I’d love to spit some Beech Nut in that dude’s eye…. Who can help me find more data about a shitbag dirty cop, A.D. Zachary, in Mississippi?

There is a dirty cop running around in North Mississippi, and I want to put him out of business. His name is “A.D. Zachary,” aka Adam Zachary, of Mississippi State Patrol, F-Troop.

UPDATE 1-8-2022: Since I posted this, Richard Moore was run off the highway by a “commercial vehicle,” in a four car mob, his car was totaled, and he was injured. This happened this week, not long after I wrote this post. It is one of many such incidents that have totalled his cars. When will the Mississippi law enforcement community look in to this case? Never mind–Moore indicts them and their Dixie Mafia associates directly as causing his injuries, and losses, with evidence.

If you or anyone you know has been harmed by this dirtbag, please write, and tell me your story. I am setting a timer on this guys activity, starting today. I here and now offer a reward for information leading to “A.D. Zachary” being charged with a crime, or otherwise taken out of business.

We have all heard the stories, right? Where there is one bad cop, the whole barrel is rotten, right? And then, amongst internet “auditors” who go around filming dirty cops, there is another saying “wherever a cop is afraid of a camera, you have a dirty cop.

I am waiting to see the footage of that dirty cop, A.D. Zachary, and I offer a bounty if you catch him in a crime.

Some of you who have been following along might recall that Richard Moore, a genuine targeted individual, was arrested again, yet another in a long line of false arrests, on false pretenses. It’s part of a long saga where the Mississippi Department of Public Safety is fraudulently using Homeland Security grants to harass a guy who is vocal about his rights. Use my search feature, KW’s Richard Moore, Union County

To my foreign readers, the slobbering dolt who arrested him tried to charge him with a Driving Under the Influence charge(DUI) , which is a charge that says that the arrested person has taken drugs, or is “drunk” with alcohol or something similar, which is ridiculous, as Moore is sober as a jaybird–the guy does not drink alcohol. And while he is on several legal prescription medications–medications prescribed by doctors–none of the dosages, nor the prescriptions are hallucinogenic or do otherwise cause impairment when taken properly.

Please go over to Moore’s Youtube channel, subscribe, and watch his latest video’s where people in police-styled black tactical clothing fire guns off in his front yard, and drive trucks dangerously THROUGH his front yard, try to box his car in on the highways, and leave low-class “artwork” in his yard too, the kind of “art” that you find in truck stop glory holes.

Here below is just one example of the Union County Sheriff’s departments “community policing” initiatives in collaboration with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, andtheir version of “public relations:”

These “community policing” team’s in Mississippi even have clever “gang” name for their activity” the Cum Bandits.” Good job down there in Union County, Mississippi! Hometown hero William Faulkner the world famous author would be so proud of what you people are doing there, with your clever writing and your obviously intelligent “community policing team”!

So, again, go over to Moore’s channel, and contribute to his GoFundMe campaign.

Here is more of the genius art work that Union County “community policing” creates and leaves at the end of Moore’s driveway:

This is a rape threat, and Union County Sheriff’s department refused to accept it as evidence, or to even have it finger-printed. You will notice there is a problem there in Union County Mississippi with fingerprint evidence, which I will get to shortly.

As I have said–Moore is not the kind of person I ordinarily find myself sticking up for, and he has several of the quirks that are on my “least favorite things on the earth” list. Let me show you:

  1. He speaks with a Southern American Peckerwood drawl. Normally, that gets people on my list quick, because Peckerwoods are nearly all low-IQ, usually the product of incest, inbreeding and so on. They hate everything and anyone who is not also a Peckerwood. And Peckerwoods even have gangs and are listed in that other race-gangs database too. But Moore is NOT a Peckerwood, and in fact, shows a bit of class–you can peek into his house on his video’s and note that he has a bit of culture too. And, he is not a racist scumbag, Peckerwood bully, like Officer A.D. Zachary, who arrested More a few days back.
  2. Moore goes on and on about the bible–GOD I HATE THAT! As an atheist/non-theist/ evolved human, I find religion offensive. Yet I also see its utility in situations like Moore’s: the guy needs a friend in “Jesus,” because he is indeed walking that same walk of persecution that is described in that book. He routinely has Pharisees stalking and slandering him, and he has Roman Guards in the form of various police and firefighter gangs from Union, Lee, and other MS counties jabbing his ribs every couple of weeks too, and pouring vinegar in his wounds.
  3. Moores video’s are long and windy–some of them at an hour or more!! Good GOD who can sit through all of that just to get to the facts (Yes Richard, I am talking directly to you!–shorten that shit up!! No one wants to waste an hour hearing what you could say in five minutes!!! Remember: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How!!!! GET TO THE POINT IN FIVE MINUTES OR LESS! Ain’t no one got time for that shit! You can ramble on later, but get the main points out of the way FIRST, OK?)
  4. A bunch more stuff, that gets on my nerves, prolly
  5. Oh, yeah–the guy is also a convicted sex offender too, did I mention that ? Riiight. Who wants to get caught up defending the rights of a sex offender, right? EXCEPT: I have read his case front to back, including the appeal, and the guy was likely framed by dirty Southern cops and their KKK allies. The one crucial piece of evidence in his case? Neither the police, nor Moore’s own attorney had it finger printed, or tested for DNA. I have written about/defended sex offenders exactly twice in my life, the other being Ted White in Missouri, who eventually was vindicated, and won a $30 million dollar payout. Moore’s cousin Charles Lee Moore was the most famous civil rights ear photographer of all time–and Moore’s uncle trained the attack dogs of the Birmingham police department too.

So, there you have it.

A.D. Zachary? Your name is on a list, bro. A list in hell, you cowardly punk. I hope wild dogs rape your wife, and your children fall under a bus. And, try to avoid car crashes in your area–I hear that a deputy or two has met that fate in your area. People like you are a disgrace to humanity, much less the law. Sleep tight, until further notice, bro–there is a “dirtbag cop” timer ticking with your name on it.

And, I am awaiting Mr. Moore’s video, for further action.

7 thoughts on “I’d love to spit some Beech Nut in that dude’s eye…. Who can help me find more data about a shitbag dirty cop, A.D. Zachary, in Mississippi?

    1. Thanks for the repost, Richard–understand I am not doggin’ you, just keeping it real–because that’s the best way forward.

      Please find out any/all information you can about that cop–I want to publish another story about just him, and send it around a few channels,


  1. I thought I would tell my story. My targeting began seven years ago. I was going to college then and on Oct 14, 2014. At first I thought that what was happening to me was regular bullying through spreading false rumors. Back then I didn’t know what a TI was or that our government was behind it. I went to the school for help and they did nothing. The stress was too much from the anger I was feeling and I quit school on February 1st, 2015. The next day I started hearing voices (Voice to Skull) and was sent to the mental ward of the Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa. I did not not know voice to skull technology existed either. I was there for one month because I initially refused to take the medication I was prescribed. The medication did not make voices go away and, at the same time, I was harassed almost everywhere I went. I had the voices throughout 2015 and got sent to another hospital in Cedar Rapids for not taking my meds. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital because they were adjusting my meds and I was tortured with Directed Energy weapons while I was there.

    After they released me from the Hospital, I was sent to a regional Care Facility ran by HillCrest Family Services. The voices were gone. I spent 8 months there waiting for a group home because my mom did not want me to move back to her place. In August 2016 I got into a group home. I got harrased a little bit too.

    In 2017, the voices (Voice to Skull) came back when I started working at McDonalds in Dubuque. I was still getting harassed at work and everywhere in Dubuque, too.

    In 2018, I moved to Des Moines hoping that would help things get better. But withtin the next few months the harassment started again and the voice to skull harassment was getting worse. In 2019, I took my first international trip to Ukraine and had issues with voice to skull harassment but made it home ok. I was tortured with directed energy weapons, gangstalking, and voice to skull harassment. I started working for A+ Lawn and Landscape in 2018 and was harassed until I left the company in May of 2020 because the voice to skull harrassment was really bad. It was then I learned the truth that our own government and local law enforcement were behind it when I found out that I was a targeted individual.

    Now in 2021, I am currently trying a CD from anttinnitusv2k.com that is helping against these voices. I went to Kiev, Ukraine for the second time on October 6-12 and had issues with voice to skull and gangstalking. The fake dossier Infragard gave to the local gangstalkers was that I was a “Russia Supporter”.
    I still have issues with gangstalking to this day.

    I became a Patreon member of United States anti gangstalking association and still will donate to Richard at his gofundme when I get the funds each month.

    Todd Williams, Des Moines, IA


    1. Hi Todd, and thanks for contributing to Richard Moore’s GoFund Me.

      OK–First, a bit about the rules of my blog, ok?

      1) I do not allow discussions about “Directed Energy Weapons” and V2k, because it distracts from the main issue of Fusion Center spying and “community policing” which does in fact take bizarre forms.
      2) I do not allow prayers or exhortations for Jesus here, because those right wing religious people ruin it for actual TI’s with their talk about “demon sex,” and being zapped with laser beams on their genitals and so on. Like that crackppt Midge Mathis, or Targeted Justice–these (primarily white, Pentecostal, Baptist lunatics who use such language are in fact stalkers themselves–and probably SHOULD BE targeted for what they are doing to others.

      Keep those two rules in mind in future comments, ok?

      That said, here’s this: I have personally experienced electronic weapons–but NONE were like anything described in your testimony, or the extant and bizarre B.S. online.

      No–I experienced “electronic wiretaps” to my cell phones and computers, some of which I directly traced to local Fusion Centers, via using an excellent program called Wireshark to monitor my internet.

      Wireshark is a free APP/.exe that you can install on any MS or Android device, and it is what is called a “deep packet sniffer” which tell you where your internet traffick is going when it leaves your phone or computer.

      These wiretaps were designed to stop my activism in the USA (human rights for Palestine, first amendment, prison reform, etc.), and they were quite effective–I left the country many years ago, and my targeting shut off as if I had flipped a light switch, or turned off a faucet.

      In fact, I allied myself with foreign friends who hep me monitor “electronic attacks” all of which come in the form of computer hacking, and redirection of my web search engine queries–and all of which come from US agencies and Fusion Centers.

      SO, I hope that clears up the water a bit for other readers who do not understand how these terms are used in the dialogue.

      AS for what you are callig “V2K” I have fielded testimony from others who call it “directed conversation,” which is police orchestrated activity, whereby–as in your case–they instruct doctor and nurses at a hospital to say things within earshot of your room at the hospital, and other tricks like playing radio’s on A.M. frequencies that are just static, trying to get a TI to think they are receiving a “satellite brain smasher!” or some other bizarre police/community policing activity.

      NOw–there are some in the dialectic involved in what I call the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, and they range from nurses, to EMT’s to police and “community policing assets” who are using gang stalking to punish people who challege its multi billion dollar industries–the Single Mother Complex, the Big Pharma mafia, and so on.

      These people are highly active AS STALKERS, because each victim furthers one or another of their “narratives.”

      SO, in your case–for whatever it was–you fell into the Big Pharma mental health narrative, and a prime example of hiow that works on the deeper level is this: these gang stalking mafia’s all generate capital for the states where they work, by actually driving people crazy, as we see in Richard Moore’s case.

      One day, he is a peaceful guy minding his own business, and then, out of nowhere, he gets some stalkers harassing him by driving by his house and shouting epithets.

      He then calls the sheriff, and the sheriff then begins to attack his narrative–despite ALL of that being caught on film (the gang stalkers are all grappling with this issue of how TI’s can now film them, and document this bizarre activity).

      Then, they try a psych hold on him, and failing that–voila! Several years of constant stalking as he documents.

      They try psychiatric holds, and false arrests for DUI because he is on a legal prescription drug–heart medication–and they never let up.

      These cases are all over the USA and the west in general right now, and not due to decrease any time soon. THese bogus arrests, 911 calls, fake medical holds and so on keep these shithole jurisdictions in business, because without them waging these crimes on the unsuspecting public, their counties/cities/ towns wouldn’t get that free money from the fed, or DHS.

      These are very bizarre campaigns of highly personalized terror, and a 100% money making scheme on the part of the states–they will literally attempt to drive people crazy, in order to fill their “health care” industry with free money.

      Lastly–why did you go to the Ukraine? Don’t you know it is the headquarters of the Israeli-Jewish oligarchy and its international mafia?

      And for an extra layer of fun, read up on how Israel supplies the so-called “right wing terrorists” there with weapons of all kinds, ranging from firearms to bombs and more.

      Strange bedfellows in the Ukraine–and Hunter Biden’s crack connection too lol.


    2. Did you ever consider that perhaps actual schizophrenia is involved?

      Though it is actual extremely rare, schizophrenia is real to some degree, after we strip away the Jewish-christian bias in psychology that often uses that label to persecute dissidents, the religious, and others.

      I do find your case interesting in one regard: if you use my search feature, you will find that many gang stalkings begin in college, as the various professors from Hillel, and the “diversity gangs” stalk the more christian, or fundie students.

      Likewise, in some colleges, the fundies are the stalkers, as are the Catholics, and especially the “rape crisis and mental health” campus centers are involved too.


  2. I went to Ukraine a second time just to see and take photos of what I missed last time. I had fun in spite of the gangstalking. I always dreamed of international travel and finally got to do it. Hopefully, Covid will be over in a few years and I can go to Prague or Sofia to meet other victims (TI’s). As for the rules, that’s fair.


    1. Hi, Todd.

      Yeah, your case is weird indeed.I am sure there is some back-story there.

      Again–each person who claims “electronic harassment” is different, but the majority in my experience use that as coded speech to signify that they are religious.

      The whole “got locked up” on a 5150 is also a common factor.

      Why are you interested in Ukraine?


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