When can you kill a goat in Mississippi? Animal manslaughter laws, explained.

I recently fielded a most odd case where a man has been targeted by a cult in Mississippi. That cult even worships goats, apparently.

And it put me on a rather interesting journey to find out exactly what laws in Mississippi allow a man to kill a potentially dangerous animal that a neighbor allows to wander onto his own property.

The answer was interesting: you can kill a potentially dangerous animal on your property–and the owner of that animal can be charged with a crime!

Wow! Richard Moore has effectively and repeatedly proven that law enforcement in his county is not only incompetent, but also, willfully negligent. Use my search feature “Richard Moore” or “Union County” for examples of what a sham those sheriffs departments in his area are–they have refused for many years to take his complaints seriously, or to even take a report, despite people breaking in to his home, and him documenting “gangs” in automobiles boxing him in on the highway.

Mississippi has laws against highwaymen going all the way back to the time of the Natchez Trace, which was a perpetual highwayman’s roost, but for some reason, authorities won’t take care of business in Mr. Moore’s jurisdiction. Why, exactly? We are investigating that right now.

Well the question “Who is liable for animal manslaughter in Mississippi?” is an interesting one:

This Mississippi law makes an owner liable for manslaughter if he or she wilfully allows a mischievous animal to go at large, or it goes at large because the owner fails to exercise ordinary care, and the animal, while at large or not confined, kills any human being who took reasonable precautions to avoid the animal. https://www.animallaw.info/statutes/us/mississippi

Hmmm. Animal manslaughter is a unique concept in law isn’t it?

The answer is not immediately clear, because of what s called a statutory construction problem–like most ambiguous state and federal statutes, law makers always slip a few “plastic words” into the written law, so that partisan judges can discriminate. The keyword to look for is “willfully.” And a lot of statutory constructions involving animals in Mississippi are similarly vague, and open to interpretation.

You can have a look over at Justia.com for more about MS animal laws. Here is just one example of the law there granting dogs more right than human’s for one example:

Q: I live in Mississippi. If a dog comes onto my property during deer season to run deer off of it, Is that trespassing?

If no, I want to know why I can not run onto peoples land screaming and raising hell trying to run deer off it into my direction. Once the deer gets to my property, I would then shoot it.

Well, back to animal manslaughter: What the hell is “willfully?” Yup–Mr. Moore’s stalkers are exploiting that simple loophole–did some asshat named “Christopher Adams” –that asshat named in a in a federal complaint–did that asshat unleash his goats to intimidate, frighten, harass, and cause ” fear for life and safety” to Mr. Moore? I think he did, and Mr. Moores videos demonstrated as much.

On the other hand, the “terrifying” animal isn’t dead yet, so one cannot properly report that its owner had allowed “a mischievous animal to go at large, or it goes at large because the owner fails to exercise ordinary care .” I think that is what a reasonable judge would look at in a case with as much backstory as Mr. Moore and his window ledge peeping neighbors.

Myself, I would have slaughtered it, no questions asked–its within my rights to do so on my own damned front porch, according to that law–supposing I was, as Mr. Moore was, afraid of the animal. Unlike Richard Moore though, I would have killed the goat, and and simply dropped its corpse at his likely f@cking, goat-neighbors house–gang stalking is nearly ALWAYS real estate related.

But judges in such jurisdictions always quibble with the law–because all of those local judges are paid to do what they do, by actual gangs of “stalkers. And the sheriff steps in, and tries to find some other law to use, in order to avoid controversy for their PALs.

They discriminate. They look into their crystal balls of “webs of relations” like “if I find against this guy, will some crazed, Baphomet worshipping ne’er-dowells stalk me or my kin? And then, if the answer is yes, the law gets interpreted one way, if no, then the law gets interpreted another way in such jurisdictions–and judges then pass judgements upon people–they themselves often little more than witches themselves.

And discriminate they do!

In Richard Moore’s county–he went to prison for 10 years over a “frame job–“as some fake child pornography that was likely planted in his house by an actual sex offender, and cult involvement with a LatinX lawyer who used his own relative to “buy in” to the greater conspiracy–and yes, in these cases ” conspiracy of deprivation of rights” nearly always applies.

And–while sheriffs deputies in that same area walk free to this very day, over more abominable charges of distributing child pornography–deputy Jimmy Raape not only walks free–but he videotapes “recovery” meetings in that area too, according to several sources. And this type of activity enables cultists in that county to entrap others!

The difference in the two cases?

Moore is quite likely innocent, I have read his case front to back, including the appeal–his lawyer never even requested fingerprint or DNA evidence over a planted paper image–while Deputy Dip-It-in-The-Diaper Jimmy Raape has never spent a single day in prison since being charged for a child pornography offense three years ago, which was in the news! This forms the brunt of Moore’s complaint.

And, mine too, concurring.

Yup–plastic language, and sliding scales of “justice” allows state level conspirators walk free, depending upon how these state actors can rig an investigation, or rig discovery, or rig the interpretation of the law “as it is written”

So–in the case of the “statutory construction” above, the keyword is “willfully,” much like my rebuttal is ” Knowingly.” And here is the evidence of the knowing part, here.

Riiight–its a word puzzle folks.

But whether or not Moore is being stalked? You can go over to his Youtube channel, North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association and see it for yourself. Unlike most #fakeTI’s rambling on about brain zappers, aliens in their coffee, and directed energy weapons?

Moore has footage of an actual demented, stupid looking, and deranged little criminal breaking in to his house. He has footage of a literal gang following him on the highway’s impeding his path–and he even films a car crash as those asshats are so worked up over Mr. Moore that they hilariously smash into each other in plain view of others, and in plain view of children too.

Nothing imaginary–only the facts–one case out of hundreds of thousands around the USA right now. These people are insane.

8 thoughts on “When can you kill a goat in Mississippi? Animal manslaughter laws, explained.

  1. Jesus God, Help Richard.. I apologize for suggestion on a U-Tube comment to kill those demon goats, which will make me look even worse as my law enforcement stalks me here in Monroe Michigan. Just have much care for your situations and all others who go through bogus situations with crooked government, pedos and rapists.


    1. Well, I am sure Mr. Moore appreciates your prayers. However, my blog is an atheist/non-theist blog, so keep that Jesus and Hallelujah to a minimum, ok?

      Or, just go over and support him at his Youtube, and especially his GoFundMe–they are trying to starve him out of society.

      And–hell no, don’t apologize for wishing he would kill those goats! I told him to check the hunting laws in his state, and mentioned a few good ways to cook goat,

      It appears he has an asshat neighbor who sent the goats his way–the guy who allegedly owns the goats is named Christopher Adams.

      Hell-it’s Mississippi–I can only imagine why Christopher Adams owns Baphomet looking goats, but I am sure the guy is a neckbeard.

      But who am I to judge? Maybe those cold Mississippi nights, a fellah just needs some companionship, right? Goats make great friends for people who own them for those–and other– reasons.

      Moore’s case is exactly what you said: a lot of incest in that area, and sheriff’s who don’t charge their colleagues for sex offenses even when they are caught red handed as it were.

      One such case there is a deputy named Jimmy Raape, caught with child porn, and hasn’t done a day in jail, whereas Mr. Moore was clearly framed, and did a ten year stretch, plus gang stalking ongoing.

      Sickoes and sheriff’s–hand and black glove.


      1. As far as I know Im allowed to pray for my Friend Richard( he likes Jesus), Last I checked its still somewhat of a free country. And even though it really aint, I will write ir type whatever i efin want.. Hope those demon goats are dead.. Do not eat them Richard, maybe inform someone who is very hungry and struggling, where or how you got them and that they may be demonized goats. Buts its free meat for the taking.


      2. Hi, and thanks for your reply.

        Yes, you are allowed to do whatever you want in your own home, and elsewhere, but keep the Jesus and what not off of my PERSONAL space.

        Keep in mind that whether or not the US i still a free country (its not) our very few precious freedoms are to be expressed in our own space–not on someone elses “space.”

        My house, my rules, ok?

        That said–prayer is wonderful and all but really, money talks–and Richard could use some help.

        He is the only active case in the US right now that is rationally attempting to sue gang stalkers.


      3. Yes–Richard is a christian, and I suppose anyone in his situation might turn to that book and its “beliefs” and practices out of desperation, surrounded as he is by a combination of Nazi’s, fascists, and so on all of whom preach one or another flase morality, as they persecute him.
        But if you notice, he does not bring that preaching here to my space, not even once that I can recall.

        SO, respect my boundaries, and feel free to discuss anything here–except religious exhortations, ok?

        But more than anything? Please help him with his lawsuit against these criminals–contribute to his GoFundMe, ok?

        And I think he would be alright if I thanked you on his behalf–so thank you, for your kindness on his behalf!


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