The Biblical Root of Anti-Conspiracy Theory: the book of Isaiah

As I have demonstrated, in discussions with people like Dr. Mike Wood, and my parallel criticism of psychologists like these people here–there is an academic movement afoot to discredit “conspiracy theories” and even to criminalize those of us who question the “official narrative” handed down from on high–and handled in the press as if it is gospel.

And indeed–those who despise conspiracy theories the most–those who attack us for suggesting alternative narratives, and even those who are critical thinkers–the “hater’s” are indeed drawing upon a very old hate.

Let’s look at the bible, and Isaiah, to see where these who sow doubt about science and theories derive their hatred of critical thinkers and skeptics–but ALSO note the non-coincidental discussion in Isaiah involves the numbers 12 and 13 as I have discussed elsewhere:

Isaiah 8:12-13

Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it. The LORD Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear, he is the one you are to dread. He will be a holy place; for both Israel and Judah he will be a stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall.”

Wow–with friends like that, who needs insane, genocidal maniacs as enemies? Better join the club, before the cool kids get you! But that’s what these teachings do in fact teach.

They teach you to:

1-never question authority! That worked out real well for the citizens of Germany in the 1930=40’s

2-never look deeper at actual plots and actual conspiracies–no, in fact by all means, become a part of that conspiracy lest that “dreadful fearmonger” aka “the Lord” should turn his fearsome and dreadful conspiracy against you too.

3-keep your mouth shut when you see those dreadful, fearsome “Lord” conspirators sticking themselves in people’s paths, and tripping people like a rock, and placing themselves in the path of others in order to cause harm. A big no-no, whistle blowers! Shhhhh!

And so, this is the source of the anti-conspiracy theorist sentiments and a publicly funded campaign against “critical thinking” is being waged in the west, as it hunkers down against the infidels and barbarian hordes that seek to expose its actual murderous and malevolent social structures and institutions.

Never mind that they are rotten from within!–or that these transparent religious crusades are being highlighted in so many news stories today, as journalists “of faith” look the other way (or out of their Panoptical, god-like third eye), and run with official narrative. And never mind, BTW, that this practice conflicts with the deka logoi  at points nine and ten–but who cares about that?)

And as we see this “hidden” religious movement challenging secularism in journalism, with insane requests from law enforcement to “Not Name Them,” and other law enforcement cultists lurking behind the scenes in a campaign that mass shooters and car crashers “seek notoriety” too; and that the paper mills of academia, and many other places, we are able to find the proper starting point of this anti-science, anti-skeptical, and anti-fact set of practices, which is Isaiah 8:12-13.

Ah, those 12’s and 13’s again! Search this blog, or for evidence of those numbers in these less-than-factual media and law enforcement narratives, using search terms: numerology, 12, 13, and so on. Here is just ONE example where some crackpot militant joined my blog, accused me of being a pedophile, and a Mason of all things!–and then, failed to note their own cultic name “Gnostic Knight” and their usage of the number 13 is just another variant of Freemasonry too!. Cognitive dissonance is a real thing with these zealots, as is numerology.

So, back to the anti-conspiracy theory movement–let’s take a look at how that manifests itself in police cult activity

  • a case of the FBI waging war on those who “believe in” conspiracy theories like this one here.

So, anywhere you look, you see major drug companies, and government, law enforcement, and military forces marshaling against critical thinkers, rationalists, and science itself–as if the battle is against THOSE people who do NOT follow the bible, or its bastard neighbors in Religious Insanity, the Torah and the Talmud or the Zoroastrians there in Ireland either.

It’s also highly likely that other variants of religious zealotry are also threatened too, as Protestants and others who “believe in” those sorts of Babylonian mystery cult teaching. This is the historic path and pattern of Jewish-christianity in all of its Abrahamic Trifecta glory.

I have an idea–let’s ask “rash and reckless” Joan of Arc about “psychiatric meta-narrative” and those voices in HER head, and how she feels having been singled out, and put up for a roast?

Joan of Arc was a lousy military tactician, “heard voices in her head,” and

Joan–who are those people behind you there–and do you feel a bit, um, I don’t know–do you feel uncomfortable? Do you think people are “talking about you,” or “mocking you” in some way? Do you think you could use some mental health counseling, or a major sedative about now?

Riiiight. That woman is delusional–she thinks there is some kind of “religious conspiracy” against her! Ha! That’s a fine sentiment, coming from a rather shoddy leader! And voices in her head too! Honey–anyone can see that those voices are right there behind you!

Anyone got a match?

I think Saint Alana the Medicated might have some kindling, but she seems to use it only to stoke fires under the “Incel Terrorist Movement.”

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