Techdirt covers the Pasco County Sheriff’s department’s gang stalking program: follow along as government shills mince words about “targeted individuals.”

The amazing writers at often have a blindspot: how troll farms, and government funded crisis PR agents and agencies–along with typical dolts and Mockingbirds–manipulate comment forum sections, and indeed, frequently rewards the worst offenders.

Regardless, there is progress in the gang stalking dialectice!

The Department of Justice, and the Department of Education are now on the case of the Pasco County Sheriff and his “gangs” of deputies harassing school children in the name of a “higher power.” And we see a pattern emerge: that the police who use these unconstitutional programs have many names for the programs–but that the targets and victims of these police-led domestic terror campaigns call themselves “targeted individuals,” of “gang stalking,”

These insane people who utilize gang stalking are gradually being revealed–and they are nearly all insane far right christians, ultra-orthodox, or other fanatical people–far outside of anything their bibleor other “holy books” teach–these insane people are actually forcing religion upon people via “gang stalking.”

Have a read through Techdirts coverage of these case, and especially, read the commebts forums. Its an eye opener.

Start here:

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