Media Fact Check: does the CIA (or other intelligence agency) control the news? Case study in deep state infiltration of media channels

Psychologists are a useless lot when it comes to targeted individuals complaints, because indeed, many targets have complained that “the media is in on it.” and psychologists relegate that complaint to a paranoid delusion.

So, the simple answer to the question in the headline above is “no, the CIA or other intelligence agency unspecified does not officially work in news departments.”

But that’s only part of the answer, because as we see time and time again, intelligence agents clog every communications channel, anywhere, after they “retire” from “government service.”

Related Story: Spooks turned spox, as western media is infiltrated by intelligence agents and agencies, and rational people ask “Why do so many former intelligence chiefs become news pundits?”

SO, the rest of the answer is this: indeed, major news outlets with an international reach are often headed by current and former spies, and the case of Twitter collaborating with Reuters news demonstrates that.

And, the next person that tells me that “dictatorships and communist governments all have a controlled media,” will probably get my jackboot launched up their ass, too. And, if they are anything like controlled asset Anderson Cooper, they will probably enjoy said foot up the ass, in which case I will back down, and simply lament toe facts at hand: Democracy so dead in the freedom lovin’ USA-FVEY’s!

I can just hear all of those anti-democracy voices saying shrieking “Yeah, well you don’t have the right to free speech on someone else’s platform!”

But that is just the point–20 years of the government waging war on free speech in the open, and online insisting it has the right to monitor all online speech, and now COVID lockdown’s–these platforms have replaced the public square as the place where debate takes place, and that is not by accident, it is by Plandemic design. The government has the right, if not the obligation to break them up–except that intelligence agencies all cry out shriek “but these are valuable intelligence and surveillance tools whereby we catch terrorists!”

Pure bunkum. The agencies are unlikely to catch terrorists there, but they are likely to manufacture them on those same platforms, which are front end loaded with government sponsored armies of trolls and provocateurs, working from troll farms and Fusion Centers and military bases, who incite riot and mayhem.

These platforms are proxy government controlled and enabled, and free speech is indeed the only issue there is now–it’s time the tax payers get their fair share of free speech, and insist that these platforms be divided up, just like in the days when the phone companies were also monopolies too.

And while they are at it, maybe get enlightened about how CIA InQTel venture capital group starts these companies in the first place.

Citizen’s need to take back the airways–because this government-corporate collusion against “the public square” is indeed a conspiracy at the highest level. Read this, about the cloak and dagger “not for profit” federal entity the Mitre Corporation, who has a plan for electronic ID’s and “vaccine passports” if you have any doubts.

All of that was predicted and discussed by William Cooper many years ago, and he himself was targeted for describing what was then only a government fantasy of total control–which is in every substantive capacity, in place today, right down to the vaccine passports, the mass shootings driving gun control, and the fact that media is now totally infiltrated at every level by actual spooks.

No theory here folks–just facts and evidence, surrounded at all times by “official narrators,” and their narratives.

Anyone up for assisting in the public square argument? Feel free to write–but I have evidence that my email is hacked, so there’s that….leave a comment instead.

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