Brian Laundrie autopsy: murdered, by a gang

Just kidding–Brian Laundrie’s “official” autopsy is in and the results are that he allegedly committed suicide. I mean, how anyone could know that from a skull fragment is far beyond my tiny little imagination, but there you have it.

And of course–I am a skeptic, because, as we saw, he was under 24-7 surveillance by Trash Can Camera before he went into an alligator infested park, and –you know–“whatever happened” after that. Which was this> this.

All of those sicko’s slathering over one Gabby Petitio were indeed causing quite a “near-riot” outside the Laundrie home, and taunting, threatening the boys parents because–yeah, in these DVIC inspired cases, they wanted to punish the Laundrie’s for invoking Constitutional rights, like the fifth amendment.

That’s what is really going on in this case–the Laundrie’s were punished with “collective punishment,because they invoked constitutional rights. And collective punishment is also a British Institution, having excercised that all over the world since the time of Empire.

This war on the US Constitution–and its narrators in corporate media is a real thing. So British–so bankster (and yes, I am miplicating a specific banking mafia here)–to despise Constitutional rights. WE, the people must recall, that not only did Britain side with the Confederacy, slavery, and later, propped up the Protestant KKK–but also that Britains personal financial interests, the Rothschilds klan worked right along side them–and both entities despise “individual rights.”

And–it’s so British–so bankster!–to despise individual rights. And all of those white knights and chivalry! Help that poor (sort of crazy, on meds, hits her boyfriend first) white female! Hell No Lady It’s NEVER YOUR FAULT! cries out the in-equality chorus, led by the bankster corporate rats. Appealing to white female privilege has a long history as a profitable enterprise.

And so , yeah–Garbage Can Cam no doubt picked up the faces of a few of his stalkers too.

There is no way in hell that Brian Laundrie was alone at that swamp, as FBI agents and their community assets were no doubt present, as were several sheriff’s departments, and a $200, 000 per day “manhunt,” which was a total waste of tax payer dollars, but a millions of dollar boon to the shithole state of Florida’s economy–most of those employed there as “police, firefighters, social workers, drug counselors” and so on–there simply are no real jobs there, unless you count “pension-protecting-DVIC-affiliated-fist-fighting-old-lady-related-to-forensic-analysts-in-one-or-another-police department” at Publix” as a profession.

Gang stalkers, waving babies around. Truly a sick calling.

Wheeeew! Thank the Anglican gospels for providing the world with state workers who gang stalk folks! Whatever would we do for entertainment without these “hero’s and heroins?”

The Sackler Family Thanks YOU! The medical mafia and Alana Boltwood, and the Bronfman Klan THANKS YOU, special messenger!

Yeah–there is no way in hell, or in an alligator’s jaws that Brian Laundrie did anything but “succumb to a gang of stalkers” whose well known matra’s expressed online are the following–gang stalkers will harass you until one of the following occurs:





There is less than ZERO chance Brian Laundrie was “alone” in that swamp, and because he had invoked a constitutionlal “right”–the fifth amendment right against self incrimination–the US states hired gangs stalked him, because he INVOKED A RIGHT.

Nothing infuriates gang stalkers and the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) more than “rights.” All of these are in fact nearly 100% current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, and their flying monkeys in the “community policing schemes” –and nothing infuriates them more than invoking rights more than being found out and prosecuted.

My money is on ” the DVIC apparatus likely watched as Brian Laundrie allegedly committed suicide–though it was also a likely “assisted suicide,” courtesy of the asshats I named above. And its quite possible that film exists, too, as these sadists are online bragging that there is “probably a database where the gang stalkers can watch video’s of TI’s” and so on. Truly sick people.

And: there is ZERO chance that he was “alone” at any moment before, during, and after entering that swamp–it isn’t forensically possible, because “gang stalkers.”

Now let’s sit back and watch, as the feddies or others try to indict his parents because they invoked “constitutional rights.” But ESPECIALLY, let’s watch as we revisit one of the weirdest FBI Halloween parties on record-as the FBI leads Brian Laindries parents through a swamp where–lookie here! his dad just happens to find his sons skullcap!–yeah–these are very sick people, leading our society through occulted means, on ever increasingly bizarre forms of “policing” events–mass shootings, butter knife wielding “incel movement” car crashers--. A true police state by the very definition of the term.

Total sickoes.And yes–gang stalkers are demented, and sordid cultists, anti-democracy cretins, edging our society towards mob rule and collective punishment.

Related Story: Alice Sebold, author of police pornography like “The Lovely Bones” and who who famously wrote a book about a rape that may or may not have happened–sent Anthony Broadwater–an innocent black man to jail for 16 years, and ruined his life. He was exonerated fully two days ago, with the prosecutor stating that he would not denigrate the gravity of the proceedings with a hollow state apology, emphasizing the gravity of the actions of these monstrous white females–and heinous white female monsters like Sebold.

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