When the police are the terrorists: the case of Union County and it’s Alpine Volunteers, and makeshift “fusion centers”–the Klan by any other name.

Dear Mississippi State Attorney General Lynn Fitch: I urge you to take action against the type of activity that I watched this morning, as one of your state’s citizens endured threats, harassment, and a drive-by “honkey” campaign whose headquarters is at the Alpine Valley Volunteer Fire department, in Union County. And, I want you to know that I am involving other states attorney’s general, from several states in my complaint.

As you know, drooling, pickup truck driving, tire squealing slobs who maraud around and through your state is “not a good look” when federal budget time rolls around and your share of the pie is a wee bit smaller than you wish it would be–and when President “Sleepy Joe” gets wind of how your state is chasing tourist and investment dollars right out of it by allowing such activity? Wow–he might wake up a minute to hear about that….and he might also tell some important “tourists” that your state is full of active KKK members too.

Oh nooooeeees!

There goes your motel/hotel businesses! You dont want all the Chinese and Indian owners of your hospitality industry to know you are a KKK member!!!

There goes your other “hospitality management” industries with it! What, asks the “foreigners” who all run those industries in your state now? The Attorney General is a KKK Kamelia?!!?!

Yup, right down to the level of her daddies fundraising efforts at an actual plantation, where the hunt quail. Those folks don’t want the states indigenous black and native population to think ill of their alliances, right? Let’s start there, hun.

And to get an idea about how badly your state needs good publicity? Have a look at this headline, advertising you and your services, and see if you can spot the “stereotype” about southern bumblers and mumblers, ok?:

Mississippi Attorney General: What Does an Attorney General Does?

That’s not a typo, hun–“what does an attorney general does?

Seriously–its not a good look”, for you or your state to have PR like that, much less Mr. Moore’s video’s demonstrating that the Night Rider’s are alive and well in your jurisdiction, enabled by bad and illegal behind the scenes policing tactics, that I document below.

And with that, I inform you that I am pushing this case forwards, to the highest levels. It is a beacon case, if you will. And I ask you to be on the right side of the law in this matter.



What are night riders, and where are they still active in the United States of America? Apparently Mississippi State’s Attorney is taking applications–or, failing to police these hate crimes.

The names have changed but the tactics are the same. I invite my readers to have a look at this ONE CASE to see how they work in communities across Mississippi.

So, “what happens in gang stalking? And “who are the gang stalkers? and so on–these are two of the more common questions we see asked online about this topic.

Please go over to Richard Moore’s Youtube channel and watch his latest video as a bunch of Gomer’s and Jethro’s–and a lot of Jimmy’s for some reason— stalk him in his own front yard–they literally drive their pickup trucks across his front yard, shout threats and insults, and worse, as he films the entire thing.

His channel is The North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association, /c/UnitedStatesAntiGangStalkingAssociation, and his latest video is here, posted eight hours ago. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested. I can’t wait to see what the next round of bogus charges will be “speakin’ WORDZ!!” “Resisting being terrorized by asshat’s in pickup trucks!” Or something similarly “Mississippi.”

Read through my blog here–search term ” Richard Moore” and you will see cud chewing goats and other buffoons, flagrantly breaking the law.

You will see asshats who collect state paychecks circling by his house repeatedly, on the state’s dollar–that derived from the “human trafficking” black budget.

You will see threats, and hear bad language–but most of all, you will watch, in real time, a state paid actors and their associates violate the equal protection clause of 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, as they violate various state and local laws and ordinances, and more.

You will see state sponsored criminal activity, there in Union County Mississippi, where a sheriff refuses to prosecute gangs of criminals who break the law on film. A sheriff who refuses to take reports of said criminal stalking activity. A sheriff whose own deputies are implicated AS stalkers in a federal lawsuit. This is how bad things are in that state and many others too, that use night riders and “community stalkers” to maintain some form of status quo.

Here is the last charging sheet for Mr. Moore, who called a couple of gang stalkers “criminal house running fat fag whores” or something similar. Its sad when a target is pinned down in his own location–in his own home–as these marauders roll pickup trucks through his front yard with impunity–and on a Ring camera system nonetheless, and that target adopting the language and speech conventions of his stalkers.

Sometimes, words is all targets have to fight back. That, and people like me of course, raising awareness of these things.

And, you will see exactly why many call these people and their associates who target men like Richard Moore as “organized crime”, and “police gangs”, because that ‘s what they are–and have always been in that region of the country. And you will see Mr. Richard Moore asking, telling, and finally resorting to the language and mannerisms of these stalkers and demanding that they leave his property.

Indeed, these gangs of night riders come at all hours–they stalk in many ways. But it is not without precedent. Here is just one example from the earlier era of Civil Rights, where another man was stalked so seriously in the Dirty South that he had to finally resort to leaving the country:

Robert William’s was a pioneer in leading the nations black American’s to learn to use guns for their own safety, because law enforcement and states attorney’s like Lynn Fitch were more often than not leading the charge against his and others civil liberties. Things have not changed in that area of the USA, and while the names of the stalking groups have changed, their anti-constitutional basis has not. Especially, research Lynn Fitch, who is financed by, and affiliated directly and inarguably with the Ku Klux Klan. For an extra layer of “wow, that’s weird,” also notice that the KKK was started by the ultra-right, racist Jewish group, the B’Nai B’rith. They are the guys in the funny hats, just like the KKK wears funny hats.

And the short answer to the questions above–the who and how and what of gang stalking is nearly always this: gang stalkers are nearly 100% current and former police, firefighter’s, intelligence agents”*, and others in their orbit. That can include National Guardsmen, forensic and behavioral analysts, and so on, as well as many others connected to communities via non governmental organizations, and community “clubs” like VFW, Rotary, Lions Clubs, churches and so on–these are networks of violent criminals and true sociopath, enabled by the state itself, and often supervised by the FBI, as we see since forever, that this is what the FBI does.

2 thoughts on “When the police are the terrorists: the case of Union County and it’s Alpine Volunteers, and makeshift “fusion centers”–the Klan by any other name.

    1. Yes, he was arrested again, after being terrorized in his home. Some neckbeards were driving trucks through his yard, and the usual honkey-horn stuff.

      He got it on film. Go watch his latest video! I a astounded by the illicit activity in Union County, Mississippi

      By the time I am done with them, gang stalking and Mississippi will be synonymous..


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