This months most popular reading– gang stalking statistics, and “what do readers interested in gang stalking read?”

This month was a great indicator that the gang stalking dialectic has changed FOREVER as I chase these soulless asshats around the web.

Of course, that came with a small price, as one of my many, many emails was hacked, as I brought forth the story of Richard Moore, a bonafide targeted individual, who has been harassed for six years by the various North Mississippi gangs of stalkers–those stalkers 100% current and former police, firefighters (he lives right next to the Alpine Valley Volunteer Fired Department, and has documented their bizarre, illegal behavior for over a year) and others that they enlist in the “community policing” programs in that area.

Moore has been collecting evidence of the many drooling asshats who stalk by his front yard, sometimes shooting off guns in the dark of night, or driving their pickup trucks through his yard. Curiously, this activity occurs within minutes/hours of the sheriff’s department dpoing drive-by’s in caravans too. The “coincidence”surrounding these activities cannot be missed.

Gang stalkers like to think they can isolate a target, and then, via false light prosecutions of all kinds, eventually drive their targets to one of four outcomes that actual gang stalkers often express online, and which are well known to targets:





Of the four, the various Union County, and Lee County sheriffs departments and Troop F of the Mississippi State Patrol have stalked him, arrested, and jailed him numerous times over the short time I have written about him. And, his landlord suddenly wants him to move out, after a known police informant, Tanner Vaughn kicked in his front door–as Moore filmed the whole thing!

The police in that area are less than useless for fighting crime, and 100% useful at manufacturing it. Go over to his Youtube channel and have a look–extreme, bizarre, and illegal activity that the sheriff and state police will do nothing about. Not just lazy or stupid–no, by far, these kinds of police, in those kinds of jurisdictions create crime, and are complicit in the crimes Mr. Moore has documented.

Use my search feature, search term “Richard Moore” to see this bizarre activity as it happens. A very sad tale, but an accurate reflection on the entire dialectic.

The researcher of organized gang stalking would do wise to read the following posts, my most popular this month, to see what those on both sides of the gang stalking dialectic are reading during the Winter Solstice!

I’d Love to Spit Some Beech Nut in That Dudes Eye, a story about a false arrest, by a less-than-honorable state trooper named Adam Zachary, of Troop F, who boldly commits dereliction of duty on camera, and performs what targeted individuals call an “attempted murder by cop,” as Moore films it. The accompanying “torture” that targets speak of online is evident, as these types of cops grope their testicles, and run their hands over the targets private parts, then, commence violence of various kinds. In “psychological operations,” creating a state of constant fear and anxiety through such violations of the target is their goal. Its an eye opener. Nearly 400 people have read that this month.

Gang stalking cases and lawsuits is the second most popular post during our glorious, life givingand spirit nurturing Winter Solstice! These types of posts are particularly gaining ground, because the feds do in fact look at gang stalking cases once targets get GOOD EVIDENCE of actual targeting, as opposed to the many frauds ad fakes online who ramble on endlessly about “directed energy weapons world wide torture!!!” and so on. Here is one example of such people who have rambled on that way for a decade–never getting any results, EVER, as opposed to the several cases in that link.

Let’s Meet an Actual Demon is a post about a guy who has tormented Richard Moore in Union County. I watched that guy, Tanner Vaughn, kick down Moore’s front door, and jump around like a cartoon demon once inside Moore’s house. Moore is very concrned that such morons are part of the various “task forces” in that area attempting to frame hime for a crime–a very legitimate concern, when we analyze the previous case facts in Moore’s case*. The demon was apparently once a guest in Moore’s house, and is/was attempting to have a music “career” in rap music (or whatever its called these days.” Moore apparently kicked the guy out because like so many in that area, Vaughn is a drag–but has relatives who sit on judges benches, and whose mother teaches at the public school–imagine, that if this boy is what such teachers produce, your kids would be better off learning from animals, like Mowgli in the Jungle Book.

Union County man shoots at helicopters is surprisingly popular. A well documented fact of those who claim they are being gang stalked is that helicopters fly over their homes in order to harass them–a very paranoid complaint, right? Until we examine that compliant in light of actual police practices since the over-funded and fake “War on Terror,” morphed into a full blown war on American citizens by a far right element within policing. And when we examine the helicopter claim in light of similar, absolutely bizarre activity that Union County directs at Richard Moore, we find that–its not a strange complaint at all, as Moore films a drone following him around repeatedly; and also that in the pre-internet, pre-cell phone, pre-photography era, such a claim would have sounded crazy as hell. But many are now getting this tom-foolery on video, and some of those people, like DHS whistle blower Julia Davis have masters degrees and higher–people who have studied rocket science too.

The Department of Justice and the Department of Education has enjoined the Pasco County FL gang stalking lawsuits against the sheriff, because “predictive policing” is not only unconstitutional policing, but often has law enforcemnt agents from religious cults and sects using it to destroy the lives of the poor, and the marginalized. These lawsuits are real, their victims–called “targeted persons” in the official filings–are also very real. People want to know how to sue gangs of police stalkers–and these cases give them hope.It also documents this bizarre and illegal policing that is designed–and I quote–“to make the target move away or sue.” A complete demonic inversion of constitutional rights, liberties, and due process.

Plausible or total deniability: is the FBI behind gang stalking? examines the frequent claim of many online that the gang stalking is part of the FBI’s various “make work” programs designed to manufacture terror events, so that they and the participating state and local agencies can grab some easy federal cash for “countering violent extremism” (CVE) programs every time they look the other way as genuine targets civil rights and due process are stomped on by cops and their “communty policing” assets. In that post, we examine the question “why did the FBI send Richard Moore’s package of evidence back to him, unopened but X-rayed?” and we find that whether or not the FBI is “in on it,” they certainly did not “receive” a package intended to reveal criminal activity in North Mississippi, by a reputable witness.

At number seven on the list, we have the most popular post at this blog: Gang stalking lawsuits: the US Attorney and the FBI are starting to take gang stalking cases seriously.

This post is steadily the most read post on this blog for several reasons:

-it is non-partisan, and demonstrates a case against a “left wing” stalker who stalked pre-pubescent boys. A woman named Ramajana Hidic Demirovic fits the profile of a left-wing stalker, these types easily mobilized by race gangs that play both sides of the horshoe toss, and it is quite likely she was taught how to be a stalker by known racist organizations.

-it demonstrates that some agents within the FBI, but also the Justice Department are willing to take up felony stalking cases. While these agencies are generally partisan shitholes, these cases of various forms of stalking can come forward, even against the well-armed left wing. Whereas once nearly all stalkers were right wing nutjobs, bullies, and well established race groups like the KKK, today it is possible to bring suit against Anti Defamation League sponsored harassers and their accomplices from the Israeli Mossad that act with impunity stalking people in the US too. Democracy depends upon this “blind eye” nonpartisanship approach to meting out justice.

Well–there you have it! My top LUCKY SEVEN in the month of the shortest night! Read before bedtime, and know that the world is “alright” even as you sleep, because people like me and many, many other actual “targeted individuals” and first amendment auditors are also vigilant citizens.

Related Story: How the Jewish group B’nai B’rith started the Ku Klux Klan, and why avoiding the shithole dialectic about “anti-semitism” is a necessary thing as this same criminal syndicate targets Jews too.

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