Want to Stop Gang Stalking? Contribute to this federal lawsuit: Richard Moore v Union County Sheriff

I have been documenting a case of actual gang stalking, and for any journalist, researcher, or others who want to know “what happens in gang stalking” this case has it all.

Please copy and paste this link into your browser:


You can read about this case by using my search feature, KW: Richard Moore

5 thoughts on “Want to Stop Gang Stalking? Contribute to this federal lawsuit: Richard Moore v Union County Sheriff

  1. Hi I am a fan of Richard Moore. I am also a fan of your blog. I have been a TI for 7, almost 8 years. It’s a long story, but it has to do with false mental health diagnosis. I have been donating what I can to Richard’s gofundme.


    1. Hi, and thanks for writing.

      Yes–the fake mental health lockup is a big money maker for those shithole counties and states–the 911 system is little more than a slot machijne for the states and their cronues in the local governments.

      Tell me more about yourself–I think we can build a network of people to fight back, and it starts with people like Moore.


    2. Also–there are ways to fight back, especially if you are in the same area as Richard. What’s necessary is to prove “patterns of conduct” and also to be able to identify common perpetrators.

      My blog has plenty of resources with which you can trace, track, and trap these perps like the rats they are.

      But its a big job–no one TI can do it alone. So, help out when you can, and share information. Start your own blog, and document your own story–Wordpress is the best online free speech platform ever.


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