Meet the history buffs who are stalked by a cult! MessageTo Eagle gets stalked

The majority of online-offline gang stalking is initiated by cult members from within the intelligence apparatus, including current and former police, military, and intel agencies, most notoriously organizations like the Fraternal Order of Police, or the various Rotary, Lions Clubs, Masons and so on are often implicated too. But there are actual intel agencies ties in all cases*.

Police are especially active in these clubs, lending weight to the claim that its “the freemasons” stalking people**–and indeed they are, but also, there are anti-Masons, and cult-religious sects and “orders” that compete in various ways too complex to get into here. But leave it said that in several gang stalking related mass shootings, the shooter had made claims of being stalked by exactly these types, and that these types also show up in the after eventmedia narrative.

But unlike the case below, gang stalking is not limited to online stalking, though it often starts there, and a sub-category of complaints involves academics whose work is attacked, or whose character is smeared online, most notoriously how people like Professor’s James Tracy, Norman Finklestein and others were stalked by elements of the Anti Defamation League and its spawn in the last decades, and lost positions in academioa due to these cowardly mobs; or Anne Marie Brady, a Woodrow WIlson Fellow in New Zealand who blames the Chinese for her harassment and stalking.

And of that sub-category, I have found an onteresting and strange fact: ths who study dead or dying languages and the tribespeople who speak them are highly targeted.

In my research, I would NEVER have anticipated that conclusion, having found as I have that the vast majority of gang stalking is as stated above, police and lilitary, and itelligence agents working under the “community policing schemes that are destroying western culture right now.

Most research indicates that these stalkers are also active at all levels of discourse, policing speech itself, and that gang stalking is their extremist activity. Many of these also can be traced to ïntelligance cults with a stake in the “narrative of culture too, but there are so many they are hard to pin down.

So its a welcome relief when people can name their stalkers, and take active measures as necessary.

Message To Eagle is one such case I have found online, where they were able to trace their actual stalkers, and name them, as well as substantially describe their activity, and their cult belief system.

Quite unusual though, is that this cult believes in “Beelzebub, one of the many “pseudonyms for the devil, which is quite unusual, because the vast majority of extreme stalking is done by purported christians who derive from one or another Jewish-christian tradition. Many sources concure with that latter claim, and the majority of gang stalking victims too.

As such, there is a wide reaching intelligence cult that also seeks to discredit their victims, which you can read about by using my search feature “, keywords “Source”, and “Sourcewatch, “religion” etc.

From Message To Eagle:

Are You A Victim Of Cyberbullying And Online Stalking – We Are And This Is Our Story!

MessageToEagle | November 17, 2016 | News | – Are you a victim of cyberbullying and online stalking? Online harassment is not ok!

We here at and are and have been harassed online for some years now. This is our story and we want to share it with our readers, colleagues and partners. Let the truth be known!

For some years now and its science writers have been harassed online by a large ancient history site.

The site’s owners are of Greek and Australian origin. (Update: In 2017 they moved to Ireland). 

Research, based on information from people who in the past worked with them and online material available about these individuals shows the site’s owners are former members of a dark cult dedicated to the worship Belzebub (a demon, prince of the devils etc) and witchcraft.

follow the link to learn more

*I use an extremely broad definition ofthe term intelligence agency because the CIA et al have extended their reach and influence into ALL spheres of modern life. The best example is how the CIA uses its venture capital firm InQTel to finance Silicon Valley starup companies. But also, I have found many heads of Fusion Centers to be trained “psychological operations” practitioners, with extensive academic credentials in this area of study, and also involved in stalking activists, and those NASA persons such as crackpot Richard Lighthouse, and others very actively spreading disinformation about this topic too.

**This case here demonstrates an actual stalking victim identifying a Mason stalking him, via the well known symbol of the Masonic compass tattooed on the guys leg.

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