To Kate, in New Jersey: Read this

Dear Kate–I have changed your name to protect your anonymity. I am publishing your letter below.

 Hi, I just read that you’ve helped a woman from NJ get evidence, etc I am also in NJ and have been overtly gangstalked for a year. I have alot of pics and a few vids, but I don’t really know what to do. I work full time, so it’s either try to live my life or focus on THEM 24/7. Any feedback from you will be appreciated. I had been in touch with A-XXXX, she gave me good info and later I sent her some money. I’m for real.Call if you like, thank you! Kate

Kate, my first bit of advice is that you contact any of the many women’s centers and “shelters” aka “womens spy cemters” where you are there in New Jersey–there is so much free help for women that I generally do not have time to help women, and especially white women, TBH. Instead, I focus on men, and people of non-majority culture, who have very few resources to fight back against these gangs of police, firefighters, and other state workers.

That said, NJ has major “private contractor wars” going on–police, fire, private security and so on are all involved in the crime of gang stalking. The Anti Defamation League and George Soros sponsored stalkers chase the Koch brothers and other privately financed Republican stalkers and vice versa–America has fallen.

But there is a bit of hope–the “women’s empowerment” networks are full of stalkers, and if you work in a corporation, they also have a stalker division, and you can inform your employer of your situation–but be careful there too, because that could backfire.

The key is to find allies in your area who are aware of this going on in your life–and to identify why it is that they are stalking you. Again–there are SOOO many resources to help women, and those outlets always turn their ears when they hear you are being stalked.

Now, I never advise that you send money to anyone who does not guarantee a specific service or result-I do not advise that, ever. I also do not know the person you referenced in your letter, although many people have tried to impersonate me online lately, and some claiming they are copy-pasting my blog content–I do not work with others at all, nor do I consent for my work to be used as some are using it.

So, first, read my self help sections. We are all busy–but you will need to build your case, just like the rest of us–no one can do that for you, and only you will recognize the bad actors as you begin to profile them.

Start here with free tools that you can use to “contact-chain” your own gang of stalkers, and then read about the Rick and Cindy Krlich case, then the Wanda Cooper-Jones method. Research about the eBay gang of stalkers whose overseer’s were in fact the CEO of a major corporation, and a fundie from the Baptist sect. The latrest court case there has the head of eBay security and intelligence involved, and stating that all of the weird stuff he did to his targets “was taught to him by the FBI.”

Yup–these cases are nauseatingly and blatantly illegal–and nearly always trace back to highly placed agents, and the activity of agencies like the FBI, or the DHS and their anti-democratic Fusion Centers and private contractors, and current and former police, firefighter’s, state workers, unions, etc.. Many of their operatives train in “psychological warfare,” so be careful. Learn to drive defensively, and get dash camera’s in your car.

As for your films and video’s, look for patterns, replication of activity such as the same cars appearing in different places, and so on. Look for the decals on those cars (AFL-CIO/POlice unions/firefighter patches/etc), but don’t drive yourself crazy trying to make connections yet. Read up on who does this shit here–its ALWAYS current and former police, firefighters, unionists, state workers, intelligence agents, and their friends, relatives and associates and so on.

In my case, I published one of the nation’s first stories about a “manufactured terrorist,” and had state and federal level stalkers, so their cars, their goons, and their tactics were easy to spot. But it doesn’t get better–America is a police state by definition, and so, who do you call when it’s them or their associates doing it? These are police gangs in each and every case.The Nazi’s had Brownshirts, the Israeli’s have the IDF, and America has “gang stalkers.”

Have a look at this case in Houston (look for “Houston no knock raid”) to get an idea what shitty criminals American “law enforcement” are, or simply Google Houston no-knock raid.

In that case, a gang of dirty cops murdered a few people, and when the papers published it, it reeked of a coverup, and the head of the police fraternal organization threatened everyone who might dig deeper that he and his goon squad would personally stalk them for speaking out about the criminal activity of the police. Indeed, later, 12 were indicted on a variety of crimes.

I don’t mean to sound callous or rude, and I know that you wrote for help, so I have to be frank: For so long, police had white women like you terrorized that the heathens would rape and romp or rob you–and now those same cops are terrorizing you too. It doesn’t get better. Everyone else in the US knows that current and former cops and firefighters and their gangs of associates are domestic terrorists–except white women for the most part.

I don’t know much about your case, so I don’t know where to tell you to start. Some cases are clearly the “women’s empowerment” factions of the modern Ku Klux Klan and its associates (there is a guy named Ueblacker out of Vegas and Colorado whose sister runs those networks in HR and other gatekeeping roles), others are one or another form of ADL “multi-cultural klan” type stalking.

Some cases are abortion related, others are dissidents and whistle blowers. I even recently advised one victim to get active with the Los Angeles Coalition on LAPD spying, as the LAPD/LASD are one of the biggest and most murderous gangs I know of.

But I can tell you to upload all your evidence to a secure server, and keep several copies. These people will seek to steal your evidence, and otherwise subvert justice. These gangs include hackers, and hacking is a major part of what they do–they destroy evidence when they can. So, of that which you are able to link together, compile a report, and go to the police station with it, and make your claim with GOOD evidence.

The woman in New Jersey is a workplace whistle blower, who wrote to thank me for my assistance is being stalked by a gang that includes police, firefighters, and a certain judge–these are very dangerous people, and New Jersey is full of dangerous people. But the fact that they are state actors makes them even more so–these are sociopaths at the most severe end of the spectrum, so be careful.

Use my search box, search terms “help,” “tools,” and so on.

Lastly, about the claim that targets are crazy, be careful about what you say, how you say it, and to who you say it. Psychologists and social workers are indeed all part of this. They generally will try to medicate you, or steer you into some other useless therapy. Seek alternative or trauma based therapists, who work with activists, and make it clear from the start that your case includes that.

Do not call your case “gang stalking,” but merely harassment, and stalking, with specific incidents–and let the therapist figure out the rest, because the FBI and all of its “private contractors,” and Infragard agents, working with these police gangs have toxified the meaning of the phrase–deliberately invoking countering violent extremism (CVE) and its reporting mechanisms, or equating it with mental illness.If “electronics” have been suggested to you by online perps, do not discuss that with anyone–yet, because you have no evidence of such.

However, if your claims are clear, with evidence, such as ” I am here today to talk about why squad cars from the state patrol and several other jurisdictions tried to run me off the road yesterday, which I filmed with my dash camera,” or other claims such as ” I have been documenting a gang of state workers who keep following me every where I go, and yesterday, I was able to link them together via Facebook–and I need to be here to talk with you to corroborate these events,” and so on.

Never seek standard therapists, or therapists referred to you or related to your employer–ONLY seek therapists who have dealt with activists, and alternative therapies related to PTSD and so on. Be clear that you are seeking a witness, and be careful how you use your words. And if you stick with the facts, they will have a hard time gaslighting you.

Lastly, I ask that you take a look at the cases above, but also the case of Ahmaud Arbery, the black jogger who was lynched in Georgia–black, brown, native Americans, and poor white men have been getting stalked for centuries in the US, and only now that it is happening to white women does anyone seem to notice.

Take a moment if you will to count yourself lucky, and pay it forwards to those who are not as lucky as you. And good luck!

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