In case you missed this: re-posting “The barricade situation: responding to police violence, and the trauma of losing “who you might have become.”

The story always begins in the news, with a dead guy, or a house set on fire; and with rising frequency, the headlines like to scream barricaded himself in a house after a domestic violence incident,” too. These things are happening every day across America now.

And the story ALWAYS ends “I think I’ve been paralyzed by this question of how to respond to police violence. Because for me, every answer feels like another loss,” no matter how it actually turns out.

That’s the way most stories that involve police violence end. The victim of police violence is at all points enduring loss–grieving for who they, or a loved one might have become, had they not encountered police violence.

Endemic, systemic police violence is what western nations use to enforce hidden religious agendas, sponsored by many corporate NGO’s and “mystery money.”

Derrick Ingram: A knock at the door. Boom, boom, boom.

Western democracies reveal that they are not, in fact democracies as soon as those knuckles hit the door. Western democracies, are in fact, police states, funded by corporate interests whose main goal is to suppress persons, and ideologies that seek democratic government, through democratic processes, rather than by pseudolaw and government double speak, and that from within a framework of a two tiered “justice system.”

It’s a system alright, but very little justice in it. Watch, as a man stands behind his own front door, and asks of the man whose knuckles were just hitting his door “do you have an arrest warrant?”

Then, notice the second form of police violence–which anyone who has ever been arrested or detained by police will recognize–the lie, that’s not exactly a lie, but deceptive enough to indicate that it is a deception–ten thousand years of police training in “spotting a liar” fails these guys in their own deceipts–they are lousy liars, nearly all of them.

Derrick Ingram



Yes, sir.

Derrick Ingram

What’s going on? Did you have the warrant?


There’s probable cause to arrest you right now.

Derrick Ingram

Is there a reason they haven’t called me about this investigation? Is it active?


It’s active, yes. For assault.

Does the cop ever say “Yes, I have a warrant for your arrest? No–he minces words, with a forked tongue, this deadly servant of Satan, if indeed there is such a demon. And certainly–because it’s New York City, he would be named “Shatan,” instead.

But there is no actual devil, rational people know this–there is only police brutality, dished out at the behest of the 1%, and it takes millions of uncountable and unaccountable forms, all of those forms seeking to “get away with it” under cover of the darkness of “Catch Me If You Can” policing.

Back inside, Derrick realizes he’s surrounded.

Derrick Ingram

So, y’all, officers in the hallway, officers with guns, officer in empty apartments in the building across from me. They’re banging on my door. They’re literally peeking in my curtains. I had to put up a sheet. Like, there’s over 30 officers here.

The gang stalkers will move in next door to you….the gang stalkers are peeping Tom’s and Tina’s–the officers are trying to make you crazy….

Every psychologist who relegates the claims of targeted individuals to “mental illness” is indeed, in on it, to the very last state dollar paid to their clinics and practices to dole out dope instead of validate these facts.

Targeted individuals are largely comprised of people who have endured one or another form of police violence–every single one of them, because police violence in western nations is pervasive–it is in everything, and it is everywhere.

The man behind his front door now is surrounded–by a group of police who are treating him like a terrorist–because he asked for a warrant–which in the US at least, is a citizen’s right to ask–and a police person’s responsibility to produce.

But the cop didn’t do that–he didn’t produce a warrant, because there wasn’t one. So he minced words instead.

And this is the story behind ALL of these “man barricaded himself in a house” situations. They are happening with repeated frequency all over the USA–and they are all similar to this story too.

The man behind the barricade is usually alone, and does not know what to do, because when police place citizens in situations where police refuse to follow the law, it is for a reason: the police are going to hurt you so that one or another of their “narratives” get Mockingbirded through the Mockingbird media.

“Mentally ill man barricades himself in house, dies in police shooting, as knife is found next to his body,” or one or another such variant. These stories are very common now.

Then there’s the story of the terrorist, who “died for his belief’s” where they always throw the word “Ala’ahu Akbar” in the second paragraph, quoting some un-named source who “just happened to be there” on the scene as it happened.

But in this case, the event was being live-streamed, and the potential victim filming the entire thing. ANd it DID cross his mind that dying for something–that his life, having meaning–deserved to die bravely, not in yet another murder by the police. These events in the west are at every point, targeted homicides, and extra-judicial killings, though the press doesn’t call them that.

They call them “barricade situations.”

And live streaming these events can save your life.

Derrick Ingram

I didn’t know what to do at that point. So I felt like I can get riddled with bullets if I open this fucking door, but I was thinking about, fuck it, I’m going to put my body on the line. It’s going to make a difference. I’m just going to open this door. If they fuck me up, that was a thought, too. Like–

Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr.

The thought of dying for the cause.

Derrick Ingram

Yeah, the thought of dying or getting hurt was definitely a thought briefly.

Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr.

Wow. Where do you think that came from?

I can tell you–it comes from the same place that grief comes from, but its not grief–it is resolve, as in resolution. These events, every time, make us stronger–and more willing to tell our stories. More eager to find an audience who will listen to these stories too–and we DO find that audience.

That intensity–that resolve, is the butterfly wing beating, and even as “things start to get even more intense” we pause a moment in ourselves, and say “don’t let them own this narrative.”

And it’s at that point in every gang stalking targets life where police begin “psychological operations.” It is then that they begin psychological warfare–this is the new policing that has taken hold across the western world, and it is BRUTAL beyond words, and as crippling as other forms of police torture.

The #fakeTI’s and the actual gangs of stalkers around the USA call it “no touch torture” and it is hard to document all by yourself–you need friends, and social media, and more to get that story out there,

But really–is it just me, ROGS, the author of a few blogs online that says that? Do police really engage in military grade psychological operations on “targeted individuals” who ask for a warrant, or invoke any other human or civil or legal right?

That depends on two things: which tier of the two tiered justice system you are on or were born into, and whether or not they can get away with it–whether or not you have the means and resources to destroy them in court.

But psychological operations are very real in modern anti-democratic policing.

Derrick Ingram

They literally cover my peephole. They had a battering ram, so all of this stuff on my wall is falling. I heard a pop, pop, pop.



Derrick, you’re the one making this difficult. We’re just trying to get you to come outside. Derrick, do you understand what I’m saying?

Derrick Ingram

Bro, this is–


There’s no hostility. You’re the one being hostile right now.

Derrick Ingram

I’m not being hostile. I’m calm. I’m calm. I am chill.

Police Radio

I’m sorry, I think I lost you. Um, hey, Derrick–


There’s no warrant.

Derrick Ingram

And then at another point– and this was caught on camera– they were like–


So why don’t you be the warrior you state you are and come out and let’s face thesituation?

Derrick Ingram

–why don’t you be the warrior you say you are?


Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr.

Derrick only has two options– stay inside or open the door. And as the police ramp up the pressure, it’s getting harder and harder to know which one to choose. The lawyers he’s on the phone with have been trying to negotiate a peaceful surrender with the police, but haven’t had any luck. So now they’re just trying to help Derrick stay calm.

Riiiight. They are telling him to stay calm. That’s a good one, as they say. But this is what PSYOP is.

To my readers–especially those who have never been through such things, who never had to fight for your rights (as if we should have to do that in a “free society”) I ask that you go over here, to Ira Glass’ always amazing show, This American Life, and tune into the whole podcast–because what I wrote up there just now is real life, it’s not fiction, and it really happened–indeed it happens every day.

All dialogue up there with a name before it is from that podcast–those moments when the art wishes it could imitate life, but always comes off sounding hollow–the art looks at interviews like this with envy; such is the vanity of writers.

American police do not “enforce the law,” nor do they even respect or uphold the law–they seek at all points to circumvent the law, and will attempt to escalate any event into a mass shooting, or a “barricade situation,” exactly as you see above. Escalation, spiced with extra helpings of “mental health problems” splashed through the arrative is a profitable business model, as we learned in the Portapique mass shooting in Nova Scotia.

A guy merely asks for the police to do what the law requires, and they surround him, as if he is a terrorist–they do it every day; these cases are legion. That’s the real America–and it’s the one I show to my friends, too.

The case was tossed right out of court, and the victim is now suing, because he got good evidence of the terrorist behind the badge taunting him, torturing him, for six hours. Without that? He would be a dead man right now–another “barricade situation,” reported on the news–likely with a knife found next to his lifeless body.

That’s the real America–and it’s the one I show to my friends, too.

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