Source Watch gang stalking dialectic: Here is a hive of bad sources, and actual gang stalkers

SO, I have pointed journalists to the partisan divide in the gang stalking dialectic, and hopefully that has aided a few to avoid stepping into the piles of doo-doo that pollute the internet on this topic. Names like Targeted Justice, and anyone affiliated with them.

Names like ” Lynn Fitch, Mississippi, State Attorney General,” and others like her. These lists are long, and very political. They form the vanguard of a gender biased narrative. They are involved with “women’s empowerment” narratives, and are financed by the Ku Klux Klan and their associates. Read more here about “women’s empowerment and the KKK.

A refresher: these psychologists here are all direct beneficiaries of the profits derived from gang stalking–they work in the for-profit prison systems, write books about how intelligence targets like Julian Assange are all delusional–AFTER they have been tortured via surveillance, deprivation, isolation, and other horrific tactics of the US-FVEY’s security apparatus–and how prisoners who fall prey to the USA gulag system’s are delusional, after they have suffered by rape and torture, and violence in that system.

And so on–and these shrinks have been quoted in several MSM outlets as sources though they have directly harmed actual victims*; and this journalist here is the one who planted one of the most egregious hit pieces ever about gang stalking in the New York Times, quoting one or two of those same sources. Target that guy, ok? Announce “open season” on has beens like that who have burned their own reputations as journalists, via bias and fraud.

For reference, note that many in the gang stalking dialectic reference “torture” of one kind or another, which is a good starting point to begin separating the real sources from those with distinct agenda’s. But also notice that not a single one of these is on record speaking up about Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and the ongoing and actual torture there–nor did they speak up about Muslim’s in their countries being followed around “24-7,” or speak out against the Abu Ghraib torture scandal either.

There is a subset of persons who are genuine victims of state torture, and you can view one of them here, Richard Moore, who is routinely subjected to false arrests and endless harassment, including jail, where the “good police” always manage to injure him while in custody.

These actual targets are indeed tortured in many ways–and wiretapped “electronically” in so many ways that it defies the definition of democracy. But do not confuse them with those I name below–these below are scurrilous dogs, and most notably, Midge Mathis and her crew.

None of these are on record speaking out against ACTUAL torture, and all of them conflate issues–such as “domestic violence is a silent epidemic of torture!!!!” and that sex work is “sex slavery!!!.” And none of them EVER rescue the millions of men who are in western countries as undocumented workers, and who labor silently in the various roles of farm workers, restaurant workers, construction workers, and other high risk laborers. No–these sources below are silent about that.

So, for a reference point, first lets meet one of many of us who do not use the language of “electronic torture!” and “satellite microwave brain blasters!” and so on who DOES document torture: Jason Leopold is a one man Freedom of Information Act factory, and he has made the military industrial complex quite uncomfortable with his journalism. He writes about actual victims of torture, such as the Guantanamo Bay mind control and torture facility. He is a an excellent source on the issues of actual torture, having brought the architects of the US CIA Torture programs into the limelight.

Leopold was responsible for the first ever interview with the Mormon bishops, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen who green-lighted the US torture programs. As such, you can compare that discussion of torure with the religious crackpots below, all of whom are on record yammering about aliens, lizard people and brain blasting microwaves.

I have researched this topic for two decades, and have found some recurring patterns. Researchers and journalists who seek information on this topic would do well to take note of the following names, but also–go over to their linked in pages, and look at the “people also viewed” sections, where you can flesh out their allegiances and alliances more clearly.

So–who are these crackpots online? Let’s start with Derrick Robinson. He is affiliated with Apocryphal christianity–the same groups of people who burned witches back in the 16-1700’s. Click that link to open a can of worms, and psychobabble.

Then, have a look at one of those who are affiliated in this rather large network of people who all have discredited actual targeted individuals.

Approximately 90% of them are white, affluent, affiliated with hard right christians, and babble on and on with claims of “electronic harassment” for which they NEVER present evidence of any knd. THese are also behind the pollution of the internet on this topic.

  • John Richmond-Partner, Dentons | Former U.S. Ambassador to Monitor & Combat Trafficking in Persons

There are ambassadors, and former state department heads all over the map in this dialectic of “craziness” and all of those have ties to the “deep state” apparatus (NSA/CIA/NED, et al). The dialectic itself a form of religious proselytization.

These crackpots pop up everywhere together–an ultra-conservative, religious group, who has conflated sex work with slavery, and domestic violence with terrorism at every junction.

  • Here is Midge Mathis, one of the more bizarre narratives online. She likes to post pictures of herself with her eyes “lasered out by electronic radio waves” and so on. However, further investigation reveals that she in fact had some form of skin peel for beauty purposes, and lied about the results. SHe also goes by several different names too, and the “Midge” character is an intelligence styled cut out, much like “Eleanor White,” and “Ella Free.” Truly weird people.
Midge Mathis
Midge “they are frying my brain with satellite brain beams right now!” Mathis

She bills herself as a”Human Rights Activist For Whistleblowers & Targeted Individuals. See” Targeted Justice of course is one of the most discredited of all narratives online–likely they are stalkers themselves.

  • Then, there is DonnJoy Plattner, who is apparently affiliated with a US General, and she pops up in many discussions too, yammering on about “electronic weapons!!”

All of these form the vanguard of the modern anti-prostitution, anti-sex worker, and anti-democracy elements of the neocon agenda. Their webs of relations are scurrilously full of those who yammer on about electronic weapons, and discredit actual targets who do NOT use such terms.

Actual targets are those who these people are targeting. You can have a look at a low level sex offender here, who for all practical intents and purposes is innocent–I have said that exactly twice in my decades of covering this topic. And, I have read the guys entire trial transcripts, front to back, including his failed appeal. His own lawyer failed to have the one single piece of evidence against him fingerprinted, or DNA sampled.

Like many cases in the deep south, these actual targets are part of a massive neo-slavery systems, and are revenue collection scheme of the highest order. That one guy has the entire resources of the Department of Public Safety directed at him, including drones that follow him, caravans of cars that stalk night and day in front of his house, people firing guns off in his yard, routine false arrests,and worse.

Use my search feature “Richard Moore” to learn more about that case.

*look at the case of the New Zealand mass stabbing, where a gang of 30 police from several departments, and their “community assets” stalked a man “24-7” for half a decade, BEFORE he went on a stabbing rampage.

And even then, as he picked up a knife in a store, he was merely stabbing people who had likely stalked him. All of that happened in the same country/jurisdiction/locality as one of these named psychologists, who calls such claims “delusions.”

Her name is DR. Lorraine Sheridan, and she is a fraud who famously “interviewed the internet” to find information on this topic. Her and her colleagues refuse to accept my challenge (click the link).The internet, it might be recalled through the Gabby Petito saga, is FULL of cops, retired cops, and others in their circles who masquerade as innocent “commenters” on web forums, or what the Sun-US calls ” armchair detectives.” And they are totally full of shit on this topic..You can see there work here in the case of Gaby Petito, who died as a result of co-combatant domestic violence.

5 thoughts on “Source Watch gang stalking dialectic: Here is a hive of bad sources, and actual gang stalkers

  1. Oh you didn’t! Write this article without speaking with me. FYI Targeted Justice is in fact a Fake ” TI” group. Richard Lighthouse, Midge Mathis, Ella Free are bogus fakes working for Citizens Corp. A little over a year ago while in Arizona, Dr Astra Stanwyck and I were in Cave Creek AZ. At this time I had never heard of Targeted Justice much less Midge Mathis. We were being stalked very heavily. I guess these clowns planned on showing this ole country boy what it’s like to get big time stalked! And I guess they were in for a rude awakening! And guess who I caught Stalking me? Yes, Midge Mathis! This bitch has the audacity! After putting here on blast as a fraud, she contacted me and informed me that Midge Mathis wasn’t even her real name! I love the fake TIs most use fake names and have a BS story as to why. All real Victims know full well that they are not nor can ever expect to be anonymous! Midge posted a photo of her face after having a cosmetic procedure called a chemical peel but fronted by saying DEW’s did it! I posted a hundred examples of chemical peels and dispelled her phoney story. tJ operates as a 501 3c non profit and takes donations from real Victims. I have made this clear to the IRS and hope the get an audit and get locked up. One of my rules for any follower of mine, if they ever make mention or lend credence to TJ they themselves are subject to me personally outting them as a perp as well. When the Dallas Free Weekly did an artical on me. Targeted Justice has been relentless with spamming the publisher because they did an article about me and my comments about them being a FAKE GROUP. Why would any REAL ORGANIZATION list the founder Midge Mathis knowing full well that is a fake name!! Hello!


    1. You are one badass anti-gang stalker, Richard. Yup–I did post this without consulting you lol. I have been following these shitbags for quite awhile. And SOOOOOO many of them come from Texas, too–interesting, isn’t it?

      Contact chaining social media is an incredibly powerful tool–and it can document these webs of association in ways that even the FBI will find interesting.

      Yup–Midge is a piece of shit, as are her cohorts. They all need to get gang raped in one of the prisons that they built.

      And, yes–I did see her skin peel comedy–what a dastardly lying stupid cunt.

      And yup–fake names indeed. Her former or current hubby is US military–like so many of these crackpots, they are apparently all affiliated with the military, and most of them are “domestic violence advocates,” meaning that their current or former husbands beat their asses like dogs–because they are dogs.

      Like I always say, some women do indeed deserve a good ass kicking, and she is one of them. Not all women of course–just the stalkers, and creepers amongst them. I am no fan of “inequal justice.” If men can go to jail for being creepers, stalkers and bullies–so should women like her and her companions.

      I suspect, but cannot yet prove that they are also Infragard agents. Have you noticed how they all talk about being “harassed by electronics?”

      That is code for ” I have connections to Fusion Centers, who feed me information so that I can stalk and harass people like Richard Moore.”

      Bro–like I said, this aint my first rodeo.

      Look up Derrick Robinson too–these people have hackers on their payrolls, and their “cause” is abused children–but not a damn one of them lifts a finger to help kids like Christopher Bowen, whose mom forced him into over 350 hospital visits and 13 totally unnecessary surgeries before the age of eight years old.

      She was only caught because the boy was on a waiting list for a lung transplant. Totally unnecessary surgeries. His dad asked ” I mean–didn’t they catch her at the 5th surgery? The 6th?”

      They are all slavers.

      And the short answer is that these white women–Midge, and all of Targeted Justice crew, are white females, not unlike your Lynn Fitch in Mississippi–their privilege is more important to them than justice of any kind.

      And they are all spokespersons of the various corporate interests like the medical mafia, and the Single Mother Industrial Complex. Fitch for example is a “single mother” who is against abortion–yet only becuase Big Daddy runs a Plantation there in Mississippi–overseeing slavery is second nature to these privileged white bitches.

      They deserve a good ass whuppin TBH. Even a hanging, just to put yhem on notice would be cool, lol.

      Also read my story about Derrick Robinson–the guy nearly narrated the mass homicide of Myron May, and he was “there” at several other mass shootings, and unsurprisingly, he is also affiliated with “Apocryphal” teachings–the exact people who burned witches at Salem and other places.

      Let me know when this starts sounding familiar–and please—PLEASE share your research and experiences with me so that I can write more about it, and put certain agents on notice.

      These nutcases are causing mass shootings in the USA, the same way that they are harassing you, but few are as strong as you are.

      A famous writer of romantic “western” novels, Louis L’Amour, once wrote this:

      ” A little man whups a big man every time, as long as he is in the right, and keeps on coming.”

      What L’Amour did NOT know, is that sometimes, it isn’t a man that is your aggressor–sometimes is a passive aggressive bitch like Midge Mathis and her Targeted Justice gang.

      They need bullets in their faces, but I will be happy if we simply continue to expose them. AFter al, you and I are non-violent. We stand for real justice, not “Targeted Justice,” right?

      I will leave t to others to decide of they need their lug nuts loosened, or their barista’s pouring some poison in their coffee–that’s not my end of the work, after all. I am justa writer;-)


    2. Also–if you can prove that TJ is defrauding actual victims, by taking their money, I might be able to get that story into the main stream news.

      These scurrilous POS need to be taken to task–and if actual TI’s are contributing to them”? How can we get the list of names? Those people have legal “standing” to sue.

      I just sent off a story about Derrick Robinson, and one of his “followers” Maureen Dizon, to one other journalist, and that journalist very partial to hard evidence.

      I ave other email accounts and other IP’s that I work from, and several other journo’s that I am communicating with, but on this compromised account, I only deal with compromised or complicit people.

      I wil let you know the resukt of that, but if you want a laugh? Google “Strange World Productions,” located at 2711 Centerville Rd Wilmington, DE 19808

      There are exactly two corporations that go by that name, and one of them is affiliated with the Filipina hotpants I named above.

      And, in some searches? “Godlike Productions” comes up in the number two slot. You might not know this, but GP is a major “conspiracy theory” site, which often has deep state information on it, for example, naming mass shooters BEFORE they go on rampages and so on.

      Maureen is affiliated with that company in Hollywood, and she is an interesting case: a 4’10” Filipina spinner, with five kids by ten daddies. She is in the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) ad she is also affiliated with the Catholic’s and their “MKULTRA!!!” rhetoric online. A classic Jesuit stooge.

      These all claim they are “mind controlled” and refuse to be responsible for their own damned choices to have kids–as if birth control, and the pill, and abortion do not exists–they are all “helpless victims” of the “patriarchy!!!”

      Meanwhile, the USAF and its domestic CIA operations go uncharted for the most part–Operation Gladio B–and these women are all victims.

      Honestly–a good punch in the head for such women would do them good. They might take up karate or Krav Maga, just like us boys have to do when we are violated without assistance from anyone, anywhere.

      But the Single Mother Industrial Complex always has a few “white knights” to spare, doesn’t it? That way–women are NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE for anything.

      If those types of women just died off, the world would be a much better place, for all of us.

      Google ” Playboy Bunnies and MKULTRA” for an eye opener into this Jesuit/ Baptist/neocon/Protestant PSYOP. Its a real eye opener.


  2. Need to be able to send to folks in a forward to their phones. Not emails.

    On Tue, Dec 7, 2021, 12:27 AM and are one and the same site wrote:

    > ROGS Analysis posted: ” SO, I have pointed journalists to the partisan > divide in the gang stalking dialectic, and hopefully that has aided a few > to avoid stepping into the piles of do that pollute the internet on this > topic. A refresher: these psychologists here are all dire” >


    1. Hi, and thanks for commenting.

      Um–I don’t know what you are referring to. I am guessing you want to subscribe or something?

      Meanwhile–please go over to Moore’s GoFundMe and donate to his cause.

      I have never in my life asked anyone to contribute to anyone, but his case is so classic, and such an egregious abuse that I am now asking people to contribute.


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