Richard Moore, sober as a jaybird, gets a “DUI” charge. How absurd is the KKK state of Mississippi and Union County? DO NOT GO THERE, EVER! It is KKK hellhole!

SO, some of you are asking “Did Richard Moore get arrested? For WHAT THE F@@@?!!!”

And the answer is this:

I was arrested for DUI other meaning they claim I was under the influence of something! A bullshit charge. I’ll write more later on about it. The stalker names that were in my yard earlier that day I don’t have that son of a bitches first name yet and I haven’t filed a police report they do nothing. Tanner er was with me because now he has no where to go. His publicly has even made his mother turn on him for the moment. The front line crash dummy’s are always disposable. He’s being shunned by his handlers etc. Because he has failed to destroy the target. So I’ve taken a prisoner per se! One that feels better by his leaders. Oh, BTW, the home office sees they have a ISSUE now a BIG issue,Loose lips…..sink ships and fingers are crossed

I will not add commentary other than to say WOW!

Union County Sheriffs department willingly watches as a man gets stalked in his own front yard, as a crazed neighbor named “Hutchinson” who lives a ways down the road (a likely dog violator) crashes his pickup truck repeatedly through Moore’s front yard, stalls his truck on private property, threatens the home owner Moore in front of a witness, and tears off down the highway after threats–as Union County then arrests a sober man for, of all things, DUI!

Go over to North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association on Youtube for details, and excellent camera footage of this bizarre ” gang stalkig” event. It really doesn’t get anymore weird than this in so-called “free, western democracies.”

And it just does not get any crazier in Mississippi, either, unless we count Emmett Till, and what happened when boy from Chicago came down South.

Hell–who needs visitors anyways? Who needs outside investment, and cultural revival? Certainly not Mississippi! Just ask Lynn Fitch!

William Faulkner is rolling in his grave, as MS Attorney General Lynn Fitch sits with her hands up her daddies asshole, tryin to keep her hands clean as this KKK styled mess continues unabated….

2 thoughts on “Richard Moore, sober as a jaybird, gets a “DUI” charge. How absurd is the KKK state of Mississippi and Union County? DO NOT GO THERE, EVER! It is KKK hellhole!

  1. Well what a wonderful place to live!! NOT.. Wish we could chat.. But i could barely get lights up outside today for Jesus Bday or whenever his bday was.. Not sure how many but they are using heavey doses of dew device more than one, cause my symptoms got really bad.. Actually thought it was all over for me a bit earlier. My husband had to pop back by to check on me.. my pain tolerance is abnormally high cause of sports and torture as a child.. So for me to have what had today is highly concerning and i have no way to prove it and cops made it clear this year, they aint helping us.


    1. Yeah, its the season of lights, during the darkest days–people all over the world have celebrated the solstice since long before the Europeans stole their holidays, and renamed them after a Jewish guy who may or may not have existed.

      There is no scientific or historical evidence of any “Jesus” anywhere in the world, though some rabbi’s like to tweak the zany christians by noting “yes, there seems to have been a boy by such a name, and he was conceived during his mothers period,” one of the worst smears one can ever say in certain parts of Jewish culture.

      That said, yeah, happy Solstice! The European tribes all had some form of the celebration–the Celts brought us the mistletoe tradition, the Dutch gave us inter Kliss, and the Sami people gave us the image of elves and reindeer from the North Pole, and so on.

      So–yeah, if there WAS a Jesus–and there is NOT, he would be insulted by such a holiday “in his name,” and every religious text ever written is very clear on that point! So why muddy the holiday with such controversy?

      So–one of my other rules here at my blog is that generally, if people talk about DEW’s I consider them to be nutters.

      Such weapons are not used by local police departments for the most part, though roving bands of psychobabblers–like Midge Mathis, and Targeted Justice, and Derrick Robinson–and so many others–they do wiretap people, stalk people, and wage gossip campaigns to get people targeted.

      So, if you want to hang around here, please stop all that talk about The Jesus–it’s unacceptable in any form here, ok? Its just a point to cause argument.

      Again–I am not on your blog, hailing Shatan, or invoking Baal and so on, or ISIS for that matter. I would consider that rude, and offensive.

      Lastly, feel free to share your story of “torture as a child,” whatever you mean by that.

      Did you read the story of Little Arthur in Britain? A serial single mother starved, beat, and abused the boy over a seven week period. The west is full of such stories.

      So feel free to share your story of torture–and let’s talk about child abuse. Its hapening all over the USA right now, but states are to busy exploiting these children for federal cash to care.


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