Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: William Cooper was a genius–and he was correct.

Milton William Cooper was a Viet Nam era war hero, an intelligence officer with the highest military clearance, and a genuine gang stalking target, reporting all of the bizarre stalking activity that most targets report.

Cars with government license plates stalking him across the country and in his own driveway, strange men arriving in pairs to harass him in various ways, and especially–especially, they ran him off the road and nearly killed him, later showing up in his hospital room to warn him away from reporting these exact things.

He is also a highly censored writer, a victim of those who sought to contain his narrative; and indeed, the various US agencies now target people who read his book, Behold a Pale Horse, because it was prescient, accurate information–way ahead of its time. You can read it here for free, or download a .pdf here.

The thing about Cooper though, is that he wasn’t a “conspiracy theorist,” at all, he was an intelligence agency whistle blower, in the truest sense, and even more interesting is that he eschewed his secret clearance in order to bring certain facts to light: throughout his time in the military he and many others saw UFO’s, which then were something that governments around the world wanted to keep hidden, whereas today the US government is on record acknowledging them as fact, not fiction–there are indeed many types of UFO’s and footage taken by military personnel that have recorded them.

Here is more documentary evidence of those claims from Cooper, who was so afraid for his life and safety that he distributed his evidence to hundreds of people should he “disappear” or otherwise come to harm(.pdf, opens in your browser, or here for download). These reports from his era indicate that he was rational, andthat his facts were straight–and that many, many others had the same or similar facts.

But perhaps even more prescient–nearly prophetic–is that he wrote about economic and mathematical models, and how electrical science applied to models of social control, and social engineering–and indeed that the New World Order that George Bush Sr., and George Bush Jr also both declared openly, on television, and everywhere else.

SO, when looking at “what is a conspiracy theory,” his case is a good place to start understanding why the main stream corporate press labels such men as “conspiracy theorists,” rather than as “former intelligence officers and whistle blowers,” which is the proper title for such men.

I myself avoided reading him for many years, because I too was caught up trying to do the right thing according to law and the US Constitution–which was a failure on my part entirely–there is no real rule of law in the United States of America, only a Horse shoe shaped politic, squeezing people together, until they eventually all adopt un-constitutional cultural norms and practices.

But everything he wrote–nearly to the letter–has in fact turned out to be true. His writing stands the test of time too, regardless of your race, class, or gender, and provides a template for which you can distinguish #fakeTI’s from real targeted individuals like him.

I myself generally steered clear of his rhetoric because I saw him as I was taught to see him–as some kind of embodiment of white male privilege; as a right wing religionist; as a crazy military vet, one of many from his era; and as a conspiracy theorist too.

But now I see that he was right, about 80% of the time in his facts (and he even acknowledged that he didn’t have all the facts) and correct about 100% of how the world and its systems work, starting with economic models, based in basic science, infallible mathematics, and other indelible natural principles.

His theories weren’t his either–they were and are based in the applied sciences of electrical theory, energy systems, and more, and derived from a Harvard research project called the HARVARD ECONOMIC RESEARCH PROJECT for the Study of the Structure of the American Economy, which had at its root the concept of socially engineering te American economy to fit into a “new world.”

Despite my bias, my disdain for old white people who believe in “God” and a few other things?

Everything that Milton William Cooper discussed as “theory” in his book Behold a Pale Horse is now in PRACTICE all around the US, and the world, implementd by–you guessd it–the CIA, working with groups as far away as Switzerland and Germany–and even includes the Rockefeler foundation too.

This one single article by award winning Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone about the shady Mitre corporation, a “not-for-profit” wing of the federal government–describes the facts that Cooper was accused of spreading as “fictions” many decades ago. And in that sense, he was indeed, a prophet of sorts. He was 100% correct.

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