Was the Portapique Nova Scotia mass shooter Gabriel Wortman executed by the RCMP?

The evidence in Portapique Nova Scotia is pointing to an extra-judicial execution, and Frank Magazine–who brought us the Portapique 911 transcripts asks “Did RCMP execute Gabriel Wortman?”

You might recall that the “psychiatric meta-narrators” cried “oh, but what about the children!?” condemning the release of (facts, evidence, in the public’s interest) as:

‘A terrible failure’: Child psychologist condemns publication of Nova Scotia 911 tapes

“This is a terrible failure,” said Tracy Vaillancourt, a child psychologist and Canada research chair in school-based mental health and violence prevention.“I can’t imagine how anybody could think this is ethical or morally appropriate… We’re exploiting the distress of individuals and especially the distress of a child who is experiencing the worst moment in his life. And we’re voyeurs of that worst moment.”

Voyeurs indeed–some of her colleagues over at Mental Health Canada–and the curiously un-nameable Saint Alana the Medicated–are nearly single handedly narrating these events–and some of THOSE colleagues related to legacy mafia dynasties too, like the Bronfman klan, who no longer sell liquor, but instead are hot on the action of Big Pharmaceuticals.

Feeling crazy yet? Read this:

All mass shootings around the western nations have the hallmarks of extra-judicial executions, because every single one of these events–beyond highlighting the nearly due-process free policing tactics of “countering violent extremism” (CVE) programs, also highlights the failures of “intelligence led predictive policing.”

Have a look at a few lawsuits in Pasco County Florida, where we see a county sheriff literally targeting individuals “24-7” until they “sue or move away.”See here, here, here, and here for stories about the Pasco County sheriff lawsuits–the Tampa Bay Times even won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting it. Even cops are suing in that case, because the stalking was so horrific, including the usual threats that all actual targets know of–“the gang stalkers will kill your pets,” and so on.

Yup–this form of due process free, extra-judicial, and even criminally motivated policing can make folks a bit crazy–imagine being stalked by sheriff’s, at all hours of the day or night–and imagine them stalking your children too! But that’s what these police who use this form of policing are doing.

It’s as if the expression that was foist upon the public “if you have nothing to hide” has been amplified, and like a mirror, cast back upon police and intelligence agencies themselves–who have A LOT to hide in these cases.

They try to hide the shooters web presence and social media profile’s AFTER the events–hiding all evidence of internet provocateurs and psychological operations; they try to hide the shooter’s names (see here, and here, and here); and they especially try to hide the due process free, civil rights violating tactics of “manufactured terrorism.”

Manufactured terrorism, and the well known claim that “the gang stalkers will follow you around 24-7” recently got a spotlight shined on it during the recent “mass stabbing” event in New Zealand, where 30 police from several departments, and their community assets numbering into the hundreds literally followed a guy around for 53 days before he committed any crime.

And all of THAT after he had been denied the legal right to exit that country, had been locked up in prison, assaulted for many years in prison, and denied anything remotely resembling “due process and civil rights,” for the entire duration of his stay in that country.

Related: What is web scrubbing and web washing in context to mass shooters–and foreign policy? And why do all of the studies about causation-correlation make sure to include the phrase “mental illness,” but ALWAYS fail to study the impact of the due process free methods of CVE as a causal factor?

But these patterns hold in nearly every case–mass shooters for the most part just want to be left alone. They want Fusion Centers to stop spying on their internet connections-they want the NSA off of our telephones. But what they get is MORE of that, in an endless cycle of abuse that violates every known law of privacy, and consent.

They get actual NATO “cognitive warfare” directed at them–no kidding, click that link–and they get a toxic, racist, criminal organization called the Anti Defamation League monitoring their every single word and phrase in Silicon Valley spy centers too.

Unz Magazine has an excellent series called “American Pravda” documenting the lies, and Jewish Supremacy of that organization, and how it sits like a cancer cell at the center of every online discussion in the “free, western democracies,” dispensing it’s own supremacist narrative, and raking in billions crying wolf over anti-semitism–while managing to completely sidestep how anti-semitic Israeli’s are by law, and other Jews are by nature, as they target other semitic people, like Palestinians.

And, refuse aliyah to Ethiopian Jews. Sure, tell me more about racism, tell me more about hate–tell me more about how Leo Frank’s trial was the most expensive trial in US history–but there is nothing anti-semitic about despising these people and their policies.

Sure–open the borders, check the facts! Demands George Soros (and his other billionaire crony capitalists)! One world!–while keeping multi million dollar homes around the world, with not a single immigrant in them, despite his New York home being big enough to house hundreds of immigrants; and Ethiopian Jews languish in “camps” right inside Israel.

Wow–what a load.

The entire manufactured terrorism and intelligence led predictive policing, with all of it’s nightmare extra-judicial activity can be traced directly to far right Jewish ideology, the Talmud, the Torah, and especially the Nakba, ongoing and how the British, their Jewish radicals, and their financiers took over Palestine, as actual terrorists.

Related: For more information about topics discussed herein, Stanley Cohen, Esq. writes about Israeli racism, the Nakba, and human rights over at Counterpunch Magazine.

These insane policing methodologies are derivative of those exact influences–the same gang stalking that Israel-Britain used to stalk and terrorize Palestinians, has come home to roost.

And the Gabriel Wortman mass shooting, its accompanying land grab by the state, and the manufactured narrative after the fact was one of those events, right down to the crisis public relations campaign too.

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