may actually offer you victims help or honest testimony. I now speculate, this protocol is “community policing” with the blessing of an official agency, who is placing people online to disrupt you victims from getting the information you need. I am going to get on with my life, but you should really read this thread and understand what happened here. Best of luck, and, sorry you are going through this.3level 1 · 4 J

LARP copypasta from 4chan 2OpCake day · 4 J

Is it possible I posted on 4 chan? it could be, just saying4Continue this thread level 1 · 4 JTroll

So it had everything to do with gang stalking and nothing to do with the advent of technology you mentioned: pagers ,beepers and then practical cellphones combined with the reversal of white flight and super quick demographic change?

17 thoughts on “Gang stalker confesses on Reddit: “We were duped into gentrifying Manhattan.”

  1. I have been a target of this kind of stalking and harassment for three decades. All of the tactics listed, and then some, have been used on me. I do believe that it is part of the DOJ’s COPS program, but I also think that the intelligence communities and many former cops and have gotten into the business of revenge-for-hire services. Look up revenge for hire services online. Those services use gang stalking tactics on people that an individual or company has hired them to target, for personal vendettas or to hush them up. I am not a criminal, so I can only assume that I was thrown into this gang stalking program for vengeance. It is designed to drive me crazy, discredit me and ruin my reputation. I have suspicions as to who is behind it (some psycho from my past, with money and connections), but I can’t prove it, other than having a lot of circumstantial evidence. Gang stalking is set up that way. After all, It is a PSYOP program. It has completely disrupted my life, stripped away my support system, destroyed family relations and put a LOT of stress on me and my health. Now I am in my 70s and my life has not been my own since this evil was unleashed on me over 30 years ago. Deuteronomy 27:24


    1. Hi, Kristi.

      So–why are YOU targeted?

      That’s a starting point for all conversation here.

      For example, Richard Moore was targeted because his family resisted racism over several decadees. His cousin was Charles Lee Moore, the most famous photographer of the civil rights era.

      And, many of us are intergenerational targets–targeted by the Jewsih-christian-Masonic asshats.

      Whats your background?

      It would help to know that.

      But also–fuck the bible–how can you help TODAY?

      I have resources.


    2. Hi, Kristi H.
      Just wanted to reply and say almost identical to myself, 30 years etc. I hope you’re well.
      I do feel for you, 30 years is a long time. It doesn’t stop does it?
      Kind regards


      1. Hi, and a correction: I am not Kristy H. There is a sociopath online who has threatened to imitate or otherwise target my work, or claim it as her own. Her name is Kristen Harrison Kimbrell, an actual stalker–she actually travelled interstate to steal one of my colleagues recording equipment and his clothes–including his underwear. Very strange one.

        Her father Bill KImbrell runs Blue Oceans strategy, a South Korean intelligence agency affiliated “leadership development” group that targets people with slander campaigns. They influence HR departments around the globe, and have Masonic preamble.

        Now: does it ever end? If you take measures, yes, it can end to a large degree. I myself left the USA, where the gang stalking shut off as if I had flushed a toilet, or flipped a garbage disposal switch.

        Then, I supplied names, addresses, and other data to foreign intelligence services, reported the ones I can name as terrorists, and occasionally hear back from them, while some are still combing through it.

        In other words–sens some attention back at these people who do these things, and yes–gang stalking does disappear–and so do gang stalkers sometimes too.


  2. I have been a target of this kind of stalking and harassment for three decades. All of the tactics listed, and then some, have been used on me. I do believe that it is part of the DOJ’s COPS program, but I also think that the intelligence communities and many former cops have gotten into the business of revenge-for-hire services. Look up revenge for hire services online. Those services use gang stalking tactics on people that an individual or company has hired them to target, for personal vendettas or to hush them up. I am not a criminal, so I can only assume that I was thrown into this gang stalking program for vengeance. It is designed to drive me crazy, discredit me and ruin my reputation. I have suspicions as to who is behind it (some psycho from my past, with money and connections), but I can’t prove it, other than having a lot of circumstantial evidence. Gang stalking is set up that way. After all, It is a PSYOP program. It has completely disrupted my life, stripped away my support system, destroyed family relations and put a LOT of stress on me and my health. Now I am in my 70s and my life has not been my own since this evil was unleashed on me over 30 years ago. Deuteronomy 27:24


    1. To be clear–I do not doubt your story!

      What you describe is 100% what it is–and these days it is assisted by CIA derived programs like the Palantir database, and others.

      The length of your targeting is also substantial–this is why it is called “Masonic” because who else could keep a database of targets alive decade after decade?

      SO–the various police fraternal and sororal organizations, police unions, working with so-called community clubs like Rotary, Lions, VFW, etc. are all part of it.

      ONLY the police and intel could possibly do it, and Fusion Centers are what enables it across jurisdictions and even continents.

      But I might also add that the ADL and other Jewish groups are extremely active in this too, as are the various “community” associations, women’s groups, and more.

      LQBTQmunity are heavilly involved as stalkers too–the list of orgs and NGO’s that can be mobilized is stunning–and all at the disposal of FBI-Fusion-FVEY’s


  3. You should know that most targets don’t really know why they are targeted or can’t pin it down to any one event. My instinct tells me that it started from a long-ago employer with money and connections because I reported workplace sexual innuendoes to someone above him. It’s a control thing, hence the decades long ordeal of gang stalking to discredit me and make me a slave. I don’t agree with your “F the bible”. In that you wrote that, however, I’m now suspicious of your reason for posting this article. My background? I’m sure those doing the data mining already know that. But to answer your question, I’m a regular person with no criminal history. I’m just a nobody, like all of us.
    What do you mean that you have resources?


    1. Well, first, I get a lot of religious people coming here to my blog to proselytize, and I try to scare them away–I am a non-theist, and I despise bible baging.

      That said, my resources are a case by case thing. You can take a look at my self help sections, and go from there.


    2. BTW, sexual harassment cases are often the beginning of stalking in the workplace, as are other cases where liability is involved.

      I sued a security firm and put it out of business–but the primaries just moved up into different state-contracted security otfits.

      And so, yeah–these cases are complicated, but noyt if you start with the primaries, as you are doing. Usually our suspicions are correct. Follow your gut.


  4. I hear you, but just bc someone quotes from the bible doesn’t mean that they’re a bible thumping, religious zealot. I use that quote bc it has impact, it’s simple, and a lot of people out there are religious, or claim to be, and can understand it.
    I’ve learned that most of these self-help blogs are gs data mining sites to get people to spill their guts and tell their story, HUMINT. Especially PACT, aka FFCHS, and OSI (red/black) but I will check out your other sections just for my own info.


    1. Hi. Ok, I get it with the religion.

      Yeah, occasional bible quotes are necessary in a dialectic crawling with people who are brainwashed into religious mindsets–and the blinders that go along with it.

      I also occassionaly quote that stuff for the audience’s sake, but as a non-theist, I wish I didn’t. But it helps the point with actual targets many of whom are religious–to their own detriment.

      Well, this “most of these self-help blogs are gs data mining sites to get people to spill their guts and tell their story”

      You are 100% correct. These are actual stalkers running what are called “honeypots” to glean data about actual TI’s, and later use that data to stalk them.

      OSI Informers is in fact an outfit set up directly by the US-Air Force, a snitch operation run by their Special Investigations unit, hence “USAFOSI.”

      I admit quite openly, that my own websites are part honeypot too, because I must at times trap the liars and cheats so that I can warn others.

      One recent case of a bible vomitting perp was a woman who came here to spout about Jesus–and left here targeting Richard Moore with invective and venom.

      You can find my posts about my own honeypot tendencies, KW “honeypot” and “culling” and “followers” etc. I am quite open that I do that, and I do it because I have been hacked many times by these people. It also keeps the perps from filling my comments sections with gibberish too.

      As for this “PACT, aka FFCHS, and OSI” take a look at my posts KW “Derrick Robinson” and “fakeTI’s” and “psychobabble,” and “Targeted Justice” etc. They have all contributed to several mass shootings with their bizarre brand of PSYOP.

      I myself was an actual target of many named entities and persons–including the lowest scum of police informants to the highest levels of intelligence agencies in my home country–these people are insane criminals, sociopaths and psychopaths, and should be prosecuted as such.

      But one thing you WONT find here or at my other blogs is endless rambling about “electronic weapons!! Aliens!! Praise Jesuss!! Demons are raping me right now!! Ouch, my face is being zapped and fried with satellite to anus skull talk!”

      And so on. Anyone who goes on about that stuff is a perp–current and former police, military, intel agents and others in their orbits. These people are in fact, highly organized gangs of stalkers. Many of them are former radio operators, bi-lab workers, forensic scientists, and so on–I have even documented a few fake perp’s who are millionaires out of Las Vegas–helicopter leasing firms, construction and infrastructure firms–all beneficiaries of government and FBI/DHS/CIA funding–and all of them posing as TI’s online.

      Occasionally, their targets adopt the psychobabble for their own safety–Richard Moore is likely one such case. This is what “mind control” is.

      Much like Stockholm Syndrome, in mind control and PSYOP, the victims do in fact adopt the language and conceptual framework of their aggressors.


    1. ROGS Analysis is a scientific method based analysis of gang stalking, and it can be used by investigators, and researchers to determine if gang stalking is the cause of a claim or event.

      Using ROGS-A, you can analyse cases to determine truth from delusion, fact from fiction, and ascertain law enforcement cult involvement in these bizarre cases that hit the news.

      Cases like car crashing butter knife waving “crazy people” for example are nearly 100% the resuly of gag stalking–but the news doesn’r call it that–ROGS-A can be used to sice through the b.s. to find if gang stalking led to the event.


    2. So, for example, in this post where you commented, we see a guy confessing to being a gang stalker–a valid claim, versus those asshats like Brian Koffron, who are actual gang stalkers, currently seeking employment in a security gang.

      And in the linked post, we also see fakeTI’s who are gaslighting his claim, and others who deny his claim–so, those fakeTI’s can be traced using ROGS-A, and possibly prosecuted for crimes.

      ROGS-A is a falsifiable, scientific evidence based analysis–and so far I am batting about 100% in mass shootings, car-crashings, and other bizarre events.


    1. Remember: you said you are near 70, targeted for 30 years, DOJ/COPS programs, etc.

      But no reason why, no clear evidence, etc. And worse–you didn’t provide details in any salient form.

      Look at my post “what is a targeted individual,” who gets targeted” and so on.

      Stanley Cohen defended bin Ladens son–but was targeted long before that because he is a friend to middle east peace–a friend of Palestinian leadership.

      Look up Stuart Bramhall–she defended black postal workers–had to flee the US.

      Look up Ahmaud Arbery–he was murdered by a gang of police, prosecutors, and their relatives.

      Look up Richard Moore–he was framed with child porn, and his cousin was the most famous civil rights era photographer of all time, Charles Lee Moore.

      And my case–I wrote the nation’s first story about a manufactured terrorist, Mohammed Warsame.

      The list goes on–and unlike you might think, we have all been targeted by Jews and christians–and their Freemason asshats.

      Staring to see a pattern there? We are all civil rights advocates.

      So–what’s your story, Kristi? And TBH, I am guessing you are a white female–not many of you ever take a stand for the rights of others, TBH.

      And even then–this is the internet–you could be anybody.

      So–feel free to share, lol.


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