Why hasn’t the birth control industry been sued yet? Herd health and the construction of women in western culture, and the easily mobilized “misogyny” outrage machine online–and off, in the real world

SO many of the “kids today” and indeed–kids from the last several generations ago–were conceived while their mother’s were allegedly on “the pill,” or some other form of birth control–yet that often heard claim rings hollow for one glaring reason:

If birth control fails at such astounding rates–why haven’t the manufacturers been sued yet?

Riiiiight. Shades of “useless eaters,” and unlike the Plandemic, we have individual cases and individual standing, and an actual failed product–yet no lawyer has yet to take on such a case.

If it were old people’s shoe inserts causing slip and fall accidents, or if it were bags of chips with rat poison in them–you can bet there would be hell to pay!

If it were car tires that blew out at a consistent rate when the car hits 55 miles per hour? LAWYERS WOULD BE CLIMBING OVER THE DEAD BODIES to get a piece of that lawsuit–but when it comes to failed birth control causing piles of unasked for, or unwanted, or other”life” that could end up like this?

Not a peep out of the ambulance chasers, or the state’s attorney’s either.

Why is THAT? Because the bottom line is that there is more money in growing a herd than killing one off–and even MORE money to be made by saying that bad behavior is really good behavior, that has been burdened by oppression and prejudice. Manipulating the human herd is good for the bottom line. And I do mean “the very bottom,” the second tier of our two tiered societies.

Have a look at the Torches of Liberty public relations campaign waged by Simund Freuds nephew, Edward Bernay’s to understand that version of “women’s empowerment,” but there are others, such as Lulu Markwells “Kamelia’s,” too.

An ancient prejudice has been removed
Edward Bernay’s utilized sexist tropes and false equivalencies to get women hooked on cancer, and the pattern repeats in Big Pharmaceuticals, and birth control too.

Bernays used “sexual liberation as a form of control.” The days that followed saw Bernays not only emphasizing the liberation movement for women as far as cigarettes were concerned, but also waxing eloquence on its slimming properties and glamour quotient that ensured women getting hooked to Lucky StrikesIt is this issue that underlies nearly every family court related gang stalking story, because as we see with medical mafia’s like the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma creating the opiod crisis, so too are pharmaceutical companies liable for I -was-taking-birth-control-births.

Yet states do not prosecute the pharmaceutical companies that create these failed products–why? We have all heard it before:


I’m a teen mum after getting pregnant on the pill with a lad from a night out – 6 months on I was still in skimpy skirts!!

She was on birth control but still managed to fall pregnant
This comely heiffer has a strong jawline, and good teeth, for a Brit. Let’s put her out to pasture, and see how many bulls she can rope in Image from TikTok, via The Sun
Related Story: How many slaves, indentured servants did “single mother” Mary Ball Washington own to help her raise America’s first president George?–and does this pattern repeat even today with single mother society?

So: are ALL of these women liars? Or just some of them? These “accident’s” are far to common to not have an army of baby stroller chasers tailing them for the last several decades.

And if so, what percentage are liars and baby traps versus what percentage are victims of a failed product? Does birth control really fail as often as single-moms would have us believe? The answer is in these questions, but also in the unasked: why wasn’t a safe, effective birth control pill created for men in the first place?

Yup–that’s a big question, but I suspect the answer is, like cell phones that all have a camera pointed at the face of the user–or how the “conspiracy theorists” of yesteryear were correct about the order of how these world events that have now occurred–and like the plandemic leashed upon China by Soy Sauce Soldiers and AIDS before it, leashed upon Africa–the lack of male birth control was by design*.

But the simple answer as to why state’s have not waged lawfare upon companies that produced the “failed” birth control of the last several decades–the simple answer, Occam’s favored response– is because on one hand, the opioid crisis costs more money to the states as a herd management strategy than does allowing single mother births, caused by failed birth control.

But also–because the human’s in such a paradigm are merely cattle.The children can be exploited, and their children too, in so many ways it defies the imagination: banksters dole out dollars to the federal reserve to enact policy; the federal dollars bling bling into the state’s banks; the states enact federal policy.

It’s 100% in the states interests to treat humans on the second tier of society as cattle–and so why not innoculate the cows and bulls with sex education, and fail-proof birth control? Why not teach safe sex and even creative sex to teenagers? Why not teach tantric sex, or kamasutra?–why not teach that masturbation is necessary, normal and even FUN if you do it with someone else?

Well–there’s no money in THAT strategy is there? How can the banksters and their shareholders–all of whom descend from the financial powerhouses of multiple religions–make money off of that?! No baby-daddy, no serial single mothers–no cashflow to the states!

Then there is the issue of standing, and harm–in the opioid crisis, we saw that “Pillbillies” were demonstrably harmed, with hundreds of thousands of overdoses, and deaths kind of harmed, but that the states stepped in as the aggrieved party, and forced the company to shutter, while taking in the cash from the settlement (more here) so that individuals have no legal standing to sue.

In those cases, the state claims the harm–exactly as we saw with Big Tobacco lawsuits, because the states and Medicare etc. claimed to be the the injured party because they footed the bill for cancer deaths, and so, the state placed its interests above the individual addicts who were enticed to use the drugs–states claimed the individual right on the individuals behalf.

And how is that you say? It’s because the state usurped the claims of individual addicts who were the primary aggrieved party–and they did that because the states claim is that they foot the bill for these addict “care.”

But the situation becomes a bit more complex in the case of allegedly “failed” birth control, because now, there are THREE parties to every failure! The mother, the father, and the child, and the stae’s stepped in as the fourth party in the era of the 1980-now, utilizing feminist jurisprudence, aka “empowerment.”

What a mess, huh?

How many sides of that legal argument do you want to take on? Who is the injured party? What percentage of the injury is that parties percentage–what part of that injury was preventable–which party was MOST injured?–Is the birthing of human life which is adjudicated as a property dispute also an injury? Possession is 9/10’s of the law, especially in cases where the possessed are truly demons like this guy over here.

It’s complex.

And so, this is why state and federal laws criminalized fathers, but rather than calling them “criminal’s” they reached far back into English common law, and made them serfs and indentured servants instead, and put men in such situations into an Kafkaesue family court/adjudication/child support system, the very foundation of the Two Tiered Society and its economy, with males “indebted” to such a society.

To the state, the men, women, and children are property at that point–Eric Garner was a father; George Floyd was a father; and so many, many murdered and imprisoned men were and are also fathers.

And its worth noting that in the latter two cases, both men were stalked by the police, and both men were making money outside of the child support system too. They literally killed Eric Garner for selling a cigarette–one cigarette in New York costs .25-50 cents.

The brutality of this system cannot be simply squashed via racial reductionist argument, and ADL styled poison mouth campaigns into a black man versus white man issue, because at its core are white women and others as spokespersons for the 1%, narrating these events.

It’s basic herd management, and though the 1% has racialized the issue so successfully, that it’s hard to talk about, even between men, it cannot be missed that it’s at the heart of many, many gang stalking discussions.

And, it is part of the underlying issue in this forthcoming federal lawsuit, too, where an actual gang stalking target is suing a “gang” of “stalkers” who he has caught on film, for many years, harassing, and stalking, and even shooting guns off in his yard too–and the sheriff will do nothing–because according to that source?

One of his major harassers is a young man who is product of that system–one of millions of children, now grown into men, whose mother was merely the breeding stock, her with many baby-daddies; and related to some judges in that area too. That two tiered system then, normalized human society as merely a herd–and then incentivizes that herd to turn against one or another of its co-mammals.

It is they who popularized the idea of women as breed cows, wholly unaccountable for their choices, while at the same time, saying that “men and boys had the choice to do it or not do it,” and so on. Such men were then consumed by that system, used by that system, and broken by that system. Have a look at this for just one example of the kind of children such systems produce.

And the public bought it. Why is that?

Well, for starters, at the financing level–the place where the international banksters collaborate to control our societies, it is a “herd management” issue, and these situations are simply an issue of the management of what the corporate state has officially and on the record called “useless eaters”–mere herd animals to be “guided” and manipulated for profits in many ways–or as we frequently bump into online when we meet these actual gag stalkers chatting–its “a silent genocide,” and it’s victims to be mocked and derided as “Pillbillies” and worse.

In the story linked above, those who stalk and threaten the man are all beneficiaries of state funding–and one that he has specifically implicated is the by-product of peculiar breeding policies in the west. Have a look at just that one guy, who has been named in the federal lawsuit.

I waited a long time to find such a case, because it has all the bells and whistles–it fits the definition and profile of gang stalking to the letter, and the victim in that case has excellent video footage too over at his Youtube channel.

It’s really important in gang stalking narratives to understand how the bankster’s “split the herd,” one issue to the next, one generation to the next. Let’s look at the breeding stock for clues of herd health, or herd sickness–via theplastic word” of “misogyny” has different meanings, depending upon who the speaker of the term is attempting to leverage or compromise.

You can read more about my views on that political term here. Generally–there are indeed women in every society who deserve scorn, and even hatred–and there are women in all societies who are not “women” at all, but rather, human beings, just like you, and those you care for.

Take a look at this story, about a woman who refuses to set any limits on her daughter except one: you can only sleep with momma! Children as possessions has birthed some interesting discussions, no doubt:

My 10-year-old daughter doesn’t have a bedtime – she stays up til 5am, wakes at 4pm… and she’s never been to school

Then, take a look at the single mother society, and how British social engineering is playing out with mothers who have all kinds of baby daddies in the following story, where a hapless damsel in distress has many children long before she meets “Mr. Right.”


Teen Mom Nikkole Paulun admits she’s ‘struggling’ & ‘not doing great’ as she’s ‘taken to court’ for daughter Ellie, 6

She confessed that she's 'struggling' from 'sadness'
The public relations industry and the medical mafia has turned a bad thing into a cash cow–or, to be more specific, a herd of them, all with many baby daddies, and the state exploiting the children for every penny

SO, what has that got to do with gang stalking? Is it misogyny to call a cash cow a “cash cow?” Look–there are lots of admirable women in the world, just that one of them are these kinds of women, or those who speak for them.

And because so many online gangs of stalkers are indeed women, and I have documented repeatedly that real life stalkers are often affiliated with benficiaris of the systems discussed above–in the disguise of “empowered women’s networks” we do indeed see a new form of slavery, not much different than the times when George Washongton’s mother was called a “single mother” despite a large platoon of actual slaves propping her up.

And so, now with that above as background I have also examined some of the bad actors behind the incel terrorist movement, which was started by a white lesbian who the press refused to name, and so I named her. 😉

These types of discussions are subsidiary to the gang stalking dialectic as I have demonstrated. And as a refresher, keep the terms “mental health,” and “domestic violence industrial complex” as well as the subsidiary and subsidized “single mother industry” in mind as you meet Alana Bloodsausage, the founder of the Incel Movement, a proponent of Big Pharmaceuticals, and not coincidentally, she sits on the board of Mental Health Canada too.

No kidding. Let me know if any of the following sound familiar:

“Hey you must be delusional,” to make such connections!

“Are you on your meds?!”

“Tinfoil hat!”

But wait, it gets better: female terrorists hide in plain sight in every society, and female leadership of terror movements is hard to spot because most often they are lesbians who look like your mom, lol.

Have a look yourself:

Saint Alana the Medicated

The Incel Movement has been linked to several mass shootings, and as such it is a “terror movement,” with a founding ideologue. Yet the founder of that movement goes free, unlike bin Laden and others who met grim fates after starting terror movements.

But also, “gangs” of female stalkers are in those men’s lives before, during and after their “terrorist” events, most notoriously Scott “the Scooper” Bierele, the Hot Yoga shooter, who had a Democrat party operative sitting in a restaurant directly across the street as he shot one of his likely stalkers that day, who was one of many following him around and trying to frame him as an ass grabbing rapist–you seriously cannot make this stuff up.

I have asked repeatedly–why hasn’t THAT terror movement leader been arrested and charged for this wave of ideologically motivated terror?

And the answer is quite likely that the Velvet Mafia is a very real and powerful network of easily mobilized stalkers, and even cops are afraid of them, because cops get gang stalked too sometimes. And if you read through the links I provide above, you will indeed fins another actual crime syndicate attached to these discussions too.

….click ALL of the links to connect ALL of the dots!

Related Reading: The ancient practice of Fosterage in Irish kinship groups, and why did the English hate the Irish legal system, exactly? Those BASTARDS!

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