The case of Little Arthur has Britain rethinking it’s CPS policies: the Single Mother Industrial Complex produces a few lunkers every now and again, lol

So, as the west shudders and finds time to stalk citizens who exercise free speech rights, in lieu of policing real crime, one of the most cringe-worthy takeaways I have ever had from viewing a single photograph is this: Little Arthur was an abused child, waiting to happen–just look at this ONE image:

Arthur was tortured by Thomas Hughes and Tustin
The woman in the picture, Emma Tustin, is fairly representative of western serial-Single Mother Industrial Complex virtues–and she has the maternal instinct of a rodent. Note how she clings to the father, like a parasite, as the boy attempt to cling to her–she has ZERO concern for that boy, and in fact, has deliberately and callously inserted herself between the boy and his father, as the picture shows. She murdered Little Arthur after a months long campaign of bone breaking abuse, including starvation, and deprivation.

I think anyone who has lived any amount of time in western countries can verify that women like this are about 40-6-% of what loosely pass for “mothers” in western societies. And, such women are “cash cows” to the states and countries that enable them.And men in such situations mere wage slaves, most often beholden to these “free” western “democracies” as child support “debtors.”

And, this POS Tustin caught it all on in-house security camera too–how deranged and detached are these types of people? Look at this little boy, his bones broken, and his body bruised from months of starvation and deprivation–look as this little boy is forced to put himself to bed, on the floor. In this photo, the boys body was broken, bruised, battered, and starved–and only later did the autopsy reveal this fact.

The youngster had been forced to sleep on the floor

Little Arthur was progressively dying at the time this photo was taken. His step-mother sent audio and video of the boys wails of pain to the boys father, who was at work.

The irony of course, as these babies bodies pile up in one form or another in the west–whether it is the preschool-to-prison pipeline, or the medical mafia munching on children like vultures, as we saw in the case of Christopher Bowen, these female sociopaths are enabled by the national and state level governments that oversee the Two Tiered Society.

All of these women produce revenue, for the jurisdictions wherein they drop their calves.The sheriff’s departments, social services, hospitals, grocery stores–all of them are subsidized by the same bankster’s, and children are used by all of them to generate cash.

Then, they turn into this, or enter the prison pipeline, or end up on junk. They lead marginal lives, raised by sociopaths. And it’s very sick, this form of a “free society.” Child exploitation indeed–and all jurisdictions are profiting from these “baby crimes” too. This is the by-product of the Single Mother Industrial Complex that has been built in the west since the end of WW2, and also part of what is referred to as “Operation Gladio 2.0” in the dialectic.

Have a look at a shithole county in Mississippi, who spends about 80% of its DHS budget harassing one convicted “sex offender” whose trial transcripts indicate that he was framed–by that same department.

Onward, Hoe’s!


‘Nutcase’ killer stepmum ‘chased ex with a spade’ & manipulated men, locals reveal as she’s jailed over Arthur’s murder

Tustin waged a sick “campaign of cruelty” against Arthur in his tragic final months.

The youngster was segregated for 14 hours a day and forced to sleep on the floor in a brutal struggle that matched the “medical definition of child torture”.

He was also poisoned with so much salt he was too weak to even put up a fight against his torturers’ horrific abuse.

“Wicked” Tustin was convicted of murder after repeatedly smashing Arthur’s head against a hard surface at the house of horrors in Shirley, West Mids.

The shameless stepmum was too cowardly to even face Arthur’s family yesterday as she was jailed for life with a minimum of 29 years.

Arthur’s “pitiless” dad Hughes was caged for 21 years after being found guilty of manslaughter.

3 thoughts on “The case of Little Arthur has Britain rethinking it’s CPS policies: the Single Mother Industrial Complex produces a few lunkers every now and again, lol

  1. Tustin got grief as soon as she stepped in the prison.

    If ever the golden rule about women should ever be broken, it’s here. Absolute scum. If she did that to my little girl I’d hang her from a tree.

    Any women getting offended? Men should never hurt women? Normally, no they shouldn’t.
    You lose that moral right when you harm a child. GFY. Child abusers deserve death.


    1. Well, I disagree that they deserve deathm because as the record shows, so many of them suffered horrific abuse BEFORE they became abusers and murderers.

      Locked in dog kennels, sexually assaulted and raped for decades of their childhoods–and only later acted out, and did the things they were taught to do!

      Please learn some forgiveess, ok?

      But yes–my idea is they should be given an acre of land, and a community of like minded people, where they could live out their days, and the society hat allowed them to happen could peek in once in awhile and learn from societies mistakes–after all, we are one people–how do we let others create these monsters?!

      That said–there are a lot of women who deserve punishment, and she was definitely a POS.

      Such women should be treated as hmans first–our societies fail at that.

      Yes, she is a true and real monster–what a sad case for Arthur!!! OMG, my heart is there in that moment, and my grief is real–for all the little boys and girls who have these monster mothers.

      What we need to look at though, is what allows, and creates these shitbags? And I can tell you with certainty it is the capitalists system that exploits them, and these children as “resources.”

      In Marxist cultures, its unthinkable that this could ever happen, and when it does, it is mental illness at fault–and it happens rarely in socialist cultures.

      The problem is the bastardized western socialist model, where children, CPS, the courts–all are just a way to make a buck, rather than stop these forms of exploitation.

      That poor little boy!! Oh….there should be laws against women having children. A parent test, and a certificate–otherwise, neuter these monsters.

      Buth thats where the problem lies, see? If these women stop having children, how can the social workers, and the cops, the medical mafia’s and CPS make a living?

      Riiiight. Its a long, nuanced conversation.


    2. You know–our prisons are inhumane, and if they represent our societies, then our societies have progressed very little since Roman times.

      SUch people should indeed be punished–but allowing other prisoners to do what officials cannot–to abuse this person because she is despicable?

      That is little better than what she herself has done,and maybe worse.


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