Meet the likeable, laughable clowns from F-troop! Do you remember that television show…what was the name….?

I am looking for a few “good men” to put a stop to the bad comedy I have been watching lately–can ANYONE there in Mississippi “do the right thing?” But this bad comedy does not have to go on, if you, and/or anyone else there actually believe in “salvation” or “redemption”Please contact me if you do–otherwise, see you in hell.

Roger Esby

The T.V. Series “F-troop” ran during the golden years of television, 1965-67, and starred Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch, Ken Berry and Melody Patterson. Billed at IMDB as “The misadventures of the staff and neighbors of a remote U.S. Army outpost in the Wild West,” it lived up to its name, running only two seasons–misadventures indeed!

With smarmy, overly un-clever episodes such as “The cavalry is in a pickle thanks to F-Troop!” the show had a predictably shot run.

Perhaps it was the tone deaf, racist and whacky depiction of native Americans, or the fact that America’s first culture war had drained the viewing audience away to bigger and better things, like the cultural revolution and the anti-war movement; or maybe it was the plain dull, canned writing that some t.v. studio’s of that era cranked out, a sort of “pulp television,” that had lost it’s charm on the viewers.

Maybe it was the attempt by the producers to squash modern concepts and themes into the past practices of colonization that also fell dead in the unpredictable and “asymmetrical” culture war that the US was undergoing at the time–seriously: “Don Rickles as Bald Eagle, the Renegade son of an Indian chief,” and other poorly done satire. Most legit viewers of that era couldn’t stomach Don Rickles, much less see him as the son of anyone other than other bald, unlikable Las Vegas moguls.

Here is F-Troop “in action”–Awwwww, look! Puppies! And Stupid people wearing Kaiser Wilhelm helmets!

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Image courtesy of PurpleClover

What loveable. likeable good guys there on the F-Troop! Hee, hee, hee, haw, haw, haw! An idiot blows an upside down bugle! Koyaanisqatsie! The whole world has gone crazy!

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Image from CircleAllAccess

Maybe it was the fact that the veterans of the US-western campaigns (the military industrial complex’s first domestic war on citizens) had nearly all died off, or maybe it was the terrible costuming, mixing Arapaho moccasins with Cherokee war bonnets, and Tlingit totem poles with southwestern thunderbirds–who knows?–I don’t know, but the series was a mish-mash of generally out-dated, poorly carried out, and actually bad things.
This original image can be YOURS TODAY! For the low, low price of 14.95!

The costume designers of that era–and even today–couldn’t tell an Arikara from a Kiowa, a Shoshone or Lakota from a Paiute, nor a Mandan from a Brule–they were simply not even aware that native Americans had separate tribes, and clans. Nor did the writers care!

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Image from Circle, as some Italian guy dons a “Injun’ war bonnet”

And honestly, things haven’t changed much around the US today, as we see police and militarized “task forces” and other clowns mixing and blurring their duties, their oaths, and their allegiances, much less their satirical delivery of those same duties, under the modern “predictive policing” schemes rampant around America and the west in general.

If only they knew, they were doing the bidding of the Saudi’s! Silly American’s–like puppets on Pinochio-strings, they will SAY and Do ANYTHING the Saudi’s ask, as long as F-Troop gets new equipment there on the western frontier!

Whatever we have to do ON THAT DAY! To get PAID!

American civil liberty is not threatened by “Hollywood Jews” and the “international cabals” any more than it is threatened by these cowering localities that have turned against US citizens in favor of free money from whatever the international bankster of the day is–oh no–US freedom is not threatened by foreigners, commies, or Simeon Mogilevitch and his fanclub at all–America is threatened by what those christian localities will do to US citizens for Federal Reserve notes, paid in black-ops cash.

All of that said–here below is more about Richard Moore, which I will cover in more detail for many months to come!

F-troops own Adam D. Zachary, Mississippi Highway Patrol in New Albany Mississippi turned a so-called “routine traffic stop” into an event where he “trafficked” a man under false pretenses. And THAT has a few writers interested.

To answer the question “what is human trafficking” in the gang stalking dialectic, this is just one example out of many. We will get to that later.

(note to self: use the “downtown computer” which has not been wiretapped by a certain nameable US government sponsored entity, so that your other emails, whose “contact list” and “content” cannot be tampered with when you hit “send.”)

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