Useless Eaters: Anne-Marie Brady in New Zealand cries foul, blames “the Chinese” for gang stalking her, lol. If only it were that simple!

Henry Kissinger is the guy who coined the phrase “useless eaters,“to describe entire ethnic groups as having no value whatsoever to humanity–and in this weeks news, that old genocide proponent is armchair quarterbacking the Xi-Biden Summit, as if he is still relevant somehow, calling it a “good start for better relations.”

Ahhh, Henry Kissinger, wager of genocides! Maligner of the indigenous, and upholder of the Nazi creeds of pure races! A man with a splendidly forked tongue, who can speak two different sentiments out of each side of his mouth! Any Jew would be proud of him, except….ok, yeah, most Jews love Kissinger almost as much as they love waging genocide on “useless eaters,” that’s a fact.

No doubt the guy is a bellwether opinion for a certain flock, and their sycophants, but he is not the only opinion–he is just the opinion amplified by the US-FVEY’s Mockingbird apparatus and their apparatchiks who use Jews to further other interests.

bellwether[ˈbɛlwɛðə] NOUN 1. the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on its neck.

Ding, ding ding!!!

Honestly, I had to check the spelling.My more avid readers probably have never seen that word in print either, lol, but in western societies, all analogies are related to sheep and goats, shepherds and sheeple (also spelled sheople, according to the proximate originator of the term); flocks and the fleeced.

Have a look here at a genuine western scapegoat for one example of how western religionists and their public relations teams in policing label a victim of western Jewish-christian occultism and posturing about morality.

It looks kind of like this, for example:

Oooops! Wrong image! This was a sitting duck roast, courtesy of the FBI! Sorry about including that here!

No–this image, a scapegoat:

See that dangerous baby there? Of course you don’t! Henry Kissinger and his pal’s made sure that Asian people never made such a baby! The baby who is not in the picture? Yeah–that one, with the pacifier flying out of his mouth–that one. Henry Kissinger and his tribe made sure that üseless eaters would never raise up sons who could challenge their hegemony. It’s what they do. And, they made sure that women would be “liberated” just long enough to post endless selfies on Youku/Tik Tok/Snapchat/etc and send countless shots of themselves wearing underwear to western lesbians like Saint Alana the Medicated, here. See those women up there in the picture? Yup–they are ïndeed making all the boys gay right now, busy, busy busy making little niang pao! And you are probably wondering “why exactly don’t Chinese women want to make babies for the “motherland,” as China suffers a dearth of women who want to work for free–or work for “the party that only delivers MORE WORK to these women!?” Riiiiight. Me too.Or #MeToo, coming to a general or other party member near you soon, if you can’t spin it correctly! Aaaaah, those spinners!

Well, anyways, Anne-Marie Brady of New Zealand is on the record decrying the fact that she is the “victim” of a conspiracy of one kind or another, and her allies in the various “Royal Societies”call that conspiracy an “intimidation campaign,”rather than gang stalking by international NGO’s and their scurrilous policy setters.

And she discusses “strange” and “magic” weapons too.It’s one good way to have a view at how the word “weapons” is used in the dialogues about “organized and systematic harassment campaigns,” and you can read through her Woodrow Wilson Center discussion of those “magick weapons” for more about that, and her case.

Brady, a member of the Kissinger Institute On China and a member of so many other “societies” that I lose track--have a look at her Wikipedia entry for evidence of that--has claimed since around 2016 that she is targeted And as she gets gang stalked, one certainly wonders if she even knows who finances her scholarship and academic career?

Hey–Anne-Marie–did it ever occur to you that your alleged harassment has it’s roots in your own fellowships–and that before you blame “the commies of China”–maybe look there, at that one Kissinger quote. Or look at the fact that he shares his philosophy with some of the most fanatical communists that Russia ever produced, to whit, “Felix Dzerzhinsky of Cheka fame regarded humanity as little better than cattle, and was thus able to slaughter people without remorse.”

Aaaah. That ages old co-option of the very socialist sentiment of most–if not all tribal peoples! Communism is NOT a Jewish invention, and serious scholars know this–but racist Nazi’s and their pal’s in the NWO-Zionist propaganda organs seem to not acknowledge this.

Socialism is as old as human tribes–as old as the most basic human systems of cooperation, and community. It is NOT a “Jewish invention by any means. But indeed, Jews–one of the most targeted groups in human history–did indeed establish communism in modern times. But socialism cam much before that, and emerged separately in many tribes, as the peons fought the oppression of the “gods who otherwise had no counterbalance Socialism emerges in most tribes organically–and sometimes communist impulses and control replaces it..

Look–the horses shoe of western politics always defaults to uber wealthy Jews like Kissinger, and his Nazi pals, in the christian flocks and these christians are every bit as scurrilous on this topic–we could fit the entire world population of 7.8 billion people inside the borders of Texas, for example. Yet Kissinger’s statement echoes through time as the standard of NWO Jewish thought on this topic.

Facts don’t lie, and so there is a discrepancy about how we view the human race itself–on one side, genocidal eugenicists and racists, who lurk in every corner decrying a lack of resources (as they frequently usurp resources, as we see today with the blockade of North Korea, or Iran) and on the other, the rest of us; who want to simply “hang out”–the other, simply us humans with friends and families.

And who co-opted that sentiment you might ask? I have an idea–let’s ask a Nazi! Or better yet–let’s ask a “self loathing Jew!” Nathaneal Kapner about Kissinger’s bent.

Regardless- China is indeed at the gateway to the JNew World Order! And not all of it’s generals, and party members are feeling secure just bending over and taking it in the shorts from Kissinger affiliated militarists and Taiwanists.

Well, so, anyways–academic gang stalking is a real thing, and many cases are not called gang stalking but rather intimidation campaigns.” Here is the type of coverage that her case is getting at Sinopsis, a journal devoted to the study of China and its global impact, as she complains loudly about her systemic harassment, and blames “China”

Open letter on harassment campaign against Anne-Marie Brady

In New Zealand, Anne-Marie Brady, an academic who investigated the CCP’s influence in local politics has become the target of a series of incidents which, taken together with attacks from Party-directed media, are consistent with an intimidation campaign.

Ahhhh, I see, it’s the commies! But–what about those other folks who utilize gag stalking? Here’s a guy in Mississippi, getting an actual mob surrounding him on the highways, and gunshots fired off in his yard! Where the hell were the Anne-Marie Brady’s of the world when their illuminated associates were denying that gang stalking even exists? Riiiight.

Here’s a guy in New Zealand who was stalked –indeed, hunted–from the very day his feet hit the shore’s there. He was stalked by gangs of police, and their community assets, sometimes for years at a time–until one bright and glorious day, and after 53 days of 24-7 gang stalking, by a gang of 30 cops and their community assets–he went on a stabbing rampage.

Where was your voice then? Riiiight. Basking in the sun of white female privilege! Keep your mouth shut about the attrocities that such women enable, and everything will be alright, right?

White women like her were sucking their way up the NWO chain like barnacles, stopping others from attaining such positions in academia and government–and overseeing societies that have foregone the rule of law, and democratic government.

Where were the Anne Marie Brady’s when other academics, like Professors James Tracy and Norman Finklestein were getting gang stalked by the toxic ADL and their NWO spawn–or various US deep state players?? Riiight–such women were calling these men “delusional,” and doing NOTHING to help anyone but themselves. Participating in “women’s whisper network’s” of “empowerment!” And watching men getting shot out of the water.

So, enjoy the trip down as much as you enjoyed the trip up that chain, Ms. Brady–a lot of others could have used a lifeline when they were being stalked out of academia too–where were women like you then?

Here is more about Sinopsis mission:

Sinopsis is a project implemented by the non-profit association AcaMedia z.ú., in scholarly collaboration with the Department of Sinology at Charles University in Prague. It aims to present a regular overview of developments in China and its impacts on the outside world from the perspectives of Czech, Chinese, and international observers.

And it’s not surprising either, that one of his devotee’s, Anne Marie Brady has blamed her gang stalking on “the Chinese,” apparently clueless or willfully deceptive, because many other NWO interests utilize gang stalking as a method to control individuals.

And while it was in fact Kissinger who felt that they are a lesser species of persons–an inferior race, not on a par with those über-evolved New Zealanders, and their Australian neighbors, the majority population derivative of British convicts and ass-buggers who themselves have waged genocide on Aboriginal people in that area–there are many other actors out there who might have a stake in harassing Ms. Brady.

Her affiliations with anti-Chinese institutes, and uber-white affiliations with the Royal Society, and Woodrow Wilson–himself a klansman–indicates there is something more underlying her situation.

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