Union County Man accused of shooting at helicopters

Digging around in Union County Mississippi reveals some interesting things–like the fact that more than one citizen in the area has complained about helicopters buzzing them, and flying over their property.

KW: Gary Curbow, Union County Mississippi, National Guard members stalking, involuntary commitment, helicopters and gang stalking

Such complaints seem odd and unbelievable–only a “paranoid person” could think that helicopters are flying above their houses, right? But stranger things have happened, and especially there in Union County.

Have a read through the case of Richard Moore here at my blog, and also on his Youtube channel, North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association, where Moore documents a drone following him around in Mississippi, amongst many other bizarre activities (bizarre even by the standards of standard psychological assessments–but real, because he documents these absurd activities on film!) to see how strange these cases are in that area. In fact, Moore has even implicated a National Guard member who stalked him on Facebook as one of his tormentors.

But these cases are happening all over America right now–tens of thousands of them every year. Moore has had police arrest him countless times times on fraudulent charges that get tossed out of court, and police jail him and torture him in the jail in crude ways, and with excessive force, applying varying degrees of psychological abuse.

He calls that torture, which it arguably is, and anyone who has ever endured modern policing will easily recognize the validity of the claim: deputies smashing their victims heads into walls and cars; handcuffs put on so tight that arms and wrists are useless for weeks after the false arrest; various anal probes, and derisive behavior directed at the target by police while in custody–these are not merely “arrests” these are opportunities for these bad actors in policing to damage people, often on film, because police have mounted an assault on camera’s to see what they can get away with.

He has had people dressed in black tactical gear stalking in front of his home, shooting guns in front of his house in the dark of night and had gangs of people in cars try to box him in on the highways, to other plainly absurd and illega activity that any legitimate law enforcement organization would investigate, but not law enforcement in HIS county, because it is dependent upon federal funds for black programs–Moore indicts the “human trafficking” slush fund, and he is spot on. Use my search term “Richard Moore” and open a cockroach nest of police/sheriff’s department abuses.

So, when I read through cases where there are odd claims, I look at them with a different set of eyes than the average writer–I read between the lines in these cases to find details that others might miss. ANd often, the “witnesses” interviewed in media, or the odd virtue-signalling words and phrases that these gangs of police stalkers use are the first clue. Have a look at these bad sources, and worse examples of how deep state players in the FBI and other agencies seed the dialectic with illegal activity and far-right ideology.

Others like these psychologists here, like to claim that all of these cases are cases of people with “delusional beliefs,” and the Pasco County Sheriff’s progam is enough to debunk them completely–even the Department of Education is investigating just that one example.

Any common person, or personal injury attorney will easily see that there are zero delusions, and 100% police and fire department affiliated stalkers in Moore’s case, and he provides ample evidence that this is so–starting with the complete INACTION of police who refuse to investigate death threats and gunfire in front of his home.

That all said, back in 2018, Mississippi farmer Gary Curbow of New Albany MS complained that helicopters were buzzing over his house, and dropping drugs on his property, and one helicopter coming so close to him that he claimed it “tried to fly into the window of my pickup truck.”

Related Story: What are the black helicopter theories? Many claims of these sightings occurred back in the 1970-1990’s as certain elements of the federal government waged war on people who believed in constitutional democracy, and what they called “militia’s”. There are also links to UFO sightings, and today, thanks to “conspiracy theorists,” the government has acknowledged that UFO’s are indeed very real, and now has an office set up to deal with these unknown flying objects.

And of course the news stories were sure to quote “some neighbors” who verified that “every time a helicopter flies over his property” he takes action, such as shooting at the helicopters.

As happens in these cases, Curbow was then arrested and whisked off into the federal system, and declared dangerous and incompetent, with his case finally seeing him locked up on a civil commitment (United States v. Curbow, No. 20-7797 (4th Cir. 2021))–exactly what the “gang stalkers” online claim will happen to a target–because dead men and crazy people tell no tales, just like the mass shooters, and so on. The discrediting narrative is complete, when the person harassed cannot speak for themselves, due to how these stalkers evade jury trials and so on.

Refer to the case above of Richard Moore who also has clear and concise video evidence of the “off the grid” and “intelligence led predictive policing” tactics there in New Albany and the surrounding areas for reference as to how the “community policing” initiatives in that area do in fact take bizarre forms, far exceeding the boundaries of the law, or ethical practices in any way, when the state of Mississippi targets a person in that area.

Any rational observer watching Moore’s video’s would come to the same conclusion I have–these programs are designed to make a person appear insane, because their tactics are far outside of due process of law, and violate civil rights, exactly as we see in the Pasco County FL cases in the courts today.

they stalk him within minutes of him having terrorists driving pickup trucks over his lawn, and threatening him! In Moore’s video’s, we clearly see criminal stalking activity, and he names those who do it–yet the Union County Sheriff, the New Albany police department, and the state patrol do NOTHING–Moore’s case makes those domestic violence relationship stalking cases look like amateur hour, as Moore faces daily death threats and much more.

Moore has evidence of National Guard members joining/being added to his Facebook page, and blames his targeting on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, and specifically he states that the “human trafficking” black budget in that area is how these cash-strapped counties in shithole states like Mississippi get cash, and inflate statistics.

So for example, each time some Night Riders fire off guns in Moore’s yard, or squeal their truck tires through his yard (which he documents via the Ring Camera system), or literally kick down his front door, he is forced to call 911, or to go to New Albany and file police reports–yet the sheriff and other law enforcement agents there never follow up on the many cases that Moore sends them. Its a 100% profit earning scheme for the poice departments that utilize this absurd practice.

In fact, within hours of his most recent arrest, Moore collected video of police cars driving by his house in a caravan, and what appears to be a red fire truck doing many drive-bys left and right on camera; and his video’s captured a “neighbor” named “Hutchinson*”menacing him by driving through his front yard, and getting out of his truck to threaten him in hos own yard! As a witness watched! Absurd by the definition of the word, but this is what is called “no touch torture” in the gang stalking dialectic–the threat these people literally pose to their victims is real, and his case demonstrates that.

After enduring this for what appears to be hours according to the video’s, when Moore drove away from his property, he was then stalked by the state patrol, and later, stopped, harassed, had his car tossed, and a state patrol cop named Adam Zachary attempt to frame him with a pocket knife in what could have resulted in a police homicide, due to that dirty cops tactics, and fraudulent actions. The cop took a pocket knife from Moore’s car, put it on the trunk right next to Moore’s hand as he was in the prone position, and repeatedly said “STOP REACHING FOR THE KNIFE!!” despite Moore exhibiting zero intentions of doing so.

And this is how cops used to get away with murder, but in the post cell phone video era, and the internet, these claims are seeing the light of day, and dragging these cockraoches into the light.Best of all, these insane people are doing this in the name of Jesus–no kidding, as we see in the Pasco cases, the sheriff “has friends in high places.” Absurd, insane policing.

How Bizarre Are the Activities of Gang Stalking Police Departments?

This above is how bizarre the complaints of gang stalking are, and it’s plainly to “unreal” to believe unless you catch it on film, as Moore did. So–why do these local shithole police departments in shithole KKK states do these things to people? Is it ONLY shithole KKK states that are doing this? Not by a long shot, as “liberal” states like New York and California lead the pack in gang stalking complaints with hundreds of thousands of internet searches for those exact terms.

SO, these states use their resources for state sponsored stalking, and they do it because it inflates crime statistics–these cases are 100% “make work” projects for those departments that utilize these tactics, because sooner or later a crime WILL occur. But their target is not the neighbor, whose crimes were caught on film, nor the stalkers who box Moore in on the highway–their target is NOT the people who maraud at midnight, shooting guns at Moore– because he is indeed their target–he brings revenue to their town each time he calls or files a report–because states get federal grants depending upon how they can inflate crime statistics, via 911 calls and other such cash generating sources.

But then again, there is precedent for the bizarre conduct of these alphabet agencies in this version of policing–and indeed, the claims of helicopters are believable, due to a classic case from the early “War on Terror” years, where the Department of Homeland Security actually landed a helicopter on the lawn of a DHS whistle blower.

In the case of Ukrainian born rocket scientist-turned Border Patrol and Customs Agent Julia Davis, from 2007, we find so many odd events that it literally defies the imagination of any writer–even fiction does not cover the lengths and depths of bizarre activity that was directed at her–the DHS opened over 50 investigations by gangs of investigators, and raided her home, including a helicopter landing on her lawn! Click this link for more about that. These cases are so far beyond “bizarre” that it defies the current definition of bizarre.

You really have to read these cases to get a feel for how bizarre these DHS/black budget activities can be, including the claims of choppers harassing and stalking people. And then, the researcher must distance themselves from what are called the “black helicopter theories,” because the usual suspects are all over that dialogue seeding crap information too.

But the black helicopters are indeed real, and quite well documented, as are the complaints of people who also claim that helicopters harass them.

Here is just one photo of one of the more well known events that was documented all over the media–the Chicago Black Helicopter in 2018 dropping supplies and heavily armed persons in military gear on a rooftop, and no doubt this event had a legitimate explanation, albeit a “secret” or properly classified one, as the public does not need to know every detail of every police training mission, some of which should indeed be classified:

Picture of a Black Helicopter with soldiers descending from it on ropes

Again, in my two decades of research, I have found exactly one man claiming to be a targeted individual online, who, after I applied social media research (SOCMINT) and open source intelligence (OSINT), I found he is in fact a multi-millionaire who owns a helicopter leasing firm–and he is what is called a #fakeTI, because online, he yammers on about “electronic harassment from directed energy weapons and satellites!!!”–but obviously he has the money for a private army of investigators if he needed one–which he doesn’t because he is in fact an actual “gang stalker.” You can contact me for evidence if you are writing a major media story.

And so, back to farmer Gary Curbow and his claim: the guy may, or may not be a danger to society, but he is possibly a danger to the military personnel who routinely were buzzing over his property–but not too much of a danger, when you consider that he only used a 12 gauge shotgn which is useless at any range beyond 200 feet; and while it is possible to actually shoot down a low-flying chopper with higher power weaponry, Curbow didn’t use such, and so if he was serious he would have AIMED FOR THE FUEL TANK, or the pilot with a Barret M-107 or aimed for the pilot–and he didn’t do any of that.

See the source image
A Barret M-107–what a gorgeous piece of hardware! Aim for the fuel tanks if you are serious (they are the oblong pods on the outside of the copter, that resemble huge fly eggs), and turn those heli-stalkers into fried pork!!! Image from “US Army Buys More m-107’s,” from The Firearm Blog

It’s difficult, but not impossible to down a copter, and the interesting search query “how to shoot down a helicopter” is out there. Is it possible to shoot down a helicopter that is buzzing over your property? It certainly is according to several forums on Quora. And honestly–for those who do this shit? Yeah–some hot lead might help clean gang stalker fog out of their conscience.

A reduced size, crash worthy fuel pod for an Apache helicopter. Image source: Robertson Fuel Systems

That is of course if “gang stalking is real,” which, according to the :authorities” it is not. SO, no harm, no foul if you take down a chopper full of imaginary gang stalkers folks, because “gang stalking” and “gang stalkers” are NOT REAL according to the authorities. Blast away as if you are playing a video game, because you cannot cause any real harm in such cases.

So then, the secondary issue is one of sanity, delusions v. actual harassment via this new form of policing that has taken hold all across the west, and we see that 75,300,000 search queries for “can helicopters fly over my property?” have come in to a common search engine. That’s a LOT OF PEOPLE asking the same question isn’t it? And so, we can arrive at the conclusion that more than just one cantankerous farmer in KKK infested North East MS has had a problem with heli’s doing drive-by’s.

Obviously the right thing to do is attempt to identify the aircraft, and report it to the FAA, and Curbow didn’t do that. As I say often–evidence is your only recourse, so collect evidence, and report it properly–especially if it is these kinds of police-military gangs that do bizarre stuff indeed. Here are the FAA guidelines for observing and reporting low flyng aircraft, but that alone isn’t enough, because you need photos and video’s to really make your case.

We see one mass shooting where the target reported being harassed by airplanes and other objects in the sky, the case of Everton Brown, which was clearly a gang stalking precipitated event. In fact the “FBI planes over Baltimore” story broke in his area, and it was a major story in the news cycle–so his claims were not entirely unfounded, but he lacked specific proof, as most of these cases do. Use my search feature “Everton Brown,” to see how these cases go.

With zero doubt, this modern policing is at every point designed as a “make work” project, and agents from various agencies do in fact form gangs that operate outside the law and due process, exactly as the FBI did as they circled above Baltimore–this form of “policing” is in fact an attack on the very foundations of democracy, and men such as Moore and Curbow are the early casualties of this covert domestic war.

Related Stories: To get an idea about the types of people that fill these agencies, take a look at the FBI agent wearing a rainbow colored dildo in the office, or Special Agent “lesbian wife beater”. Or look at the many “task force” that operate lawlessly around the country outside of the view of the courts and justice system. These are not “one off” oddballs at the agencies–these are the tip of the dildo iceberg that highlights the “police personality,” and why that is a problem in a two tiered society.

But also–there are legitimate purposes for helicopters flying over your house or property. Your job is to establish their routines, document anomalies, and report inconsistencies to the proper authorities. Here are many reasons why heli’s fly over your property, and so, document the irregular occurrences, and the non-government flights. The US and its allies are indeed under attack from the “enemy within,” which is international players, targeting local individuals. Be vigilant, and take notes.

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