That one day when you realize that your nation’s “law enforcement agents” are terrorists: the case of Donald Sachtleben, whistle blower

Many who are following along here at might wonder why a case like that of Richard Moore in Mississippi is relevant, or why I am focusing resources on exposing a “gang” of “police and their associates” who are targeting him.

A good analogy is to say that Moore’s case gives us a glimpse of one man’s struggle against an organized gang–and the reminder that this gang includes policing and social engineering, but also is a microcosm of the larger society where gang stalking takes place.

Like the CERN laboratory, where phycicists search for the Higgs boson “God particle,” in one single location–that particle is representative of the entire universe–and that one particle that Stephen Hawking said could be so powerful that it could wipe out the entire cosmos!

And of course, he probably said that because he was bitter over losing a hundred dollar bet with Gordon Kane–a bet that “$100 that physicists would not discover the Higgs boson,” lol. It’s OK to be wrong sometimes, Stephen Hawking! And BTW, is it really a better life in the sky after we dematerialize, and join the cosmic dust?

Simulated data from the Large Hadron Collider particle detector shows the Higgs boson produced after two protons collide.
Simulated data from the Large Hadron Collider particle detector shows the Higgs boson produced after two protons collide. (Image credit: CERN via LiveScience)

You can use my search feature, search term ‘Richard Moore” and read posts about that. His case–where he films people stalking him on the highways, and firing guns at his house, and where mobs of people show up on hs front lawn to taunt and stalk, and harass him, while the various sheriff’s in thatarea refuse to take his reports of crime–is the God particle of gang stalking cases, because whereas many psychologists are on record calling complaints of gang stalking “delusions,” this one case is representative of cases of gang stalking that take place in so-called “western democracies” every day.

UPDATE: A lot has happened to Mr. Moore since I wroye this post, most recently a four car caravan of stalkers ran him off the roads and totaled his car just after the New Yaer, 2022. Use my search feature Richard Moore for posts about him sine I wrote this.

And so, such blanket denials of this brutal practice–and even attempts by some to blame “the communists” or the “Russians and the Chinese” for these heinous gang stalking attrocities are completely invalidated every time a gang of Jimmy’s are caught doing this stuff; every time an Ahmaud Arbery is murdered by “police gangs,” comprised of currnt and former police and prosecutors.

And every time an academic like Anne-Marie Brady in New Zealand denies that police gangs exist, even as a man goes on a stabbing rampage because he was denied the most basic human rights in a “democracy,” for many years, right there on her own doorstep, after a 30 person team of police from several jurisdictions follwed him “24-7” for 53 straight days!

So–looking in on Mr. Moore’s case is like looking into the Hadron collider–but instead of vain and endless searching, we see that God particle EVERY DAY in his case–he IS that particle, and he is not alone.

Now–what makes gang stalking cases interesting is that this form of police activity attempts to render an individual “guilty for life,” wholesale invalidating legal guarantees of due process and civil liberty. In other words, the individual themselves is rendered as a target of permanent “guilt” by police departments that utilize this policing approach, denying the individual not merely their rights–but actively allowing others to violate the individuals rights at a whim.

We saw this in the Ahmaud Arbery case too, as certain bad actors tried to script into news coverage some sordid details of Arbery’s “legal history,” and his “psychiatric history,” and so on. None of which is germane to the fact that a gang stalked him, or that he died defending his basic right to NOT BE STALKED by people who aim weapons at thim, and attempt to impede his progress on the road.

None of whatever Arbery did BEFORE THAT matters, because human rights, and civil rights in democracies are on a case by case basis–no democracy should tolerate the erasure of rights for any single human being, ever. Because then, they are not democracies, by definition. Take a look at the smears that ran in some media that Arbery “was a convicted thief! he was high on weed! he had a criminal history!”

Sorry folks–democracy doesn’t work like that–creating permanent suspects, and endless investigations of those suspects–and especially denying inherent civil liberty to such suspects violates every tenet of democracy. In other words it isn’t legal to deny rights, and those who do? They are criminals themselves. In the US Constitution, that means those who deny others rights are guilty of federal crime of deprivation of rights.

Here is a reminder to gang stalkers, from the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

I have highlighted the relevant text. And so, as state sponsored gang stalkers feel empowered because obviously no state has written a law that abridges the privileges or immunities of citizens who are stalking victims–the latter clause invalidates their cause entirely.

So, yeah–the God particle has been sighted, and yeah–it has the potential to destroy the gang stalking universe, and those in it. And, the lawsuits are indeed starting to come forth too–ah, the power of incantation! E Pluribus Unum! And so on.

Then, note that my own journalism career was shot out of the water before it could gain steam, after I reported on one of the nation’s first post-911 manufactured terrorists, and got gang stalked in overdrive by psychopath’s from many levels of policing and society.

I was one of many who was able to watch a democracy turn into a true and actual police state, in a very short period of time–in fact, between 1993 and 2001, the foundation of such a state was squared up and the ground leveled for the building itself, which occured thereafter. America, and the west in general are militarized “police states” by the very definition of the term, and gang stalking is the secret police function in such societies.

Like many, I was brought up to believe that America was in fact a democracy, and at every point in my life had hoped it would or even could improve, despite its miserable record of protecting the rights of its original inhabitants, and especially black American’s and immigrants, all of whom formed my web of associates and friends at the time. But due to this process of international banksterism and America’s corrupt policing working hand in black glove against the citizens, and their rights– my country failed that task of democracy, at every point. My friends were variously imprisoned, deported, stalked and harassed after 9-11.

Then, I watched as white females and “diversity gangs” replaced white men as oppressors–as carriers of the international bankster messages, and the black bags of cash that go along with them; and shortly after that, I watched how black men, who never got a fair shot at leading the nation–were denigrated further by white female leaders, and even today, remain the most oppressed minority amongst minorities, as if “someone” had scripted that exact oppression.

The fact that a Kamala Harris can masquerade as black, in place of a black male leader of any type is just further evidence that black men are targeted at a level more nefarious than any other group, except perhaps, white males who support their struggle.

And of course, these days, only the “white male Nazi’s and Israel hater’s!!!!” even dare to write about how black intellectuals are routinely cuckolded or castrated by Jewish supremacists in academia, such as the case of Cornell West and Yale. It also bears reminding that West suffered racism at Harvard too, at the hands of a Jewish racist, and rabid Zionist Lawrence Summers.

So it’s important to view firsthand the inner workings of actual international mafia’s who have the FBI on their payroll–but also to note how that plays out at crucial junctions where gang stalking occurs, such as academia; and note that this is indeed against everything that any generation of American’s is taught to believe about academic or other freedom and its role in democracy: the massive gray area between what is written in law, and the wide open and dark spaces where the law has no meaning to some.

So I ask my readers to follow along in the story below, as a whistle blower gets prosecuted for reporting on how the CIA plots terror events–and that this man was not only proscuted for upholding the most basic of “constitutional duties” in reporting a crime–and how that activity is not in line with either the goals of “democracy” or the goals of “countering violent extremism.”

A case from 2012, where we see charges similar to what Mr. Moore faced, featured in the case of an FBI agent who went to jail, after another agent, Stephen Ivens– who eventually killed himself–declared to Rusian intelligence agent that those who work in the agencies “are insane.

The case below is integrally tied to policing practices at all levels of local, state, and federal operations that took over democracy after 9-11, and gives insight into how agency operations not only “plot” crimes, but how those crimes are designed to enable other crimes. This is what “countering violent exptremism programs” are, and it is what they do, too.

That one weird day when reporting a crazed bomber gets YOU investigated and framed–because the bomber is “one of the good guys” who works for one or another agency. This is why many online call this agency activity “insane,” or “criminal cartel activity.” It is what is behind mass shootings, and it is what is behind gang stalking too.

Read on….

Former FBI agent at center of AP surveillance scandal sentenced to over 3 years in prison

A former FBI agent was sentenced Thursday to over three years in prison for possessing and disseminating classified information, which he admitted included intelligence that he gave to the Associated Press for a story about US operations in Yemen in 2012.

Donald Sachtleben, 55, pleaded guilty to one count each of disclosing and possessing classified government information. He faces three years and seven months in prison for the disclosures.

Judge William T. Lawrence of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana told the 25-year FBI veteran that his work “on the front lines” for the bureau helped protect the United States, but that his crimes had “tarnished what…was [your] incredible reputation.

“Clearly, you have betrayed your nation,” Lawrence said.

AP spokesman Paul Colford said in response to the sentencing, “We never comment on who our sources are.”

In May 2012, AP reported on a US operation in Yemen to stop a plan to bomb an airliner. The news agency had agreed to hold the story at the request of the government, yet printed it before receiving an official go-ahead from the Obama administration – which said the leak compromised national security. 

It was later revealed that the potential “bomber” was a US agent working within Yemen based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Officials suggested that the leak ended an “operation which they hoped could have continued for weeks or longer.”

The AP story brought about a federal leak investigation, leading the US Justice Department to collect phone records of AP reporters in an effort to snuff out the culprit – again exposing the Obama administration’s punitive crackdown on leaking. 

The head of AP decried the unprecedented tapping of journalists’ phone records. Following that surveillance scandal, which was only eclipsed by Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks which came soon after, the Justice Department recalibrated its standard for surveilling press outlets.

At the same hearing Thursday, Sachtleben was given an additional eight years and one month in prison for an unrelated child pornography case. He pleaded guilty to charges of distributing and possessing pornographic images of underage girls.

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