The FBI, rainbow colored dildos, and lesbian wife beaters–exactly how “deconstructed” has America become? Let’s ask a Nazi for the truth–wow…just WOW. “merica so fallen!

SO, anyone who wants to know what America is I rell them “it’s an environemt ripe for gang exploitation–do NOT go there alone. You WILL need a gang to protect you from the bizarre activity of “law enforcement agents.”

And here you go–rainbow dildoes:

Ooops, Wrong rainbow–this rainbow above was from when the FBI bombed and torched and killed about 70 children, and their mothers and fathers in Waco Texas..


Yup. AN FBI Supervising agent poses with a rainbow dildo as he decides who gets to be on the “human trafficking task force,” which is a real earner for the bankster police in Las Vegas. I have experience with those cunts myself.

Then there’s this-

This is the guy with the rainbow dick between his legs above. Weird how these people look so , um, human in their LinkedIn profiles and so on, but who are actually weirdos.

But don’t get me wrong–the OTHER SIDE of the weirdo’s–all those lesbians that seelk international bankster bucks, like this lovely damsel here, Special Agent In Charge Amberly Boyle, are every bit as fucked up–do you see how the banksters replace the “white testosterone charged male” with the “white testosterone charged wife beating lesbian?”

Riiight. I have been watching this bankster game for many decades.

Bait? Check. Switch? Check–the FBI is so Israelified on all levels–but no one can seem to send that kind of love back at the Israeli’s!

It’s a cuntnundrum, made only more weird by asking the question “why does the FBI distribute child pornography across the globe?”

And the answer–even more weird than the question as child raping, incest perpetuating FBI agent David Harris is busted for ALL of the preceding charges.

FBI so interesting!

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