A “den of witchcraft”–in Union County, Mississippi? Nope–this one was in Wales

A case of cannibalism, witchcraft, and the Jimmy’s in Mississippi: it gives me the Willies….and the Billies, too.

As my readers know, I am following the case of a targeted individual, named Richard Moore, in Union County, MS. And, I am about to catch a band of demon’s and witches too. I will round them up like rats in traps. You better be ready!

And–try to keep your kids out of it, ok? As we saw with Nikolas Kruz in Florida, and so many others–it really gets “due process free messy” when dirtbag’s like YOU involve children in this shit. Gang stalking with kids–a truly sick enterprise.

Hey–listen” Richard Moore is less of a threat to you than members of your own families, who are likely exploiting your own children. But you could care less–because you are profiting from that as well! Those little cash-strapped counties all over Podunk, USA need every dime they can get, from these silly programs.

Follow along, as international media follows YOU, and your policing mechanism. Times up folks. You are on record now. And you are being watched. How’s that feel? Yup–you did that to one, so now we will do it to ALL of you, ok? Thank’s sheriff Jim’s! You are truly in “gods hands” now.

Of the many things this case is, it is also “a witch hunt,” those hunts all notoriously ill fated for many “witches,” but also, for many people at the margins of society who rabid sociopaths used as human scapegoats to hide their own deviance and criminality–because the thing about witch hunts? It’s always the witch hunters that are in fact the true demons, practicing “black magick,” as they frame individuals for imaginary crimes.

SO, as I have documented, Mr. Moore is definitely being attacked, by this man’s jurisdiction, over a Facebook posting that is well within the boundaries of free speech–meet Sheriff Jim Johnson, a man with a most unfortunate name :

Sheriff Jim Johnson of Union County Mississippi, above, is well aware of Richard Moore’s many complaints–but he steadfastly refuses to investigate or prosecute those who clearly are stalking and harassing Mr. Moore. He won’t even take a report of gang stalking–which, IMHO, implicates him as part of the problem, not the solution. SO, Mr. Moore is suing gang stalkers in that county now–and is collecting evidence which I and thousands of others have seen, wherein people clearly impede Moore’s path on the highways, in groups of two or more. They kick in the doors to his house, and they try to frame Mr. Moore as a pedophile, or worse.

But Who Are these Devil’s, who do this Sheriff Johnson–Do these Demon’s Work for You? Who is the head devil in that area anyways?

And why would you allow a man to be harassed by people filing frivolous charges in your county? Why would you forgo your duty to protect and serve? Listen, acolyte–human rights, civil rights–especially that equal protection clause–these rights are non-negotiable. Have you even read the documents that your deputies serve? The Constitution, or the Bill of Rights for example? Because your deputy served Mr. Moore some plainly bullshit papers–here, have a look if you haven’t seen it already:

WTF is “got added” mean anyways? Look–contact chaining gangs of big fat faggot coward criminal gang stalkers is no different than what any gang strike force, or Fusion Center circle jerk does–including people in gangs via “association” is a well known police and sociological practice. So is whoring, for that matter, lol. You are who you sleep with, I guess. And when folks sleep with the devil, well, expect some mis-characterization here and there–it’s a citizens right to use any damned words they want to use on their own damned Facebook page–you come on in my kitchen uninvited, I might just serve you a turd sandwich too.

So–folks, try to follow along as I juggle some Jimmies here, it gets confusing in that part of the country, where some estimate that approximately 60% of all boys are named “James,” following the old King James tradition.

So: I am Jimmying and jiggling my jims and Johnson’s right now, trying to find answers! Can you help sheriff?

Apparently, NOT. You have been useless so far in aiding a man who has clear and nearly incontrovertible evidence that a “gang” in your area is stalking and harassing him. I have seen the films–and I wonder–where is my Jimmy, when I need a jiggle? Nowhere to be found, despite the pleas of Richard Moore for justice. I am hoping that possibly the Jimmy above might be a “good boy,” and drop these bogus charges.

But let’s go one deeper, and have a look at few other Jimmy’s in that area:

Jimmy something or other, arrested for rape, or dog sex–preying on children, as so many in that area do–who knows? They are an incestuous lot, these Jimmy’s, could-a-been-anything–read it! https://www.wtva.com/content/news/Indictiment-sheds-light-on-arrest-of-former-Chickasaw-County-deputy-477802333.html
Another Jimmy something or other….we’ll get to him, and how he uses the gang stalking program that has replaced the Night Riders in that area later. Hey Jimmy–knock it off with the gang stalking, ok
Ah, here we go! This Jimmy here: Sheriff Jimmy Edwards, of Union County, MS, whose jurisdiction is full of highwaymen who stalk Richard Moore, and try to frame him variously–and Moore, who is suing this sheriff. Go over to Moore’s Youtube channel North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association, and see what a devil of a sheriff is allowing in his county. Also note the discrepancy between his uniform and those other Jimmies–apparently Union County can’t afford real dress shirts–or this stooge has a buddy with an embroidery machine that needed a contract.

Wow–two of these things are not like the others–two of these things are *not the same* Am I the only one out here whose exhausted, juggling all those Jimmies? Jimminy Crickets, there’s a lot of sheriff’s named Jimmy in that area! We’ll get to them all later, one at a time–and tie them to the Willie’s and the Billies too.

Well--you came here for the witches, and moral panic! and outrage! –the goblin’s and the demons, didn’t you, so let’s get to that–Abracadabra!

This witch hunting, or attempts to ward off “evil spirits,” and “demons” is a historic pattern and cultural practice in superstitious societies–a practice that is thousands of years old, in many societies; and that pattern that repeats in all forms of christian societies, but can also be found amongst other equally primitive societies too, as the interplay between ignorance, superstition, and fear of “the other”–indeed creation of the other–highlights the cultist and ritual practice of scapegoating. But also, as ritual cannibalism too, in a process known as “incorporation.”

Incorporation takes many forms, ranging from what we see in the burning of witches, to ritualistic cannibalism, and the Catholic eucharist–the eating of a “holy wafer”–and other crude forms such as the practice of scapegoating–but also in actual cannibalism too, where the cannibals eat the flesh of their victims, with the belief that such “incorporation” brings them strength and power–which it provably does, because now, the populace is too afraid of the witch doctor, or in this case, the sheriff and his Alpine Valley Volunteers to do anything but cower before power.

In the Congo, for example, human cannibalism is rampant and has been ever since missionaries and foreign governments worked hand in hand to exploit that nations resources. And, Mississippi’s version of “incorporation” rituals is strikingly similar to Congo cannibalism, because it is all based in ritual superstition. Note that I did not separate ritual and superstition? Because incorporation blurs that line between a single ritual, and a single superstition–it is the act and the practice itself, ongoing.

It is a form of culture and belief in and of itself, and like other shamanistic practices, it acts as the collective memory on the tribes behalf–and the tribe could very well be oblivious to the practice–see the case of the Pathfinder for more about that.

However–Nordic’s should be quick to distance themselves from the practices of incorporation, because–if for no other good reason, it just makes people like you look bad. As we saw in Ofelas, the “bad guys” were stone hearted animals, while the “good guys” are tribesmen, with a desire to learn from the past, not to repeat it.

Let’s peer into the past, using an archaeological lens, into an actual “witches den”–that den created by an “anti-witcher” whose superstitions overwhelmed their logos– to see how ancient peoples practiced their magick, to ward off the witches, and “demons”from Ancient Origins, and Wales Online–and note who it is exactly that is believing in “magick.”

Artifacts found in a “witches den” are NOT in fact, in a witches den–just in an old house, with some primitive nutter living there who was crapping their pants every night, scared of “witches”–but also likely spinning some line to the neighbors in that area too. So–not a witches den at all, sorry to inform you, Ancient Origins! It was simply some nutters superstitions that got kicked up here–and “kicked up” as in “bull ropin’ and rompin’ ” shitkickers, all for the left foot. Look at those Brogans! True collectors items, and relics of the days’ of slavery and peasantry too.

Riiiight–superstitious witch wardens, and junk science. Clearly–no witches were ever found, but some nutjob who crapped their pajamas at night found solace in “believing in witches,” due to a lack of scientific evidence, or even a common humanity:

Using Human Things To Attract And Trap Witches

When the Welsh couple explored the hidden witchcraft den beneath their stairs they first discovered “eight odd shoes,” all for left feet, ranging from toddler’s shoes to heavy men’s work boots. They also found a wooden hat, parts of a horse’s skull, fragments from the barrel of a gun, old receipts and bottles full of both poison and perfume, all of which were believed to ward off evil in the late medieval period. As if this weren’t all classically horror movie-esque enough, the most chilling discovery was yet to come, in the form of a washed out old portrait of woman nicknamed “Vicky,” that was hidden behind shutters in the parlor.

And too, that hidden portrait of the woman named “Vicky in that “witches den seems suspicious too. I bet the original “witches den owner had a skeleton in his closet–or a woman named Vicky who he had done wrong.

Yup. I am on this case like Johnny Cash on the line–maybe on his way to Jackson, rollin freight like a Texas trucker rolls immigrants into the bearcave parking lot, with bribe money in his log book. Expect me to fly by your houses on one of my many deluxe brooms in the next few weeks and years–but especially, between now and the next time Richard Moore gets harassed? You “better be ready.”

Expect incantations, and a whole lot more than eight left footed, ghostly shitkickers about to beat your own doors*–or the doors of those that you love and care for. That’s not a threat–it’s a promise–I am connecting your webs of associations via “contact chaining,” and “social media monitoring.” You might all be featured in a book, or on T.V.!

It’s “magick” writing about cases like this. And like gang stalking–which the “professionals” call a “delusion?” So goes “witch craft too.”

Even the experts agree, “gang stalking” isn’t real–it simply has not been “proven” by science or psychology–and so, it is not “real” if we just don’t talk about it; like child abuse, and mafia crime, it’s only real once a web of demon’s gets itself caught up doing illegal shit to people like Mr. Moore.

Sleep tight, and don’t let the bedrats bite folks–and my dear readers, follow along, because I have a live case of gang stalking and it will not turn out well for gang stalkers, I promise you–if in fact, “gang stalking exists.”

And the experts all agree–it doesn’t. There’s no such thing as “gang stalking.”

Related Reading: The Tampa Bay Times won a Pulitzer Prize in 2020 for writing the excellent series “Targeted.” Read how a Florida sheriff harasses entire families, “by contact chaining their webs of family, friends, and associates in “How a Florida Sheriff harasses families: Watch the body-cam video”By NEIL BEDI, KATHLEEN McGRORY and JENNIFER GLENFIELD

*incantations and ghostly shitkickers is way more “scary and threatening” than Mr. Moore’s words about “criminal house running, fat faggot whores, loser bitch cowards, and so on don’t you think? And really–this is like, my fifth post about this one case–is THAT cyber stalking, yer honor? BOO! “Scary shitkicker’s is a knockin at muh door!”You better get ready! And get ready twice for that little Peckerwood Tanner’s next fame-event too. Everyone deserves their fifteen minute’s dontchathink? Contact chaining….association….guilt….

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