Auditing the first amendment, while exposing the conflict between secular law and hidden religion and practice in policing

Imagine Jesus, lurking in non-de script clothing, and following people around, waiting tho shoot them in the back, as they walk into the door to their home.

Then, imagine The Jesus stating ” I learned long ago why I’m justified in throwing the first punch.” and you will quickly understand the type of fanatics and religious zealots who infect the profession of policing–and why I state with empirical evidence that fundies from many sects of christianity, allied with far right Zionists are who gang stalkers ARE for the most part.

Whether it is Targeted Justice(.biz), or the insane and vain Midge Mathis (not her real name) who claims she is “zapped with electronic weapons” while posting pictures of herself having a chemical peel gone wrong; or any of the many police and sheriff’s departments with Celtic crosses hanging prominently in each deputies office, and as seen on their clothing in Union County, MS, or at F-Troop in New Albany as actual targeted individual Richard Moore seeks justice as a first amendment auditor–these actual terrorists are hidden behind the badge, and some semblance of “the law.”

Go over to Richard Moore’s Youtube channel to see one version of how police in his area have Celtic crosses hanging everywhere in the UNion County sheriff’s department, and on their clothing as he audits the first amendment AFTER being falsely arrested. It’s bizarre, to live in 2021, and have people referencing their religion in the workplace! And, it’s quite likely against federal employment law that governs the public workspace, too.

The question is–whose law are these people beholden to? What laws do they think they are enforcing? Because their actions are in direct contradiction to both secular law, AND their religious texts. A double fraud upon the separation of church and state–and a betrayal of everything their Superhero Jesus taught.

Lets take a look at a violent bully who would look wonderful with a bullet between his eyes*–and the source of the quote above–and examine his “beliefs” about his duty in law enforcement–look at the derangement, and fanatical gleam in this guys eyes, then read it in his own words as he gives a sermon to Ohio State Association of Free Will Baptists. You can click to the news story to hear his “sermon.”

It is also important to note that he was a machine gunner in the US Marines, and that many gangs of stalkers around the US are also full of similar “profiles,” too.

The victim of the events described above, Casey Goodson Jr. who was shot in the back five times as he unlocked the door to his home, carrying three Subway sandwiches. The fanatical and insane murderer, evangelical christian, and former police officer, now charged with homicide, Jason Meade. Like that “tactical jihadi beard,” bro! See you in hell–or prison, whichever comes first, pegboy.

From PINAC News:

Ohio Deputy with God Complex Charged with Murder for Shooting Innocent Man in Back

By Carlos Miller December 6, 2021

Franklin County Ohio sheriff’s deputy Jason Meade “has a history of violence but was allowed to continue working as a deputy. He is also a Baptist pastor who was recorded preaching about the virtues of beating suspects, calling it a “righteous release,” laughing as he compared himself to David in the Bible.

“I work for the sheriff’s office … I hunt people. It’s a great job. I love it,” Meade said while addressing an audience during the 2018 convention of the Ohio State Association of Free Will Baptists in a recording.

“I worked this job 14 years, you know I ain’t never been hit clean in the face one time? It’s a fact. It ain’t ’cause I’m so good … You know why? I learned long ago I gotta throw the first punch. And I learned long ago why I’m justified in throwing the first punch. Don’t look up here like, ‘Oh, police brutality.’ People I hit you wish you could hit, trust me.”

Turn the other cheek indeed! These people are sick, sad sadists. To read the rest of the story, follow the links! Connect the dots!

Related Story: The frustration-aggression hypotheses explains a bit about why these fundies specifically shoot men in the back–a ritualistic and symbolic ass-rape of sorts, as we also see in Mr. Moore’s case, where these asshats left pictures like this in Moore’s yard. And, this is why I am all for the civil rights of gay men and the LGBTQ community too. The frustration-aggression hypotheses also predicts rape as a function of relative frustration.

*each to their own with hero fashion statements I say! See this story about the Bent Badge Klub in Vallejo CA.

4 thoughts on “Auditing the first amendment, while exposing the conflict between secular law and hidden religion and practice in policing

  1. Your a great writer.. Really like these writings. Very helpful. Well i was supposed to get arrested last night or something.. Really not in the mood for jail right now, but it could maybe be my first christmas in the clinker. and im just not an overly festive holiday cheer idiot. To many off themselves this time year, lonliness, despair people off themselves between Nov- Dec more than probably any other time of the year. What does ROGs Mean?. Republic of Govt? I look it up thanks for helping Mr Moore


    1. Hi, Heather, and thank you.

      What do you mean you are supposed to get locked up? Who said? Is there a a charge pending?

      ROGS means “research organized gang stalking.”

      Most #fakeTI’s and people like Targeted Justice, Tomo Shibata, etc. hate the term “research” when it comes to the topic, because everything they do is anti-science.

      Shibata for example holds a masters degree, and her thesis was juried by the late third wave pseudo-feminist Catherine MacKinnon.

      So, she is part of the stalking network that likes to claim they are “being zapped!” but in reality, they are targeting men who are accused of domestic violence in a highly gendered narrative, as if only men can be abusers, and only women can be victims.

      Well–you stay happy out there! This season of lights will be the best ever!


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