Hacking, and targeted individuals” my email has been hacked, and I could care less. Its a “log” story.

So, the case of Richard Moore in North Mississipi has afew Jethro’s and Bubba’s and banksters in a froth–I have brought light to places where their dark practices prosper, like mold, mildew, and cancer.

SO, they hacked one of my many, many emails.

UPDATE 1-5-2022: Richard Moore reports that he was just run off the road by a gang of four car. He was injured, and his car was totalled. Go over to his Youtube channel, contribute to his threeupcoming federal lawsuits against corrupt sheriff’s and community policing gangs in thr KKK state of Mississippi, Here his Go Fund Me, and use my search feature “Richard Moore” for more information about this case.

Oh well, its the price we pay for democracy–listen folks: It is NOT the Chinese, it is NOT the Russians, the North Koreans, or Iranians–nor is it the various other bogeyment you have been taught to fearit is with zero doubt, the US-FVEYs alliance, their neocon deep stae asshats, and their scummy little genocidal racist pal, Israel, that hacks my various online presence, EVERY TIME. I keep records, and I log the IP addresses, and the computer “exploits” associated with them.

And with 100% certainty, I tell you this: what I chronicle at this blog is what terrorism IS by every metric and measure–these people HATE free speech more than any other thing in the world–these cockroaches do NOT want the world to see what they are doing, or to see how they mobilizes resources against free speech.

It goes like this–EVERY TIME!:

-some shitbag coward in one or another FVEYs-Israel intel agency hates what I say.

-they hire Indian hackers, most of the time, or, sometimes attempt hacking from Ankara Turkey, where the US-Israeli “ISIS” group operates terrorism and use hacking tools from dirtbags like nefarious NSO group, a typical Isreali itelligence agency terrorist group, or Jewish-christian front to hack my emails and so on.

-they file malicious reports to complicit US-FVEYs agencies, who do similar things as hacking my email.

Etc–lots of etcetera in these cases.

The only thing I can validate with evidence though is this: It is NEVER Iran, or Russia, Northe Korea, or China hacking my blogs/emails/other web presence, and it is AWAYS the “free” wetsern “democracies” and their intel agents and agencis/

And, I have evidence for that claim, if anyone is looking for such.

I will shortly “re-invent” my web presence again, due to that latest hack–by the same bad actors I documented. You can see where that hacking began here, and here. WIth no doubt whatsoever, the US and its allies are waging a war on words themselves.

And Richard Moore, if you are reading? Yup–they did that because I write about your case!.(use my search feature, KW: Richard Moore). Also, Richard, check back here periodically, as I will soon transition back to one or another paid blog, where we can speak.

But merry solstice anyways, to you and your kin, unless you are one of the aforementioned asshat hackers, in which case I say “I hope you die in a fire.”

Ahhh…my Xmas fireplace is sure warm, and I hope yours is too.

2 thoughts on “Hacking, and targeted individuals” my email has been hacked, and I could care less. Its a “log” story.

  1. This is just great of course we saw this coming. They don’t do this to Targeted Justice! Because they are the face of criminal gaslighting stalkers. My YouTube channel you can get updates but there are some very serious things we must put to press. Set something up that can only be accessible via tore or soy along that line. These creepy ass pathetic law enforcement criminals Are peeping Tom perverts and I will die putting the truth out along with cold hard evidence. They have always been crawling out of the woodwork. Now they are unhappy! Tuff shit and fuck them!


    1. Well for now? use dropbox, and this comments forum to talk.

      I will have something set up this week–but Xmas keeps me busy right now, and I have a film project I am working on too, so busy busy busy.

      Stay in touch here for now.

      LIke I said–anything you want me to edit, you can post here to the comments section, and I will edit it right here–easy, cut and paste for both of us.


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