The “Spiritual Battlefield”–and goats, courtesy of “merry prankster” asshats in Mississippi, and a good preacher, Richard Moore.

Richard Moore is being gang stalked in Mississippi, and he is one of the few genuine targets I have ever met. Use my search feature, KW: “Richard Moore.”

To give you an example of what gang stalkers do–and the absurdity of their “pranks” I ask you to go over to his Youtube channel, North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association, and show him some support. And here is why he needs that support: he is an actual targeted individual, as opposed to a #fakeTI, use my search feature ” #fakeTI” or “merry prankster” or “gang stalking denialist,” or “Source Watch”–or “Targeted Justice,” or “Ramola D,” for examples of #fakeTI’s.

For those who are new here, #fakeTI’s are people who may or may not have been targeted at some point, by some group–but for whatever reason, they spend their time now discrediting people like Richard Moore. And these #fakeTI’s always manage to slip the words “directed energy weapons!, aliens! satellite brain wave lasers are zapping me right now!” or other such outlandish garbage into everything they write.

Related Story: How are words and phrases like “electronic weapons” used in some parts of the gang stalking dialectic? Anne-Marie Brady a global fellow at the Wilson Center and a professor of political science and international relations at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, speaks about “Magic Weapons,” and what she calls “Chinese influence operations”. ROGS asks “is there a connection between the Christchurch mass shooting, and Anne-Marie Brady’s associates? After all, the Woodrow Wilson Center was founded by a Ku Klux Klan friendly president.

I have been writing about the asshats who do asshat stuff to people like Mr. Moore, and one of the things that I pointed out was the ritualistic and cult practice of “scapegoating.” Not only is this cult-religious-Masonic practice frightening, but it’s also illegal–there are penalties for people and “gangs” of “talkers” who terrorize citizens.

Online, many many far right blogs talk about “Baphomet,” the goat god of “Satanic cults.”

Related Reading: Trapping Witches in Wicklow, an exploration of Scotch-Irish witch craft shenanigans in Ireland

TBH, Baphomet and those who use it as a symbolic torturing and harassing icon–and who unleashed a cuple of goats on Mr. Moores front porch can kiss my ass. Nibble at my balls, you nipple-kissing neckbeards, and neckbeardesses! (More on nipple kissing traditions and heirarchy here)

Here is Baphomet, and note how integral to “gang stalking” the goat is, but also, Baphomet:

See the source image
Slap that bitch-goat in the face, punch it right between the horns, and then slaughter the damned thing, and eat it. Goats are not actually scary-they are FOOD! Image: courtesy of Satan herself.

And guess what? Within days of me writing that these neckbeards were scapegoating Richard Moore? The asshats sent a couple of goats to his front porch–you really cannot make this stuff up. Go over to his channel, and look at his video titled “Homeland Security stalking me! With goats!”

Well–I wrote that he is a “scapegoat” and that a cult is stalking him on November 18th. That posting, here at my blog, was one of many I have written about his case.

And–he got goats on the porch yesterday–apparently 24 hours ago.You seriously cannot make this stuff up, as gang stalkers are that bizarre, and gang stalking is also that bizarre. They try to form associations that are not real, and they try to implicate others in their “pranks.”

The goal of “Merry Pranksters,” we might recall, is social Chaos, so that their “subscribers” can create “order from chaos.” These actual human devils, most of whom are current and former law enforcement agents, or military and intelligence agents, working with their “minions” of “flying monkeys” are cults at every point and junction–they are who gang stalkers ARE.

The excellent academic blog ” PostFlavania” documents them, and their methodology. These are what devils are. These are what Satanists are. These are the ” why, how, who and what” of every mass shooting in America today–and I have provided to you much evidence of that. And I have provided that to others around the world, too.

Richard, if you are reading this? Know that you are NOT alone for the holidays–I am standing beside you, and guess what else? I have a federal prosecutor looking in to your case too. I think that might bring you some hope for the holidays.

And if you are at all worried about the goats? Check the hunting laws in your area–it is possible that you have the right to kill that animal if it is on your property. I can tell you from experience that goat meat is delicious, especially if you spice it with beriberi, and eat it in the North African style, or as a curry, though roasted is best.

In my opinion? Your stalkers sent you a feast, in the form of free goat meat, and you did not accept heir offering! And you didn’t eat it! Brother–they sent you free meat. A tribal leader would instantly recognize such a gift! Why do you perceive that you are being persecuted, when in fact, your stalkers send you free meat and leather?

Those people in your area essentially sent you a Thanksgiving feast, in the form of free goat meat!! Why didn’t you kill and roast it? Many might enjoy goat meat in your area!

Be a leader for fucks sake–serve that goat to the public! Brother–go preach the gospel as you know it, and feed the meat to your congregants! This is really and truly how weird gang stalking IS in western democracies right now. They sek men to preach their cult gospels!

So, go do it for fucks sake–it must be better than this, where we see “christians” harassing you with butt-fucking pictures, right ? The christian women there in Fuckagoat, Mississippi, and their goatherding men all agree that this is ok–and target you with weird, and bad imagery–did you ever wonder why they do it?

Yup, The christians love “scapegoats.” And Baphomet. BaaaaHHHHHaaahh. Look! The Good Christians in Richard Moore’s Area want to fuck him in the ass! Praise Jesus, and pass the ass grease!! Hallelujah, and Amen!

Richard–goats are generally docile animals, and the goat in your video was very domesticated–and it looked delicious, TBH.The thing about goat meat though, is that many westerners call it “gamey” and it does have the musky flavor you might expect–goat meat does indeed slightly favor the “musk” of the animal, though hot spices can eradicate a lot of that, leaving only delicious meat. Again–roasted is delicious.

They are very easy to slaughter too, and in the video you posted on Youtube, I thought how easy a simply and quick knife slash to its throat would be–of course, you don’t want a mess on your front porch, but they really aren’t that dangerous of an animal in the first place.

You can simply take them by the horns, toss them to the ground in seconds, and have them skinned fully in about two hours, if you are meticulous.

Take them by horns, and twist to your strongest side–once you firmly grasp them, they are a harmless animal, and their friends have absolutely zero “altruism”–like coyote’s they are all cowards. They will kick, and scramble–their hooves can be sharp, you might get scratched–but other than that, one you have them by the horns they go down really easy.

Goats have no tribal instinct per se, and no innate desire to harm you. Like a guinea pig, they know that they are strictly a “prey” animal” and a food source, for the most part. And failing in the sniff test (that goat was sniffing you to see if you are a predator, or like their handler–a food source) they scatter like …like….well, they scatter like goats when you take the “leader” down.

But that goat didn’t run–he trusted you. He scented you. And your scent smelled “safe” to him. So after that, you could have easily roped, sliced, and gutted him in under 25 minutes–goats are THAT stupid, and THAT trusting.

And like I said–just grab it by the horns next time, and have a sharp skinning blade ready–it looks like your stalkers are offering you about half a years supply of tasty, tasty FREE meat! But check the hunting laws in your state before you do anything, ok?

Now–back to the “leader” that needs to go down: for your own sake, picture one or another of the “minions” in your area, with a pickup bed full of small, 1-1.5 cm wide goat turds rolling around?

Yup–that was your stalkers reward for the goat prank–he/she/it got a LOT of goat shit dropped in their pickup. And–I would honestly have to watch that video again, which I don’t have time to do–but if that goat was male? His “handler” also got some goat spray, which rivals Tomcat piss for durability–the odor is skunkish, and hard to get rid of once the male pisses on something.

And that is by design–goats are territorial like tomcats to some degree, and their urine is designed to show their strength.

In the case at hand, he dominated his handler, and definitely pissed all over that cowards truck. Its a gift that keeps on giving, that goat musk! Its hard to even clean off of your hands–like skunk. You need special soap, or a vat full of tomato juice to do a decent job.

Like I said–I am on your case, and a few others are too. And to my readers, please also visit “Targeted Victims and Why You Must Call 911” by Richard Moore. I think he has a strong possibility as a pastor. While I am an avowed atheist, and a true despiser of organized religion–Mr. Moore is NOT–and he has the potential to lead a congregation. His life is truly Christ-like, and he truly is a voice that needs to be heard in his locality.

That said, back to you Richard.

Many have implicated “Freemason’s” and the various other orders and secret societies in gang stalking. Truly, it’s not germane at this point in your own gang stalking–but what I want to note is that all sheriff’s and all local law enforcement agents are indeed agents of “Baphomet.”

I don’t know if you know what that is, but let me show you again:

Round those goats up! Oooops….wrong picture….hold on….
Ah, aight! This is the one–look at this headline: The Satanic Temple Threatens To Sue Mississippi If God Mentioned On State Flag. Yup–gang stalking makes strange bedfellows. But there is strength in numbers, and common causes–building networks takes time.

And really, Richard–oh noooooooes! A scary goat!!

Richard–kill the damned thing, and feed the meat to the hungry–the poor–the gang stalked, ok? Those asshats gave you free meat, and you crapped your pants, TBH. Learn how to cook it! Learn how to spice it! WTF, Richard? You had about $2k of free meat at your dooorstep, but you were too freaked out about it to even make a small profit! FUCK!

Dear gang stalkers, please send free meat to my porch! I guarantee you, gang stalkers–I know how to cook that goat up in about fifteen different ways, minus two that I am still perfecting! And then, I can beat your heads in with its jawbone too, a sort of reversal of that “slewing with the jawbone of an ass”–saving Balaam? Not this time folks.

Regardless- Richard: I vouch for, and redeem you, and I ask that you continue to collect evidence–let’s lock those bastards up. Go over to your dirty old black book and read this: And Samson said, “With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.”

And now, picture yourself doing that with those goats, too.

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