“AA is a Cult”: Misandry Angie is spot on–AA was started to control people who reject organized religion, and Roman Conquest too.

Some of my readers come here because they are being gang stalked, right after joining a Twelve Step Program, of which AA is the most well known. But what is less well known, is that AA was started AS a cult, IN a police station!

Some might recall Misandry Angie as the woman who live-Tweeted her abortion on Twitter back in 2010, which caused an uproar, where she was targeted by the usual suspects, with the “devout” christians suggesting that her already existing son be torn limb-from-limb because she chose her own personal health and safety–and the happiness of that pre-existing son, over the “potential” life of an embryo.

Ah, the well-wishes of “the faithful” never fail to amaze me with their loving kindness–their Christ-like compassion! But these “believers” are not that much different than their companions on the left either. Bend the Horses shoe and what do you get? Fundies v LIberal co-option of true left ideas and values, packaged for consumption.

And so, unsurprisingly, Angie, grew up in an actual Zionist cult, which she documents all over the web–and major media also covered her story too. Here’s Slate magazine (Bill Gate’s operation nonetheless) discussing her Twitterstorm and the bizarre christian beliefs of the cultists she grew up with, and here she is on Think Atheist, and you can find her in many other places on the web too.

Angie descends from a long line of women who are part of fertility cults and bizarre beliefs about babies, and while she wasn’t the first woman to live-Tweet her abortion or miscarriage caused by using the abortion pill RU-486, she was, IMHO, the first woman hung out to be crucified for doing so without a safety net, and as such is indeed a free speech casualty of the last decade. But also, a casualty of “mean girls” on the internet.

The first live-Tweeting abortion/miscarriage(semantics) was career guru Penelope Trunk, who famously Tweeted from a board room meeting (women’s humor is most excellent) that she was relieved she was at that very moment having an abortion. Here she is writing about her experience with abortion before the Tweet.

Predictably, she didn’t suffer fro that Tweeting, but later, was highlighted as a “mean girl,” and we get a look at “women’s empowerment” from an interesting perspective after that: her fortunes declined , as far right “women’s empowerment” persons began to stalk her life, waging poison squad campaigns, and various media slanders.

Other “strong women” too took her to task for some particularly mean posts about the death of Facebooks Sheryl Sandbergs husband.

That’s neither here nor there–but it does spotlight two things: when ordinary women do extraordinary things, they don’t get paid–indeed, last I checked Angie was unemployed, while Trunk is still raking in dough as a career advisor. She and her troupe’s had safety nets, while Misandry Angie did not.

I can only posit that this is likely because the latter is part of the actual Silicon Valley cult, and part of the nasty “women’s empowerment” movement that doesn’t actually look out for all girls and women, just the popular and mean ones. But also, because atheists do not have strong support networks, or tribal affiliations, and those that they once began to build were shattered in that same era by this exact dichotomy “mean girls versus other women and girls” who are not cultists.

So–cults, and AA….”women’s empowerment” as weaponized corporate warfare upon the buying public–the culture of comsumption eating real ideas and replacing them with ideology and theology of one kind or another. Co-option is just that.

AA was started for the explicit purpose of allowing “responsible members” of society to voyeuristically peer in on the “not responsible members” of society–and of course any sane person wonders “who decides who and what is good/bad, responsible/not responsible” anyways?

It’s basic in-group, out-group sociology, but occulted in such a way as that only mental deficients, or drunk people might not notice–and the way law enforcement and religious elements circumvent the law while at the same time, ritually defaming those who seek “help” in these environments is interesting too, not least because alcohol–a legal substance used around the world for tens of thousands of years–is at the center of the narrative, as a “bad” thing.

To put that all into perspective, I like the analogy of Geronimo, the famed and fierce Apache warrior. His life, and his deeds; his courage and bravery–were part of my earliest awareness of heroism–the heroism of a man whose territory was being encroached upon by murderous savages, who came in “the name of the Lord” to slaughter and genocide the Native population of the US.

Image Source: FlowVella.com

So–the backdrop to Geronimo’s story is also the backdrop to nearly anyone’s story who refuses to conform themselves to the genocide being waged upon them by Jewish-christian society–actual gangs of people, stalking hunting, and killing others who were there first. And doing THAT in the name of “God.”Because YOU, not THEY are a heathen–a wild injun’ who resists, or rejects their form of society.

Geronimo’s story ends sadly: he, “drunk” and defeated, yet refusing to adopt the Jewish-christian ways, falls off of a wagon, and dies after catching pneumonia. No book deals with copyrights extended to his family, no copyrights on his own images–, no medals of any merit pinned to his chest, despite he being one of the most clever guerilla warriors the federal troops had ever encountered.

And we do the deep research, and we find out that he may–or may not have been a “drunk.” The same smear had preceded him as other tribes like the Celts since Roman Times, as these true barbarians of Rome waged their genocides across Europe. SO the Apache spiritual practices that used alcohol were denigrated and genericized into the word “drunk-” a pattern that repeats across all conquered tribes.

But what is certain, is that he developed a form of Stockholm Syndrome, eventually being used for the propaganda purpose of defaming Mexicans–and in every way, he was a controlled asset of the US government.

As quoted in the papers at the time:

Geronimo is accompanied everywhere by two armed soldiers, who stand on either side of him. The effect creates the aura that the warrior is still dangerous, even though he is close to 76 years old. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the “prisoner of war” trappings, Geronimo is becoming quite a celebrity, and as he puts it, “Many people in St. Louis invited me to come to their homes, but my keeper always refused.

“I am glad I went to the Fair. I saw many interesting things and learned much of the white people. They are a very kind and peaceful people. During all the time I was at the Fair no one tried to harm me in any way. Had this been among the Mexicans I am sure I should have been compelled to defend myself often.”

True West Magazine “The Glorious Last Tragic Days of Geronimo”

I can’t help but picture Spivey in “Dances With Wolves” using the hero Dunbar’s journal for toilet paper.

You can research all of that yourself, maybe write a book.Or, read what others have written about that topic. Then write a book, and so on.

Well anyhow, Misandry Angie, an “atheist lesbian” was writing about AA as a cult back in 2017-18, her 70 part series is here. It covers some excellent points, and nails the basic idea of AA as proxy religion for the heathens.

I had been tentatively seeking explicit claims and evidence of “gang stalking and AA” via online searches. I didn’t find it at her blog and because she got stuck somewhere calling herself a feminist, a lot of the other things she writes give me some stoppage–its ok to disagree, right?–but what I did find was an excellent series about the fact that AA is an actual cult, which many other’s have documented.

I documented this along the way too, that many retired cops/military/others in their orbit start churches for example, usually using some bizarre symbology–the star of David juxtaposed against some ancient Greek letters and other weird stuff (see this post for one of those types of zombies)–and that the primary focus of these cults is interrogation, and subjugation of the rights of individuals–not a helpful thing at all for those who believe in human freedom.

There are also reports of how law enforcement uses AA/NA/SA and all of those other “_A’s” to wage investigations, wage vendetta’ and “solve crimes” under the thin disguise that all AA members are allegedly anonymous–what a riot, and what a lie. And gang stalking is a MAJOR part of that organization’s MO too.

So, misandryangie, THANK YOU for your all of YOUR HARD WORK in this area, and please start writing again!!

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