How to NOT file a gang stalking lawsuit: like this, exactly.

ROGS Analysis, is a scientifically falsifiable theorem used to separate real cases of gang stalking and real targeted individuals from fake, fraudulent or otherwise extreme, bizarre and unbelievable claims.

It is the latter form of toxic online discussions where we separate actual targets of community gang stalking from others, who –for whatever and whoever they are–are not targets as defined by ROGS Analysis, and who are called #fakeTI’s.

This latter category is the source of millions of internet artifacts ranging from entire blogs, to Youtube videos, and Instagram Snapchat feeds that pollute the internet, and make this topic difficult to research-and those exact pieces of internet litter that these psychologists here on my Source Watch list that always pick up that litter, and put into one or another study, forming a new pseudo-science around this litter.

Most recently, Dr. Lorraine Sheridan et al updated their internet pol–which interviewed the internet nonetheless–and added some “content analysis” of actual targets mixed with these other types, which you can view elsewhere–I won’t link to it because it is junk science, filled with false claims.

Actual targeted individuals exist, such as this man here–and of those who target him exist too, he has their names, and is suing in federal court for relief. And predictably, most of those persons-who target him–actual stalkers–are associated with various police, firefighter, and sheriffs departments. His evidence is so good that we can watch on Youtube, as stalkers from the Alpine Fire Department box him in on the road, and circle around his car as he attempts to travel–you can even watch, as strange people drive to his house and fire guns at him.

Indeed, these people are targeted on multiple levels– the sheriff in that area refuses to take his reports of verified stalking and harassment, caught on video, including license plates.

So, with that in mind, talk a look at another phenomenon of gang stalking: fake TI’s who waste the courts time with bizarre lawsuits that are designed to never go anywhere.

Search: MIREILLE TORJMAN lawsuit,

As bizarre lawsuits go, this is definitely NOT one of the most bizarre in history, nor is it the worst “gang stalking lawsuit” ever written by a #fakeTI–indeed these types of crackpots seem to try to out-compete each other to see who can get more of the following terms into the first paragraph of their filing:

  • electronic weapons!
  • No Touch Torture!
  • Mind Reading Locusts!
  • satellite torture technology!
  • brain manipulation technology
  • Morgellon’s disease
  • psychotronic weapons
  • Etc.

No–as crank lawsuits go, MIREILLE TORJMAN only managed to slip in Electronic Warfare, and torture, and mind manipulation, and none of that was in ALLL CAPPPPPS!!!!!! Her lawsuit was an ALL CAPS FAIL! because most of the other #fakeTI lawsuits can at least manage thatL

So, what do actual gang stalking lawsuits NOT look like? Exhibit A, MIREILLE TORJMAN  v who the hell knows? The only thing that can be said with certainty though, is that frivolous, illegitimate fake lawsuits like these are designed to NEVER get a day in court.

The Lawsuit they didn’t want you to read and the truth they don’t want you to know to continue your brainwashing! ARE YOU A TARGET!….Matrix unwittingly in your daily communication or body?

OPERATION Mockingbird mind controlled Media REPORTERS UNWITTINGLY, Cognitive impairment infiltrations since 70’s MKULTRA

2nd Suit below and 5/28/2010 in VA  & DC court US Supreme case spying/surveillance and torture.



MIREILLE TORJMAN                                                                      CASE NO.:     TBD

1143 Wrightswynde Ct                                                                                                          

Wesley Chapel, FL 33543



Amy Gutmann, Chair Bioethics Committee

Office of President Univ of Penn

1 College Hall Room 100

Phila, PA 19104


Carol Corillon, Committee on Human Rights

500 Fifth Street Suite K529

Washington, DC 20418


President Harvey Fineberg, Institute of Medicine

500 Fifth Street 8th Floor

Washington, DC 20418


Diane E. Griffin Chair, National Academy of Science         

Committee Science Technology Intelligence Professionals

500 Fifth Street DEPS 11-02 AFSB Room 905

Washington, DC 20418


Cass Sunstein Room 10201

Office of Management and Budget

Remote Naval Station, Bldg 40 Door 123

250 Murray Lane SW

Washington, DC 20509





1.   Plaintiff, Mireille Torjman hereby brings this action for the submissions of public comments pertaining to a current investigation requested by President Obama regarding Electronic Warfare and torture on civilians. Plaintiff is unable to verify or submit full evidence and proof including Science, climate, and nefarious abuse with torture, corruption, and mind manipulation during DELAYS, exceeding recent Senate and Chief Joint Staff targets, and NSA revelations worse then that of the CHURCH COMMISSION REPORTS.  Related suits have been filed for injunction relief and other allegations with attempts to save lives and was also provided for reference since last year. There are 4,500 victims so far coming forward out of Millions, of wit on their mind control, thus body and systematic psyops tactics. The remaining are unwitting ALL Americans and not limited to techniques, ills, or sabotage, subsequently.


2.   This case is about the electronic harassment, torture behind the spying surveillance, civil rights violations, privacy, communications technology, and crimes of humanity, in use by the U.S. Intelligence Community, which has been refused in completion by the defendants. This information is critical to investigations, and cooperation has been impeded in numerous ways. Plaintiff has made exhausting efforts to provide assistance and save lives.  New evidence with VALOR is being impeded and is time sensitive. This includes ADDITIONAL hand written notations on Doctor’s work previously published to assist fact findings of Plaintiff and discoveries since then which cannot be overlooked. Plaintiff has been impeded for 5 years in numerous ways consciously and 3 unconsciously, by the public and the uses of Synthetic Telepathy Remote Viewing Psychotronics Weapon of Mass Destruction. (Exhibits A-1-23 and A-1-16)

  • Operation CHAOS and PIQUE admitted and covert mind controlled crimes, illnesses population control -Directed Energy weapons Conspiracy in shadow taking us down!
    Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons cause and are responsible for MOST ILLNESSES,  INDUCED ERASURES & DELAYS IN YOUR LIFE! Misplacing your own items in trash, etc. Programmed MISFITS playing mind games since milk carton missing children recruited by coercion called Handlers.
    Secret Gov’t CointelPro has been responsible for much worse crimes and torture covertly and would never sit on this kind of power with weapons nicely tucked away, even knowing that we are not threatened by Russia and China’s Mind Control Weapons. (not launched) Sweepings with no radiation from enemies!

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