Prosecuting gangs of police under the RICO Act: the prosecutors or civil litigators second best option in “police gang” stalking lawsuits

So–I have clearly established that “gang stalking” is nearly 100% the activity of current and former police, military, and military intelligence operatives. Look at this one single case as an example. An FBI trained operative, targets some critics of eBay, using bizarre methods.

He blames the FBI directly, because they trained him to do the bad, illegal, and psychologically damaging stuff that he does: conspicuous surveillance designed to terrorize a target, sending live cockroaches to people, books about “mourning the death of a spouse,” and sending a bloody pig mask–this stuff is straight out of the modern “countering violent extremism” manual at Quantico.Seriously-click that link, it would be laughable if it weren’t so demented.

The good news though, is that his targets will “make bank” by suing his stupid ass into the dirt. Others in that gang already took plea deals, and this case will set a precedent , both as revealing the demented nature and character of the modern FBI and also, that such a gang was actually prosecuted too.

Yup–gang stalking is 100% CIA/DiA/NSA/FBI PSYOPs bullshit, taught tocurrent and former agents, and te armies of “private contractors” who terrorize the public with it now. Gang stalking “is” gangs of spooks and cops and their gangs of flying monkeys, terrorizing citizens-100 percent of the time!

These gangs nearly always include others, usually recruiting some local cops, targeted for those cops ability to “keep secrets” and “not tell” on these criminals–these gangs include people knowledgeable in forensic and behavioral sciences, psychological operations, and other subsidiary police and intelligence fields. Intel agents target THEM as “secret keepers.”

And these gangs include others in their immediate families, or social communities, such as firefighters, hospital workers, state workers, police fraternal and sororal organizations and so on.

Other journalists have documented the fact that many of these cases include county coroners, and people who work in the county coroners office–and media spokespersons who utilize “official source narratives.”

Here below is one such gang that I discovered many years ago, because they were featured in the press–I was able to tie a #fakeTI directly to a county coroners investigator, and others in their social circle.

Here is that news article, from 1997, called “Death and Kindness,” a story about a woman who then was working in the LA County Morgue. Her then boyfriend is quoted in the article, and she later went on to head one of the largest police fraternal organizations in CA, if not in the US. They all at one point lived at the same address–and some went on to careers in forensic psychology, or careers at the FBI and other agencies.

All told, they form a fairly large gang, and I am certain they have caused many deaths, directly. I have submitted my data to responsible authorities, who are contact chaining that gang, and turning leads over to other responsible authorities, in several local, state, federal–and international governments.

So, for anyone seeking to file a “gang stalking lawsuit,” be prepared for the highest levels of criminality from people who are armed with deadly weapons–but ALSO who have the ear of the media.And, start with the RICO Act too–because this is organized crime at the state and federal level–these gangs operate with impunity, and they are EVERYWHERE in policing.

These gangs are in fact police vigilante’s, and they are quite dangerous. There methods do not follow standard investigative procedures, there actions are criminal on many levels, and they have real actual victims too.

And so–especially for young federal prosecutors looking to make a reputation–start with a view that the RICO Act, which was written to fight organized crime, applies in these cases too.

But that’s not your primary option by far– there are no guarantees that you will secure convictions, so keep the net small at first, like this case, where a “no knock raid” caused two people to be murdered in cold blood, by the Houston police–and the head of the police union in that area went on record, jabbing his finger into the faces of reporters, threatening to turn his gang on “anyone who criticizes” police corruption in that area. That gang was later expanded to 12 double dipping officers, many of whom pled out to charges, and Houston changed its no knock policy because of that double homicide too.

Now, let’s take a look at the Pasco County Florida cases one more time, and I want the reader to visualize the size of these gangs–but also the scope of the damage they can cause, and the breadth of mayhem they can wage upon individuals too–these are people trained in the “dark arts” of investigation, and PSYOP, and violence of all kinds.

These are in fact, always police gangs of one kind or another–and prosecuting them at the federal level is sometimes a claimants only option, though it shouldn’t be–because agencies like the Department of Justice and their ADL-FBI should be prosecuting these criminal networks on behalf of “justice,” but they don’t–because many current and former FBI agents are themselves gang stalkers too.

Have a look at this piece to see what kinds of fruitloops these people can be–as the old school, heteronormative’s conflict with the dieversity-FBI in the form of wife beating lesbians–and note especially the pedophiles and perverts in their ranks too. That one article sums it up succinctly, but I could write thousands more like it (Donald Schachtleben, running around in the mountains, lol). You will note a LOT of Italian names on one side, and ethnic names on the other–gang stalking is largely factions of police, fighting factions of other police.

Well–you get the picture–prosecuting these gangs needs to be done at a state and federal level, except….yup. These gangs ARE at all of those levels, and they have each others backs, most of the time. Many of them are indeed Freemasons, or other occult society involved. They have deep pockets behind them, and are connected to the core infrastructure of the nation itself (click that last link). Bridge builders indeed!

In my years of research, I have encountered actual “bridge builders” from extremely wealthy legacy families–and those conected directly to the Las Vegas office of the FBI. I have encountered helicopter leasing agents whose contracts are tied to that exact organization too. And, so many subsidiary criminals in their networks that its a separate novel.

So: the main Pasco case that entered the docket came before the Tampa Bay Times won a Pulitzer for its series “Targeted,” which documented how the sheriffs department in that area uses “intelligence led predictive policing” to stalk and harass citizen’s “24-7 until they move away or sue.”

How brutal–how dystopian! How utterly police state is such a policy?

But indeed, some of the victims in that case did indeed move away–and many are suing. Its safe to say that this is “weaponized” policing, a far cry from policing as a tool of justice seeking, or even law enforcement–this is policing that attacks the very core of the nation–it’s citizens, and their rights; it is an actual dare from an armed para-military entity for citizens to sue it! Insulting, and denigrating to every concept of law and its role in society–but there you have it: anywhere “predictive policing” aka “high policing” is utilized, we see mass shootings, property theft, and criminality waged BY police and their community assets.”

So–look at how large these gangs are, in the filing below–the very tip of the iceberg in these cases, because we do not see Fusion Center operatives, or community policing assets, or any of the many “weaponized” NGO’s that police use in these cases.

But we DO see the names of actual police gang members, which, for demonstrative purposes, serves my thesis quite well.

Lastly, here is the updated docket, and TBH, it doesn’t look so good for the plaintiffs at this point.Motion to dismiss was granted back in August.

The good news? That the sheriffs predictive policing program was indeed dragged out into the light, for the sake of citizens, and this will become a trend across the US now. Police factionalism “winning” in court rooms? Not so much–what comes around does indeed go around too, as these chickens come home to roost on other chickens nests.

Regardless–these names! Wow….I tell all of my actual targeted individuals to start there–with lists of names. Imagine the lawsuits we couold wage if we went at these people individualy, for indiidual actions? Yup–that’s where case law in this area can be made.

Squitieri et al v. Nocco et al

Plaintiff:Christopher J. Squitieri, Anthony Pearn, John Horning, Sean Gibson, Cheryl Hazelton, Cliff Baltzer, Edward Lape, Shane Metzler, Christopher Starnes, Dean Mariani, Brian Kozera, Aaron Ziegler, Richard Bynum, Brandon Marchione, James Steffens, Royce Rodgers, Nikolaus Kriz, Nicholas Scrima, Bryan Sikes and Charles Keppel, Jr
Defendant:Taffini Reed, Jeffery Harrington, Kenneth Gregory, Marc Erickson, Jennifer Christensen, Jeffrey Peake, Christopher Nocco, Sharon Foshey, Christopher Bennett, Timothy Roy, James Browning, Richard Jones, Jennie Jones, Melissa Hite, Larry Krause, Melbourne Eakley, Steven Frick, Ed Beckman, Kevin Macumber, Clint Miller, Robert Lowry, Robert Medina, Michael Farrantelli, Michael Shoup, Dustin Brooks, Will Ferguson, Robert Tedeschi, Benjamin Birge, Jay Galassi, James Mallo, Keith McCarthy, Jack Armstrong, Ernie Fontan, Christopher Joyal, Tait Sanborn, Gary Raulerson, Mel, George McDonald, William Davis, Joseph Irizarry, Clinton Cabbage, Warren Jones, Stacey Jenkins, Richard Bain, Ray Revell and John Collier
Case Number:8:2019cv00906
Filed:April 16, 2019
Court:US District Court for the Middle District of Florida
Presiding Judge:James S Moody
Referring Judge:Amanda Arnold Sansone
Nature of Suit:Racketeer/Corrupt Organization
Cause of Action:18 U.S.C. § 1961
Jury Demanded By:Plaintiff

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