Journalists and gang stalking: how to write about these cases?

Youtube is full of excellent, authentic videos that document gang stalking in real time, but there’s a problem with these videos: they are often lengthy, hard to watch, and sometimes the victims and perpetrators use similar terminology laden with hyperbolic claims –so its hard to find genuine cases of these abuses!

Then, YT is also filled with pure garbage and psychobabble on this topic, much of it connected to the current and former military, police, intelligence agents who masquerade as TI’s; or psychologists who claim that gang stalking is a “delusional belief,” as they themselves adopt and perpetuate the narrative of the scientifically debunkable garbage on those channels that are laced with hyperbole and extreme exageration of claims, such as “I am being tracked by a satellite run by lizard people right now!!!” which drowns out actual victims videos.

The litmus test to separate victims from perpetrators is really very simple: Evidence.

The actual victims will claim “police stalking,” “community policing harassment,” and will demonstrate as much, while the crackpots and disinformation agents will claim “demon sex*, lizard people, directed energy microwave weapons zapping my brain!!!” and so on.

These extreme claims are all easily debunked, as they never, ever produce a shred of evidence that they are targeted, and are most often made by religious crackpots from various cults and sects of christianity**, and others who utilize the dialectic for various purposes–but a trained researcher will quickly weed out the real cases from the garbage and disinformation, by whether or not the victims complain of “police stalking them,” versus all of those crackpots rambling on about electronic weapons that they cannot name or provide evidence for.

These latter claims are often current and former intelligence agents from police, military, and intel agency capacities, virtue signalling the fact that they are religious, and that they have their own gangs of stalkers to mobilize forpolitical purposes. Some of them are even “pastors” of various churches, or just mockingbirds, sometimes with a mental disorder (not surprisingly, the original attempts to create a diagnoses for schizophrenia also included religious exhortations as an indicator .)

But actual victims exist, and excellent videos of them documenting gang stalking exist too, if you know where to look, and what to look for. Often, we see these victims adopting the bizarre language of the stalkers, using words like torture to describe their many false arrests, and the accompanying police abuse that they endure during these false arrests.

We also find victims describing the various computer hacking and cell phone redirection as “microwave electronic harassment.” and so on.Many video’s document how the police moboilize community stalking mobs to target people as they shop, or do other mundane things like get gas in their car, or walk through town.

But absolutely crystal clear cases are hard to find, due to these problems above, and because YT is equivalent of an old time bookstore (does the western world even have bookstores anymore?) and such videos are comparable to how the old time book store displayed content too: comic books, magazines, and pop culture novels in the front row, and “real books” about history, philosophy, linguistics, and so on towards the back. Its simply easier to sell garbage than it is to sell wisdom and knowledge.

And like that old book store, you have to know where to look! In the gang stalking dialectic, there is no Dewey Decimal system–its usually hit or miss on YT and other platforms content.

See the source image
The Dewey Decimal System. There are actually several categories for “gang stalking” and these sections are in the social sciences, religion, and and history. It’s most famous title is called “History: lessons never learned by formerly free societies.

Worsening that, is that targeted persons are often not the best educated, or most well spoken people in our societies–and even fewer of them possess degrees in higher education, or credentials as videographers. But what they do posses, with little doubt, is courage–raw courage, the kind that is lacking in most members of our society.

You can see the individuals struggling with narrative, often under intense pressure as actual police, fire, amd EMS personel stalk and harass them. Far outside of randowm chance or coincidence, some of them even stalk stalkers to their lairs, or catch them repeatedly stalking, using hand signals, using the one headlight thing (one eye is indisputably a Masonic symbol), and more.

The videos though, are often lengthy, and sometimes fuzzy, or otherwise amateur. They are hard to sit through unless your goal is to investigate the veracity of gang stalking complaints. And even harder because Youtube’s notoriously freaky algorithyms send you to the many junk science, and psychobabble channels, rather than the good ones, that have actual evidence.

To give you an idea about how YT uses biased content moderation and algorithym’s, recently I documented that Richard Moore of the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association (use my search feature Richard Moore, because I have many posts about him) has had exactly one video hidden from viewers because they claimed it contains “adult content.”

When I tackled that claim, I found that the video is one where Moore discusses his cousin, the most famous civil rights era photographer, Charles Lee Moore. Nothing in the video is “adult” in any way–but the linking between two individuals is some kind of threat or another to YT and its corporate subscribers. The fact that civil rights are involved is also a threat to the “mystery money” players who finance gang stalking.

Moore’s video’s can be a challenge to watch too, for the same reasons stated above–he takes forever to get to the point, and show the evidence, though recently he did make an excellent five minute video where he had obtained an actual “sound cannon” of the type some stalkers use. I am still waiting to verify facts discussed in that video

And the speakers swear–a lot!–due to their anger or frustration being stalked in such a way. Some of them–a very few of them–are in fact just paranoid, and may or may not have so-called “mental health issuse” any more than you or I would have mental health issues being stalked by the authorities, and their community policing mobs.

But when you find a reputable channel, it is gold, and especially so for those who research organized gang stalking.

The following Youtube channel “Real Gang Stalkingdocuments exactly what gang stalking is, and reveals actual gang stalkers who range from polic, fire fighters, and EMS, to undercover cops and the various easily mobilized “community assets,” such as block watch groups, and others. I recommend the video titled “Street Gang Stalker where the stalker goes after assignment and how the stalker is also watched,” but the anonymous citizen clearly documents strange–even bizarre activity that he predicts according to the scientific method–and then his prediction is validated shortly thereafter.

What is most striking though, is how very little the police et al have to do if they have time to closely monitor and stalk people, and how well funded they are too! It brings forth an important question that is often asked: who finances gag stalking? ANd any journalist knows how inportant that question is.

The second question any researcher will likely arrive at is the various dangers this poses to the community–that police, et al are stalking people on one hand, and waging a whisper campaign on the other; that police are creating fear in the community, and mobilising hate. That this is what police are doing is bizarre in and of itself–but that such “policing” has demonstrably been implicated in many mass shootings is pause for thought too.

An even more disturbing thing emerges from the channel below: that white police are mobilising ethnic and minority groups to target a white male, which in and of itself is debateably necessary or whatever–but the insidious part of that? It completely averts those community members gaze away from racist police practices, and historical targeting of minority populations, effectively creating a real life bogeyman, so that insight into police violence directed at communities is missed.

So below in these video’s we see exactly how first responders in jurisdictions that utilize gang stalking have endless time on their hands, doing this bizarre activity–its irrefutable via the video evidence.

Go over to Real Gang Stalking, and watch the video. That one video alone demonstrates with scienctific hypotheses and prediction “what will happen next” and sure as he says that, the exact–or near exact thing DOES happen. We see the target being stalked for several blocks by a

Go over to Real Gang Stalking, and watch the video. That one video alone demonstrates with scienctific hypotheses and prediction “what will happen next” and sure as he says that, the exact–or near exact thing DOES happen. We see the target being stalked for several blocks by a creepy little fellow , and then, the target decides to stop, and let his stalker pass him by. And then, the target decides to stop, and let his stalker pass him by. Then, he follows HIM, in a role reversal, where the search reveals an undercover cop in a vehicle on a computer–its that bizarre.

Ordinarily, I don’t watch such video’s because the evidence is flimsy–but the videographers predictions about what will happen next are amazingly accurate, at nearly 80%, far beyond random chance and alternative explanations. And as he approaches the creepy undercover cop, who is orchestrating the whole thing, he hilariously asks that cop “hey do you know any good pizza places around here?”

The look on that cops face is comedy gold, and the videographer is spot on in his assessments. No mental health issues, no unfounded hyperbole about “directed energy weapons and lizard people!” and 100% clear documentation of the following:

-cars swarming him and “brighting” with headlights at night

-the one headlight thing that these people do

-clear and factual, and evidentiary documentary evidence that police, fire and EMS are behind it, 100% in his case

-the actual and bizarre waste of resources that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are using to target him–it defies the imagination, the endless wealth that Canada has to throw at this one guy

-mobs of stalkers converging on him in many places–irrefutable evidence that it is indeed very real. For example, he has video’s of himself shopping for golf clubs at a second hand store. As he shops, he predicts that he will soon be mobbed by strangers, and nearly like clockwork, it happens! When he leaves that area, and then goes to the front of the store, suddenly everyone who mobbed him in the area around the golf club bin disappears.

-in one video, he factually ties Freemasons to his stalking in the most unpredictable way–he documents a guy clearly stalking him, and then notices that the guy has a tattoo on his leg–of the Masonic compass. He confronts the stalker, who admits his involvement in that “secret society.” Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. It just can’t get any more weird than that, and such mayhem could not be scripted. Excellent evidence on that claim.

There is so much at that one channel that any researcher will find it valuable, factual, and citation worthy as “evidence of gang stalking.”

*Dr. Stella Immanuel famously made such claims during the 2020 election. These extreme claims are also made by “women’s empowerment” groups from the various extremist religious right, amongst those whose “mission” it is to “save” women from prostitution. The “human trafficking” crowd also uses these extreme claims, and all of these are also actual stalkers. Richard Moore, and actual victim of these people, also indicts the Mississippi Department of Public Safety for allocating funds to Union County sheriffs and others that finance those who stalk and harass him.

**there is no one-size-fits-all category of gangs or stalkers. While the tactics are largely pioneered by Jewish and christian white supremacists of another era, the modern Masonic stalking is more diverse. In the video I discuss, it is in fact an organized gang of East Indians, and all Masonic stalking has its own racialized group structure. See my post about a “gang” of “fake police” who belong to the Prince Hall Free Mason organization. Also see one of those men arrested in that scheme is a former aide to Vice President Kamala Harris, Brandon Kiel faced little to no punishment.

6 thoughts on “Journalists and gang stalking: how to write about these cases?

  1. I love philosophy! Which philosophies do you accept and which ones do you reject? For example, I reject Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels. I accept Plato and John Locke. Are you for or against The New Atheists like Richard Dawkins? I bet you beleive in Sir Francis Bacon’s Scientific Method.


    1. Just to be sure–can you indicate that you are someone I know?

      I don’t deep dive with anyone unless I know them… do we know eacgh other?

      But I will say that the “new athi=eists” were co-opted out of the gate by pseudo-feminism. I use the term “pseudo” in the sense that it is a privileged narrative, with quasi-religious purpose, unlike simple atheism.

      And, it was “by design” of the propaganda masters. Like the “skeptics” movement, it is designed to place women’s privilege above human rights–a bad move for all, creating constant circular arguments, that only lead back to pseudo-feminism, and a sort of “factitious disrder” in skepticism, whereby every answer produces another question about the validity of evidence–a bad and false skepticism.

      And, I really did enjoy Dawkins and that other, much more brilliant guy, whose name escapes me at the minute, lol.

      So, who are you?


  2. I am Todd Williams. There are a huge amount of philosophies out there. I won’t discuss Thomas Aquinas (Who added a Christian flavor to the old logical Greek philosophers), Bhudda, or Lao Tzu here. I know Confucius had the law of reciprocity 500 years before Jesus “Do not do unto others as you would not want done unto you.” I hope Richard’s and other lawsuits teach the gangstalkers and their handlers a huge lesson in ethics and justice.


    1. Hi Todd–I have a couple of aquaintances with “TW” in the initials.

      Right–Aquinas, et al….well, many cultures have a synthesisized morality, that even existed in ancient peoples–all religion is cultural co-option.

      AS for Kong Tzi (Confucius) you might want to study how the Jesuits virtually created “him” out of a collection of old folk wisdom–there is no historical evidence for one man named “Confucius.”

      So–again, co-option.

      I am not a fan of Marx and Engles per se, because ultimately, their mission was co-opted by wealthy Jews who insist on socialism/communism for the “masses” while they own and control all the land and capital.

      Its an ionteresting thing to watch, how these wealthy Jews actively hunt down and persecute non-Jews who are essentially socialists–even Hitler was that.

      So, it’s complex. racialized, and nuanced.
      I don’t really follow any one philosophy, so much as nature, though Lao Tzu in his original, non-mystical teachings is quite interesting, and I love the Zen poets too.

      Generally, I think the west has failed its own philosophies, and fallen to the fascists–ultimately Nietzche was correct, at least as pertains to the bottom 99% of our societies–life is pain, lol.

      The Buddhists have a different take on that because they included a reverence for nature, which falls coser in line with my own “beliefs.”

      So–John Locke-J.S Mill and all that–Jeremy Bentham: his philosophy is running the western Panopticon today isn’t it? And certainly gang stalking is part of that–keeping targets permanently watched and targeted–in mental prisons of all sorts.

      But TBH, I pretty much dumoed all interest in philosophy when I began living my life instead, and writing. ALl of those philosophies seem to be more about capturing and manipulating lives than living them.

      As for how I live life, it has always been by the golden rule–properly state, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

      And yes–all of this was around long before Super Jesus and his merry band of Jew-co-opting preachers and tax collectors came along.

      “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” is also known as the Golden Rule. It spans time and cultures, reaching back all the way to Ancient Egypt”

      The thing about that rule though, is that it identifies us to psycopaths and sociopaths, all of whom have corrupted moral compasses. They cannot feel–they cannot empathize.

      And so, such a rule i indeed to be protected amongst thos that follow it–and we can mete out punishments and plagues upon those who do not follow it later.

      Lastly–tell me more about yourself? I want to know about you–why did you help Richard Moore?


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