Who are the gang stalkers? Start with “task forces” established as a means for states to steal property, and work your way up the food chain

In many cases of gang stalking, we see how agencies like the Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) have extended their reach into the lives of ordinary citizens, swooping in and stealing cash, cars, and even houses under the thin guise of “fighting the war on drugs.” The task force model creates an endless investigation in the life of any individual caught in its tentacles, via “guilt by association.”

The federal-state practice of seizing property is so ingrained now–it is such a common thing that established web platforms like Techdirt have entire sections devoted to just that, search Techdirt and “asset forfeiture,” and see how states use a variety of predatory policing practices to enrich their ever growing police gang coffers–in the words of Tim Cushing “to turn stops into searches and searches into seizures.”

Here is just one headline demonstrating the silly basis of these task forces: Forfeiture In Theory: TAKING DOWN DRUG LORDS! Forfeiture In Practice: Taking A Guy’s TV And PlayStation During A Drug Raid

Aaaaha! I said “police gang!” And mocked the cops! Bias! Cop hater! and so on, right? No–I am just one of millions of citizens whose rights were stepped on by these people along the way–I was once in the security industry, and I was stalked daily by these people, who used my role as a nightclub bouncer as de facto evidence to form a paradigm of guilt by association. I cannot possibly tell you how much illegal activity I experienced or witnessed BY cops and task forces. But it is quite extensive. Have a laugh at just one of my recollections of that era, here.

Related Story: Illicit, illegal police activity caused two to be murdered in Houston No Knock Raid. Police Union head Joe Gamaldi threatens the press, and the public afterwards, “we’ve got your number!” as if he is a late era mafiosi–and indeed these police shake down rackets, task farces, and the medical mafia’s have replaced actual mafia’s entirely.

Well to start with, these “task forces” go by a mind-boggling array of acronyms, just like actual gangs do, and they compete for turf and wealth too–just like actual gangs. Here is just one list of these acronyms that task forces use–and keep in mind that these forces form up, and disappear like mushrooms in a forest of obscure law enforcement practices, with many of them indicted or sanctioned for the breadth of their criminality; and many of them change their name just to fit into one or another funding slot to get revenue too:

Look at these and notice that there is no actual meaning to the name these acronyms represent, just a sliding scale of naming practices designed to get state, federal, or private donor funding:

AGTF – Anti-Gang Task Force/Anti-Graffiti Task Force

ARTF – Anti-Rape Task Force/Anti-Robbery Task Force/Armed Robbery Task Force

ATAC – All Threats All Crimes Unit (Washoe County, Nevada)/Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council/Auto Theft Advisory Committee

Those are just three of the silly task forces, that pop up in the first few entries of the letter A. And the pattern repeats, all the way to Z, which–unsurprisingly there is only one entry, from the state of Georgia, who no doubt tried to appear intelligent in order to fight the stereotype of that state being an low IQ, incestuous shithole, and the second runner up in the category of “most lynchings per state.”

Here is their winning acronym: ZMMPDTF – Zell Miller Mountain Parkway Drug Task Force (Northern Georgia). Anyone want to bet that old Zell Miller is a Confederate icon of some kind or another? Riiiiight. Just try to say it out loud, as an acronym.Zzzmmmmmmmmpuhduhtuhfuh.

Sounds like a hot, chunky wind to me.

Related Story: An armed posse in Georgia chases down a jogger and lynches him, on film.

These acronyms that identify these armed posse’s DEA sponsored task forces vary state to state, and hide behind many names, just like Fusion Centers, which also all have different names–there is no way to identify them or their actions in society, as they work outside of normal law enforcement capacity, and as such roam freely outside of the structure of one department, or one set of policies and procedures–these are essentially lawless bands, guided by no clear, set, or established legal framework.

It is here where the two-tiered society forms up, because these para-legal institutions are designed to be opaque, and their practices beyond the purview of the citizens. Their methods, from the very names they use, indicate an occulted purpose, and hence the use of hyperbolic terms used by citizens online to describe their methods: “Satanic!” “cartel signalling!” and so on. They are known online for their use of the phrase “what happens in darkness!”as they cyberstalk their victims from Fusion Centers of one kind or another.

So, the language of gang stalking is itself a mirror of the occulted practices targeted at individuals by these state and federal task forces, and community assets.Nothing they do resembles proper investigation, or due process, and civil liberty respecting “law enforcement.”

It’s simply time to call it what it is: modern day state sponsored piracy, akin to the British system in the time of Robin Hood, when the sheriff acted merely as a revenue collector for the lords and kings, in an ever expanding war on peasants.These programs demonstrate, time and time again, merely prey upon the poor, and the average citizen, while NEVER going after the kingpins on the domestic sphere, which I will get to later.

I will highlight the argument below as the DEA–an organization whose original goal was fighting international organized crime and major drug cartels asks us to believe in it’s mission on the domestic front:


As drug trafficking increased nationwide, DEA recognized the need for cooperation and coordination of drug enforcement efforts with their state and local counterparts. This cooperation provided several advantages to all participating agencies: DEA was able to draw on the expertise of state of local law enforcement; DEA could share resources with state and local officers, thereby increasing the investigative possibilities available to all; state and local officers could be deputized as federal drug agents, thus extending their jurisdiction; state and local participating agencies could receive an equitable share of forfeited drug proceeds; and DEA could pay overtime and investigative expenses for the state and local agencies.

The logic is mind boggling, and pure police state: the DEA, trained in the dark arts of chasing drug lords who own fleets of cars and helicopters and who control heavily armed criminal networks that form private armies, turns that firepower on the average citizen who smokes weed, or pops a Benzo* every now and again while trying to stay awake on a long haul across the nations highways.

To give you an idea of how silly these task forces are, the median seizure in Philadelphia is $178, but the GOAL is to seize cars, which the state can then auction off–or use in gang stalking operations. Researchers might recall one of the ways that these occultists mock victims online by saying “yeah, but where do the gang stalkers get all the cars!

The logic is stifling, and unconstitutional at all times, the methods oppressive and beyond rational explanation–but the cash that these “experts” are able to gain is noteworthy–and no different than any other mob shakedown racket. That $178 easily adds up to millions when entire neighborhoods are targeted.

To give you some idea of the farce that these task forces are–they had absolutely zero to do with prosecuting the Sackler family Purdue Pharma criminal network that created the opioid crisis by pushing legal dope to what they called “Pillbillies,”, but DEA routinely runs victory laps over how much cash, cars, and other goods they seized from the victims of that Sackler klan activity.

Here’s a DEA victory lap:

DEA Bolsters Fight Against Opioid Crisis With 250 Additional Task Force Officers

And here is how the Sackler family created the opioid crisis, and got away with it scot-free, because they are well known “philanthropists” who donate generously to pro-police causes and NGO’s:

The worst drug dealers in history are getting away with billions, and were never charged criminally.

All of that glad handing does nothing for victims and addicts, and EVERYTHING towards further militarizing the domestic environment. Not a single “pillbilly” will be saved from addiction, and not a single problem will be solved for the “pillbillies” whose cars, homes, children, or other life sustaining necessities are seized by these brigands–they are preyed upon from both sides, the law and the drug dealer are one and the same..

And the Sackler’s paid no criminal penalty whatsoever for the crime of pushing this form of legal dope all across the nation, because their corporation was guilty, not them!. Indeed–the states once again enriched their coffer’s at the expense of “the pillbillies” who are provably harmed by such interactions.

This is what ordinary citizens are referring to when they talk about gangs of police, or “organized crime” and “cartel signalling”–and especially when referencing the “medical mafia,” which indeed has legacy mafia families running it. Case in point, how the incel terrorist movement was started by the head of Canadian Mental Health services. These stories simply cannot be more strange, and incongruous with democratic values, and the rule of law.

In the dialectic–these police gangs operate with impunity, under the guise of law enforcement, but in fact they act as stalkers, on the thin pretext of fighting crime. It’s a for-profit scheme on the part of mental health services, and the various NGO’s that act as mouthpieces for those services too–and one reason I do not send my readers off to a suicide hotline when they write with complaints.

No, I tell them to do the research, and contact chain these inter-networked and actual gangs. And in those gangs? You will ALWAYS find the following cast of characters “current and former police, military, state workers, intelligence agents, and their relatives and assets in the community.

Said another way–ALL gang stalking complaints include that exact configuration. This is who the gang stalkers are, who funds them, and what they do. And they will indeed harass you or others, and literally try to make you crazy, because they get paid to do it, or they were paid to do it in the past.

*I am so far removed from people who are on either side of the law who are familiar with the terminology of drugs–that I used the wrong term for an “upper.” Benzodiazapine is actually a “downer,” and I could care less, having as I do the good fortune to not live in a country where such things are important. But in western societies, beset by gangs of police who work for the drug companies, and on the other hand having these exact drug companies pushing drugs onto the public, we can see the claims of earlier writers–Aldous Huxley, and William Cooper and Ken Kesey–all having a keen insight into how drugs are used in western societies to control the population. So–I will let my error above stand–for posterity, a sort of rememberance of how fucked up such a western dialogue is.

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