Journalists as targeted individuals: the MSM is waking up to gang stalking

SO, after I waged a one person PR campaign to raise awarness of gang stalking, media figures of all kinds are waking up to the reality of it.

In my case, I first knew I was targeted after I wrote articles about the pseudo-law systems and feel-good police initiatives that are chipping away at our democracy, due process and civil rights. These pseudo-laws are plethora in the USA, the types of laws that are pushed by ultra-conservatives and far left “liberals” that circumvent the Constitutional guarantees of equal treatment under the law.

Pseudo-laws like the Violence Against Women Act, and the various “COPS community policing” initiatives that go along with it have the outward appearance of being good for society, but at their heart are the exact opposite. And so-called “hate crimes” laws sound good too, but at their heart is a racist group of people called the B’nai Brith/ADL who include police as a protected category of protected persons–which is antithetical to each and every purpose of such laws, because police are public servants, and established law has always held that public figures deserve the hate they get, should they earn it–and police across America have well-earned it.

And VAWA created the false and gendered narrative that violence is a male problem, when in fact, nearly ALL studies since forever have indicated that women initiate the majority of violent encounters–and this law also created pseudo-courts to “adjudicate” domestic violence, with a host of other federally financed programs that craftily avoid jury trials, where women could be held accountable for initiating violence.

The Clinton era COPS program is equivalent to a police state, as we see the “broken windows policing,” morphing into the absurd “intelligence led predictive policing” targeting the poor and the marginalized with unconstitutional constant harassment. Again–the Tampa Bay Times won a Pulitzer Prize for its series “Targeted” where we see this perverse and unconstitutional, due process free policing being challenged in court. Use my search feature “Pasco County” and “”predictive policing” for other posts about that.

Beyond simple stalking, I experienced actual attempts by police “gangs” to run me off the roads, many police related people causing car crashes, and constant harassment from both right and left elements. Female stalkers from the “empowered women’s groups” of the far right and left were all “domestic violence advocates” who literally stalked me, and I eventually captured them like rats in a rental property where I was able to gain their personal details and bio-metric data as applicants.

The NGO’s that use stalking are numerous, and many documented cases involve AIPAC and similar groups. And many ask “well is the FBI/DHS/et alphabet agency involved in gang stalking?” The recent case of Richard Moore documents one aspect of that here, Keith LaBella, Esq. has also implicated the FBI directly via outing an informant who put him on their radar, and I myself have connected specific agents to my own case via social media monitoring (SOCMINT) and open source intelligence (OSINT) too. I have their home addresses, and more.

Far right stalkers from military contractors to actual US agents from named agencies, private contractors, and especially retired Air Force and other military weirdos from 1960’s-70’s “think tanks,” cults and other groups of former military intelligence figures too. It couldn’t get any more bizarre than that.

This bizarre and constant “community policing” is antithetical to democracy, or functional democratic policing that respects rights of any kind, yet it was a constant feature until I left the USA, where the stalking stopped, exactly as if I had flipped a light switch, or turned off a water faucet.

So–why do “they” target journalists–and who are “they” anyways? Lets have another journalist tell it–but I ask that journalist “who are “they””? And I think my experience demonstrates the answer to that question.

So, for some, it is one nameable stalker–and for others, stalkers are legion, if you know where to look, and how to identify the larger networks of these people. In the case below, we see that these journo’s did in fact catch an actual stalker–but it is possible that he was just one of many:

Why they target and terrorize journalists: CNN’s Brian Stelter, Don Lemon and me

By S.E. Cupp New York Daily News | Dec 21, 2021 at 2:00 PM

Brian Stelter and Don Lemon
Brian Stelter and Don Lemon (Getty Images)

“Cancel Christmas.” That’s what the chilling email addressed to me read, nearly a dozen years ago, right around the holidays.

The anonymous author went on to say he’d kill me coming out of Fox News, where I was working at the time.

As a political commentator, I’d sadly grown accustomed to threats of this nature, and I got all kinds. Some were violent rape fantasies. Some were simply images of hanging nooses. Once I was sent a box of bloody chicken parts. And some were actual death threats.

All because I had a political point of view some people didn’t like, and as a member of the media, I had a platform to express it.

Then, because I was a conservative Republican, the threats came from the far left. Now, as I’ve become a vocal Trump critic, they come from the far right.

Of course, actionable threats were — and still are — dealt with swiftly by the FBI, security, or other law enforcement. But that doesn’t always mitigate the emotional and psychological toll these attacks have on a person or a family.

The threats are meant not only to terrify us but to muzzle us, to make us afraid to speak, which happens to be our job.

Additionally, we’re often told not to talk openly about these threats, as it only works to encourage new ones, and that’s another kind of muzzle that makes it hard to process them mentally and explain to readers and viewers how they affect us.

But this week, two of my colleagues at CNN, Brian Stelter and Don Lemon, got that very opportunity and bravely took it.

They spoke at the sentencing hearing of a 36-year-old California man, Robert Lemke, who sent threatening messages to nearly 50 victims, including journalists and politicians who had said in one form or another that President Trump lost the 2020 presidential election.

….follow the link to read more.

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