Plausible, or total deniability: is the FBI “behind gang stalking?” The Richard Moore Case.

It’s not a crime if we look the other way, right?

So, my readers might want to know that Richard Moore was arrested, AGAIN yesterday. Use my search feature, KW: “Richard Moore” to follow this case. Is the FBI behind gang stalking?

Let’s look at the evidence, and ask the question “What has gone wrong in William Faulkner’s Mississippi?”

Richard Moore sent various pieces of evidence to the FBI in Oxford, MS. The envelope was “returned to sender,” after it was processed. First, here is a screenshot of a “demon”who routinely breaks into his house–Courtland Tanner Vaughn, who Mr. Moore suggests has been involved in several unsolved homicides; and who Moore has filmed breaking and entering his property:

This ugly, stupid looking, demented asshat in the screenshot above routinely cause stress and trouble for Richard Moore. Moore has attempted many times to report this asshat to the authorities. So far, the Union County Sheriff and other law enforcement agencies refuse to open a case on this burglar, and trespasser–who Moore implicates in a local homicide, BTW.

Here is that asshat for reference:

What is a “demon” in the gag stalking dialectic? Meet an actual demon here.

And so, Mr. Moore has hours and hours of video, taken by his Ring camera system, and on that video, we seethe following:

-asshats like this demon breaking in to Moore’s home

-hours and hours of pickup trucks driving by Moore’s home repeatedly, circling back and forth

-in particular, a recurring red pickup truck, that routinely goes in the direction of the Alpine Fire Department

-many other identifiable cars and trucks

-Union County sheriffs department vehicles stalking in front of his house

-strange and threatening signs left in his yard by strangers

-trees in his yard tampered with, and with bark glued onto them in strange ways, possibly to make him paranoid, or possibly that actually hide various devices

-video of people shooting guns off in his front yard

What happens to gang stalking targets? All above the above and more–these are plainly bizarre and very coordinated events, and Moore provides evidence of that.

So, the question is–does the FBI know about gang stalking? Is the FBI “behind gang stalking?” Or if not–is it routine procedure to return evidence of a crime to the sender? The photo below is one of many that Richard Moore documented–a package that he sent to the FBI-Oxford, and that he filmed himself sending–and that was returned to him shortly thereafter:

The right question is not “does the FBI know about gang stalking,” or “is the FBI behind gang stalking” but rather “Why did the FBI send Mr. Moore’s package back to him,as Moore attempts to document a criminal syndicate in Union County, MS?”

These cases are all a “case by case” scenario–some agents may be involved, and some may not be involved. There is no one-size-fits-all category of police or agency corruption. And we see here that whoever is responsible for taking mail at the FBI-Oxford is the first person to investigate, and query.

But fr now, the buck stops at just that one FBI agent–whoever it is that checks mail in that area.

And with that said, we can say with empirical certainty, that that one person IS Involved in gang stalking. That above is the evidence.

In other cases we see such as Keith LaBella, Esq., he was able to actually document an FBI informant who put him on an FBI list–not all targets get that close to fingering FBI involvement in gang stalking. But here above, we ARE able to see how the agency handles packages in that one locality, and ask “why didn’t you take Mr. Moore’s package?”

And, go from there.

3 thoughts on “Plausible, or total deniability: is the FBI “behind gang stalking?” The Richard Moore Case.

  1. Is he out of Jail? Just heard from him Friday night. Trying to set up an interview between us two. Is he okay? he emailed me short one said, its bad. What was their reason for jailing him? Jesus God Help Richard.


    1. Hi, and yes, he is out of jail. But you sjould go over to his Youtube, and notice that the Union County Sheriff was stalking by his house that morning, then some asshat’s were driving through his yard, and then some “honkey’s” honking their horns ad swearing at him–later he went to jail.

      It is clearly organized gang activity.

      Lastly–please keep the Jesus and prayers off of my blog, ok?

      I am sure Richard will appreciate your exhortations, *just don’t do it here*–go over to his Youtube and give your praise to yournearly mythical Jewish half breed saviour.

      It is VERY insulting, even comical to most Jews to hear such things.

      It would be like me showing up at your house an praising Baphomet,Moloch, or “Satan”. like “Praise Baphomet, The lord of Darkness and his many devils from hell!”

      You get what I am saying?

      I am not trying to be rude, but this is the second time I have asked you that ok?

      In the meantime–if you haven’t already–put your money where your prayers are–he only needs a couple thousand to get his GoFundMe satisfied.

      Maybe reach out to other TI’s that you know, and let’s form a coalition to stop what is happening down there.

      The guy did his time, and even then was framed–and this needs to be brought into the light, along with his cockroach stalkers names, addresses, photo’s and so on.


    2. Also–I have not heard why they jailed him this time. Obviously it will be related to them stalking him, and driving over his front yard, and that sheriff’s gang doing driveby’s inn front of his house.

      In his video, at some point he drove out of his driveway, and then the video shows him coming back.

      The GOOD NEWS is that he had a witness standing beside him! I don’t know who it was, but any witness is better than none.

      Lastly–you want to interview him? Do you have a blog, or a show you can point me to?


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