Courtland Tanner Vaughn: when immature women and state cultists steal the lives of young men who have no idea what hit them

I have been waiting for a story like this for quite some time. Like the many other cases that “prove” gang stalking, this case has all of the elements. Have a look at the latest plumb crazy, insane activity that gang stalkers participate in:

In the case of targeted individual Richard Moore of Mississippi, there are many salient details that bear noting:

-it uses all of the terms and extreme hyperbole of the claims “gang stalking is human trafficking!”

-directed conversations

-child protection issues

-child pornography issues, with state actors who go unpunished for such offenses, while a citizen gets extra-judicial brutality directed at him

-the involvement of the DVIC courts in long term destruction of families, and children

-scapegoating as a practice of deep state cultists

-the revenue stream that state’s derive from these activities above

-the “mental health” psychological meta-narrative

-the state’s various revenue streams from “health” and “addiction” and other fraudulent industries

-how the US healthcare system prey’s upon the poor

-the two tiered society and its “Slavery By Another Name”

These above are just a few of the issues in Moore’s case, which is quite complex.

But at their root is cult activity–and when we think of cults, we cannot simply describe them as David Koresh types, because that would not be an accurate description of gang stalking cults. In fact, cults like Koresh’s cult usually stay to themselves, until one or another state or federal actor decides to bomb them, or burn them alive, as we saw in Waco in the Koresh case.

Stories are numerous of Scientologists stalking their embers and ex-members, and most of these small cults generally only stalk those affiliated with it.What makes gang stalking cults different though, is that these cults stalk individuals who neither have an affiliation with them, nor do they want an affiliation with them.In other words–gang stalking cults like the one we are watching, are more like gangs and less like cults because of that fact.

In Moore’s case, he has implicated a nation wide “churchianity” movement, that of Rick Warren, and tied that data to activity in his area. But he has also linked a sex offender and sheriff’s deputy, and one Courtland Tanner Vaughn to this cult activity too. He has demonstrated that highwaymen stalk him on the highways, and impede his progress in other ways. And, he has demonstrated at least one automobile accident caused BY that cult activity too.

Jewish-christian societies have been infiltrated at every level by fanatical, far-right, terrorist Zionism, an extremely powerful religion that essentially rules the western world, and is in fact the ideology underpinning US global policy today. The assault waged on the Branch Davidian’s in Waco, Texas in 1993 is just one example of these policies being used domestically–and that was the same year the pseudolaw VAWA was crapped into the laps of American’s too.

What’s frequently downplayed, or eliminated from stories about Koresh is that he studied in Israel, where he had a “revelation” in the form of Jerusalem Syndrome, which is a bullshit psychological diagnosis, as most psychological diagnoses are.

In fact, psychological diagnoses ONLY applies in western, Jewish-christian societies–as a replacement for biblical teaching, but also as a pseudoscience, replacing concepts of “good” with “sane or normal,” and “bad/evil” with one or another diagnoses–bi-polar is my favorite, because it is clearly “the war between good and evil being waged in the soul!”being replaced with “bi-polarity” to describe a persons thoughts and actions existing in a society that doesn’t adhere to it’s own laws.

Well–what Koresh ACTUALLY and likely had is up for debate, with some saying he trained in the Israeli Defense Forces, and others claiming he was brainwashed and so on–but it ended up with him taking over the Branch Davidian’s in Waco Texas. And later, his group was bombed by the FBI, working closely with the ATF, much like other groups in that era were bombed or burned in a conflagration, such as Philadelphia MOVE, and others.

The infiltration of groups that are labeled cults is an interesting side story for another day, but what is germane here is that ALL of these small, relatively harmless groups challenge the existing social order, by simply existing–and by attempting to live outside of the artificial federal and international bankster delineated boundaries of “society,” that society existing outside of the law, and replaced by the two tiered system of slavery. The perceived threat of these types of cults, then, is to seek to NOT participate in THAT version of a society.

It is there, within those boundaries where the “deep state” religion of fanatical, terrorist Zionism exists as a hegemonic entity, and which is a very profitable business model, and the exact model that fuels western wars. The exact model that allowed slavery to exist in the USA in the first place.

I call that form of religion “toxic Zionism,” which is a distinctly different thing than Judaism, for reasons that are too complex for this one blog post, but the shorthand version can be see in a comparison of two “Jewish Kings” named Cohen in this post here, one of them a humanist who seeks peace in Israel, and the other a rabid racist who despises “inferior races” and “european barbarians,” and so on. The latter post also highlights the difference between a “#fakeTI” and a real target, Richard Moore.

Well–toxic zionism cannot tolerate any challenge to it’s hegemonic and ongoing dominance of other religions. And the religious texts and cult practices that fuel it are intolerant of any criticism, or any insight into the rampant racism and teachings of sociopaths underlying those texts. Indeed, they murder people who call it “toxic zionism.”

One reason for that intolerance is seen is the simple shorthand of how the last successful cult to emerge in the last centuries is Mormonism. I refuse to try to stumble through typing out the extremely long name that church has adopted, but for our purposes, my readers might like to know that the Mormons have officially changed their name based in “prophecy,” which you can read about here.

Well–all of that is a long way to go about getting to the point at hand: Richard Moore has implicated one Courtland Tanner Vaughn in a federal lawsuit–a matter of public record–as an aggressor, and indeed, I have seen footage of that ugly young demon hopping around in Moore’s house, after he kicked down Moore’s door–and the sheriff finally DID take a police report, after Moore pleading for many years for them to take action against a clearly organized gang.

Here’s what’s important about the psychological profile of confused young men like Tanner Vaughn:

Koresh was born in Houston, Texas to a 14-year-old single mother, Bonnie Sue Clark, who became pregnant with him after sleeping with a 20-year-old carpenter named Bobby Howell.

Courtland Tanner Vaughn of Mississippi is caught up in the machinations of the pseudolaw systems of the DVIC, and it’s octopus of various court systems; it’s two tiered justice system.

Vaughn is a “single father” according to Mr. Moore, i.e. one way or another, the state where his kid popped out will derive a profit from him, as a wage slave, or worse, and the child itself consumed and exploited by the two tiered system–doctors will get money from the state and federal government every time the child visits; it’s quite possible that the mother of that child will get benefits from the state too–a fraction of the actual money that the Fed doles out to the states for such activity.

And still, no comprehensive sex education in the schools in that area, no male birth control pill anywhere to be found–while the girls all get dildos and the pill and so on–it’s part of the design of the two tiered society to use males for such activity.

What states do is they “bank on” such children in such situations–the exploitation begins when the child is born, and the state gets a certain guaranteed federal handout BECAUSE that child was born there. The mother will get pennies on the dollar if she uses state resources–in the form of welfare, or education programs and so on–the state hedges against the actual well being of the child, but calculating it as a revenue source.

SO, to young men who fall into that situation is they slave them out in a bizarre form of biblical slavery, echoing the bible story of Laban and Jacob.

And when you hunt down conversations online where state actors are doing this–actually plotting and manipulating the lives of their targets, they mock them too–one of the most sickening statements I ever read online from a gang stalker was this phrase “well, we could just put him out to stud again.”

Sick, twisted, demons. In that case, those gang stalkers were actively discussing how to manipulate the future of a guy. To drive him crazy, or lock him up–or “put him out to stud,” so that the state could derive benefits from the fed.

While the famous case of child exploitation “Kids for Cash” was highlighted in a documentary, where some judges were literally selling children who are born into these situations, there are thousands of other cases. I documented one such case in Butler County, PA, where a father had taken up blogging to write about these state actors who do this stuff. The crazed social workers involved even had a “wanted” poster in their office with a target painted on the guy.

So, the bigger story goes like this: state’s have been incentivized by financial powers outside of the US since 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was slipped onto the table, and never voted on by the American people or their representatives–a complicated story–but remember that song “I’m Just A Bill” Start there, with those useless lyrics about how to get a bill passed in Congress. Yeah–these pseudolaws have replaced due process, and bribed congresspersons in a total corruption of Constitutional purpose.

Going forwards at that point, American leaders literally sold American’s to the federal reserve, as collateral against international debt. In those days, the two tiered society wasn’t as visible to most, because it was primarily whites that benefited–and blacks were unseen, invisible people in a country they did not ask to come in to.And white women–who had always benefited from one or another privileged existence were the targets of “empowerment” by women like Lulu Markwell.

The PBS series SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME documents how this new form of slavery utilized debt schemes to enslave people in an ever widening net–a net of debt. And again, because it was primarily blacks who fell into that net, it was invisible to most whites–except the EXACT kind of whites that Tanner and Richard are in our society today–debt slaves, and people who are exploited by this exact system.

It kind of went like this: a man from the lower tier of the two tiered society, most often black, would be cited for “loitering” or some other stupid charge–white women crying rape over a guy who passed her on the street provided today’s rape hysteria and moral panics its foundations–and if the “target” couldn’t immediately pay that debt to the sheriff–off to prison he was taken, to “work off his debt,” hence the name “slavery, by another name.”

And it was much worse than a simple loitering charge most of the time–men were kidnapped en masse, swapped and sold right under the nose of judges and sheriff’s who all got some form of kickback for participating in such schemes. Slavery by another name. Men died, and were murdered under this system–and that system is still very much alive, though it casts a much wider net now.

Child support schemes, parking ticket schemes, insurance fraud schemes–cases like Christopher Bowen, who had over 350 doctor’s visits and 13 totally unnecessary surgeries before the mother was hauled off to jail–these are the new faces of that state crime. But the absolute coup de grace was enabling “single mothers” to be seen as heroine’s rather than as scurrilous exploiters of children–using these children to get a state check. And the system using these children after that in so many ways that it even has a term: the preschool to prison pipeline.

Slavery by another name–the very day such a child is born, the state’s get a million dollars from the fed ( or more) because the population increase will spur the economy–never mind rights, never mind obligations of the mothers who have sold the father into such a slavery–the father then becomes a permanent state target. He will pay support to the state, which will add his money to their coffers–if he has any. It’s simply herd management at that point–cows, calves, and castrating bulls, one way or another.

And if the “biological father” is unemployable, like tattoo faced Tanner? They will make him into an addict, into a mental patient, or into a prisoner by deprivation of the most basic rights, such as equal shared custody, or parenting and so on. Recall the three things that gang stalkers online always say? “The gang stalkers will drive you into insanity, into an institution, or into a suicide.”

It really is that simple. And those are Tanner’s options too, if he works the system somehow–perhaps today he gets a state check, tomorrow he gang stalks Richard Moore, the next, maybe he will go to jail–where the jailer will charge the state $150 per day. The jail nurse will charge $35 for the check in. The cop will get a salary, the guard will get a salary too. SO will the public defender, and the court clerk, the bailiff, and so on. Maybe there will be one or another “diversion program” run by a state insider too–all of them get state money to incentivize “slavery, by another name.”

Slavery, by another name….

And so Richard Moore–you are both enslaved to fanatical Zionism’s domestic operations. Judges and sheriff’s and various state systems profit from creating conflict in both of your lives. Keep sending me the names and the associations of these people–it helps to build a “web” around them, and to contact chain their relationships–and maybe, then get some interest from outside auditors too.

As you see, the sheriff only takes action AFTER they are exposed by myself and watched by others–they don’t know yet who is “watching the watchers,” just like plantation overseers never knew when the next slave revolt might happen, and so they get themselves on better behavior.

But this is s systemic problem–this system is very old! Read the story of Jacob and Laban to understand what they are doing–these people do not just “believe” in those stories–they recreate them, one generation after the next.

Koresh was the product of a single mother too. My regular readers know that I could just leave it there–they would know that “’nuff said,” but for my new readers, I will elaborate.

As we see in all of the US wars of the last century, the goal post is always being moved. Have you noticed that? Yeah, what a weird rule to play by!

Let’s knock that Kaiser off his high horse! Hey, those darned racist, Jew hatin’ Nazi’s are a threat to “humanity!” Wow! General MacArthur is so crazy–wants to invade China! (*sounds of General MacArthur dying*”a sudden, tragic death!)

Then on to face the threat of the Chinese! in Korea! Then Viet Nam! Then Cambodia, Laos! On to the middle east, post Nakba! Kuwait!! Afghanistan!! Iraq! Syria! Iran!!!!!!

And so it goes on, forever. It never stops for that cult, ever–and their own texts indicate that genocide and or human slavery will be the condition of the world if they gain control of the world. “It is written,” in their own texts. And Richard–you have properly named military persons involved in this cult activity too–note how closely their own salaries are dependent upon what I describe above.

No–cult activity like David Koresh is small stuff, until it gets really big, like Mormonism. Two nice guys in white shirts and ties, bicycling around Gabon one day, and Brazil the next, studying languages, and culture, and forming churches everywhere they go–next thing you know, they have the potential to challenge the New World Order and its hegemon’s.

Can’t have that!

I have an idea, let’s give Mitt Romney the opportunity to show that he has absolutely zero allegiance to the rule of law–let’s give him and his accolytes control of the Utah Data Center, which holds the contents of every single phone call, computer transaction, and Ring Doorbell footage of every single American that uses those products or services–the hegemony cannot tolerate privacy for anyone but themselves!.

Pheeew! He took the deal, yay! Democracy dies again, thank’s Patriarch Mitt!

But guess what else? Only one other nation gets the data on ALL US citizens shipped to them on a golden platter–Israel. The NSA shares ALL of US citizens data directly to the Israeli CIA, called the Mossad.

SO, yeah–the US is no democracy by a long shot, and fanatical Zionism is it’s unofficial state religion. This is what Jews are talking about when they say that the christians scapegoat them one generation to the next.

And all of that, because the international banksters use American’s in a huge for-profit scheme. Have you ever noticed that there is no effective birth control pill for males? Yup–that’s by design of those who exploit children as resources–like sheep, to be sheared, or…you know….whatever else bankster’s like to do with kids.

That’s the elephant in the room, Richard. Beyond militarization of the domestic spaces, and the two-tiered “privilege based” society–there is this huge, obese monster staring down your situation: Israelification, and hegemony.

And as you see, these place YOUR RIGHTS outside of law–which is not legal, or even christian–which is the point, exactly.

So on that note, your lawsuit makes Courtland Tanner Vaughn and his web of associates “public,” wherein we can now discuss that elephant, with names, faces, actions and addresses attached.

Those goat’s, lol. Cultists of all kinds love goats, don’t they? Now let’s find their altar….

Please do tell me more about your allegations that Freemasons are involved? I am a bit rusty on those details, but yeah–these associations are important. Then, we can begin to audit other behaviors, and practices in that area–tear up the roots of some bad seeds, and maybe square and level a new foundation in that area, one state teat sucking asshat at a time.

And, to the investigator looking in? Why haven’t you arrested Courtland Tanner Vaughn, who broke in to Mr. Moore’s house–on video nonetheless? I can’t wait to hear why you haven’t prosecuted that as a felony. Does Mr. Moore not have rights in your county–do you have no duty to investigate his complaint–and if so, why not? Because me and about a thousand other people watched the video of that little cretin breaking in to Mr. Moore’s home–and in a law abiding jurisdiction, that would constitute a felony.

Watching is everybody’s work, and we owe it to our nation to uphold its laws.

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