Hey, kids, let’s learn some journalism basics! The Richard Moore story, and note taking: Journalism 101 involves getting good quotes

Many years ago, “mystery people” would break in to my homes, and steal my reporters notebooks. Sometimes, they would tear out the pages of my various writings too, and oddly, many years later, they would return these items, all jumbled up in boxes.

My reporters notes would be stashed in my family history archives, my personal journals mixed into a box of unrelated papers, and so on–and my photos would be completely jumbled too–pictures I took in 1999 would be there, right next to plays I had written in 2005 and so on–gang stalkers truly seek to destroy your ability to create a “narrative,” and this documented by others too.

I was never served a warrant of any kind whatsoever, and even to this day it’s hard to point the finger at a specific group or agency who did it, but one striking feature back then was that frequently they left my various papers about the organized crime group the ADL on top of the piles that they made out of my papers.It was clear that they were responsible–or that others wished that I believed that they were responsible–it was a standard calling card in that era.

But that organization, and the FBI are inseparable companions in stalking activists and writers–there is no substantive difference between their tactics, except that the FBI allows and encourages them to commit these types of crimes. Hence what many writer online today describe as the FBI-ADL, as a single acronym.

Use my search feature for posts about the ADL, search terms “ADL, Anti Defamation League, organized crime, FBI Head James Comey love affair ADL” and so on. Or, just click this link and read what another famous sage had to say about that group, and note that it was that group that started the Ku Klux Klan too–they do a lot of the FBI’s dirty work, and the FBI is fully complicit in that work too.

Imagine that! A true international crime syndicate starting a race-hate group! And the pattern repeats as we see these same people –who are actually just Mossad agent–starting race hate groups all over the middle east too. Its what they do, folks.

Well–in those days the war was on reporters and we knew it–those of us who did not racialize, or otherwise skew our research in a biased fashion were targeted heavily–I certainly wasn’t the first, nor will I be the last journalist who is targeted–and with little to no recourse to justice, because the agencies are indeed all “in on it,” post-911.

And this odd new place we are all in is SO odd, that we find that only Nazi’s like Eric Striker of National Justice being the only journalist in media one can find that reports how Yale’s Jewish leadership targeted one of the most famous African American writers of our era with racist stalking–as Cornell West, the very person who gave the world Critical Race Theory was denied tenure after being harassed and bullied by Jews there.

Tokenism indeed! Racial supremacy indeed!–but not by Nazi’s in that case, or so many others.The simple fact is that the ADL has racialized every news story, and every product placement, and nowhere online, and works directly with the Israeli Mossad to stalk American’s–and the FBI doesn’t do anything about it except watch and eat popcorn, and turn up the flames–neither organization serves the American people one bit.

But back then, the war was on words themselves–as it always is–and organizations ranging from “countering violent extremism” shitshows, and the related security industrial complex, private contractors, and NGO’s–and lot’s of fundies in the “community policing” scheme were mobilized to stalk and harass those of us who change the narrative itself. Here, a journalist commits suicide after receiving an Emmy Award–it doesn’t get any stranger than that.

To get a picture of that, have a look at a highly placed academic in New Zealand, Anne-Marie Brady, who is currently being stalked–she blames it on the “commies” in China, but it isn’t that simple, because in a smoke and mirrors environment created by neocons just after 9-11, it could be any of many groups.

But in the US these hide behind standard policing, assisted by gangs of police who are all beneficiaries of “mystery money” from federal black budget programs, to actual private donors, and political PAC’s and so on–and this form of “community policing” uses the plastic words and phrases, like “investigation privileged information,” and “ongoing investigation,” and “intelligence led predictive policing,” to hide their activity, spanning decades in this modern anti-democratic surveillance policing.

Well, anyways, beyond reporting against official narratives, good journalists also take good notes, and getting good quotes is one of the most important things a young journalist must do, after you get a lead on a story. Here below I will post online, because it preserves multiple copies–and because other journalists are writing these stories now.

So let’s look at how that works, as I follow the case of a “target” in Union County, Mississippi, who has provided EXCELLENT EVIDENCE that he is indeed being stalked and harassed. Use my search feature “Richard Moore, Union County,” for more posts about him, but I tell people to start here first, for context–these stalkings are inter-generational.

So–the old journalism canard is that you should seek to NOT become part of the story, but these gangs seek to do exactly that: they seek to turn your ability to report a story into a story about YOU the writer, in a sick cult practice. They also seek to erase your name, and other sich cult activity too. Google “dead Ferguson activists” for examples, or look here for just one example of this activity, and its progenitor.

So: Start with a list of quotable material, from good sources–sources who do not lie, and sources who have solid evidence–and Richard Moore is indeed a guy who gets great cell phone video of bizarre gangs of stalkers boxing him in on nthe highways, and shooting guns off in front of his yard too. Go over to North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association on Youtube to watch those videos.

Well–he has outlined a case of police corruption in his area, and he has several federal lawsuits waiting to be heard–and he was arrested for a Facebook posting, by a corrupt sheriff’s department–and all of the sheriff’s in that area seem to be named “Jimmy” for reasons that have a more complex explanation, but suffice it to say that the King James Bible has a lot to do with it–some of the most deranged stalkers in the US are indeed fanatical Protestant gangs.

So–here below are quotes and facts.

But, facts require evidence in order to be included as facts–not just opinions. Not all of these below have been checked, or second sourced–I need to substantiate each and every material fact with a second source. But these are the “raw tools” of each and every news story you will ever write.

Read through the following before you read anything else, and later, let’s “source” these claims to secondary sources to validate, or invalidate them “as claims.”


Will get all I can on the Judge and deputy Raape!

Tanners Uncle Danny Owens, Stephanie’s Brother is a XXXX and he heads the 12 step Celebrate Recovery program at a local church in Okolona.

Faith Outreach” and of course Jimmy Rappe attends and runs the Video camera for the service and is always the first one to shake everyone’s hand on Sunday morning as they enter the church.

Celebrate Recovery is a spawn of Rick Warren ” Purpose driven life” and Founder of Saddleback Church in California better known as Broke Back Mountain Church!

This is a Nation Wide program fashioned after AA which is a cult as well.

It’s out of these fake churches and the celebrate recovery program that has spawned the ” community policing church stalkers” being that it’s a 501 3 C Non profit religious organization, no one dare question anything that goes on behind closed church doors.

Least we forget the thousands of alter boys raped by priests! Or the current class action lawsuit that is being settled in bankruptcy court BOY SOUTS OF AMERICA Defendants that are and will be settling are the Mormons, Baptist Church and many more Churches. BSA was responsible for more rapes and molestations than Rome and Alexander the Great could ever have imagined!

So up next to bat, yes you guess it, the ” Church” and orga[nized] systemic human trafficking, torture, murder, stalking peeping Tom despots!

Because I have been vocal about the Rick Warren and celebrate recovery deal, my targeting has become very un- holy ! You won’t find any bad press only from little ole me!

Fuck DHS Fusion Centers and the CIA ect, what I’m sharing with you is the big goddamn elephant in the room!

Now, I will simply add to this list of “facts” some further information:

Mr. Moore has been investigating why a certain sheriff’s deputy, Jimmy Raape, was arrested for a child pornography offense awhile ago, but two-plus years later, he hasn’t seen a day in jail, and the case dropped out of sight–it’s not in the news at all!

You can glimpse that fact here, in this story. So, that is in fact a fact, because my second source is a local newspaper that initially reported that story. And it is the centerpiece of Mr. Moore’s story too–that those counties in MS use child pornography in odd ways to target people–but also that a “cult” exists in law enforcement in that area that overlooks the criminality of its own members–and that is indeed a good story!

Such a story has the potential to be national news, but it ALSO requires a lot of facts, not merely opinions. And so, we cast a wider net, and look what falls into that net! One of the strangest online conversations I have ever had.

The reader will note that in the notes above is an “XXXX” denotation–it is there because if I printed it, without second source verification, it could be “libel,” and reporters want to avoid that. But I am still getting documentation ready on that fact claim.

Now–the rest of the notes up there are a mixture of hyperbole, opinion, and facts of one kind or another. For my purposes–my thesis states many things, not least of which is that religious cults and sects, as well as the cult of Alcoholics Anonymous, are just “hidden religion” and that these together are “who the gangs of stalkers are.”

Mr Moore’s video’s verify that these stalkers are indeed stalking him–but are they for example, the people in the claim above? That remains to be verified.

So, instead, let’s take a look at “background”–the story within the story, in this case a pastor, Rick Warren with a philosophy/ideology called a “Purpose driven life.”

Warren’s stated goal is to establish (“plant”) churches around the world. He has access to a 30,000 member “gang” of congregants in California alone.

I won’t give that guy any unearned media other than to state that Mr. Moore has implicated that church as a cult, and that they use “organized gang stalking” to strong-arm people. I have seen Moore’s evidence–which is excellent–but I haven’t yet linked his stalkers directly to Warrens cult, so that is still a “fact” that remains to be validated.

But because Moore names names, I am able to make linkages–and my own work, and that of many others finds that AA is indeed a cult. That is a common fact amongst those of us who reject organized religion for it’s many hypocrisy’s and atrocities, and many studies have also validated that fact too. Here, “Misandry Angie” does a 70 part series about that topic alone!

AA was started by a guy who was a sexual predator, and the first meeting was held in a police station, of all places–as a way to control “the heathens” who rejected organized religion. It is a de facto religion itself, and the meetings are full of undercover police and government informants.

I will return to these stories later, and use it as an example, but for the young journalist following along, this is a glimpse of my own writing process–and for the researcher of organized gang stalking, it is more “proof” of organized gang stalking, and a view into the “scientific process” and scientific method behind my claims.

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