The story of FBI whistle blower Terry Albury: Ghost leads, “tells,” and rumbling Dodge Chargers (company issued)–a real Minneapolis kind of story.

The Terry Albury story is something I know a little bit about, though I will keep those facts to myself.

But it was his work as an “undercover United State’s citizen,” working at an agency that is anti-democracy at every street corner and alley in the ghetto that US law enforcement has created for itself, which brought forwards the story of the “FBI’s Secret Rule’s” which I wrote about here.

See the source image
Note the word “target” in the above slide, from the NSA. This is where the term “targeted individual” derives as a law enforcement/investigation term. Related terms are tango and TI. Read “Inside the NSA’s secret tool for mapping your social network. Image: ZeroHedge

Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood? They’re the people that you meet, when you’re walking down the street each dayyyyyyyy♫♪♪♫♫♫♪♪!

Suffice it to say that in that area of the country–and every other–you will be made part of a gang, whether you join it or not, because Fusion Centers, sending data to police departments and FBI field offices all around the country that use “assessments” and then “contact chaining” to decide whether or not they will “jump you in” to their gang, or smash you into another, and most people none the wiser.

After these unconstitutional assessments, which are resulting in pretextual materials and evidence gained therein from surveillance and wiretaps of all kinds, evidence which could not stand up in a court of law because it was gained illegally–the investigative subject is turned over to local police, and others in the interconnected gang structure of the security industry. And that industry is entirely outside of any oversight whatsoever.

Then, the “intelligence sharing” environment guarantees that if they cannot frame you, harass you, or intimidate you into working for them* after such an assessment, that your case will get ping-ponged back and forth between local departments forever–such is the era of manufactured terrorism. So, target’s are targeted repeatedly, across jurisdictions, endlessly.

This targeting is an ever-widening net, a spider web with ever more flies landing in it, and cannot be avoided in nation’s that have truly foregone democratic policing practices based in the rule of law, civil rights, and due process–this is what “gang stalking” is.None of it could stand the light of day in any court room, and all of it just gives stalkers more and more pretext for more and more targeting.

Well–suffice it to say that Albury was an ideal recruit there, in that era, and he fit right in at the Minneapolis FBI counter-terrorism scheme’s, because he fit a profile: African AND American, with an Ethiopian mother, and a father whose own father was a Black Panther–a perfect hybridized American.

With that background, he could easily infiltrate the various Ethiopian, Somali (Benadiri, Isaak, and Dorad clans–I cannot remember them all nor how to spell them anymore! See here for more info about Somali clan structure and group names), Oromo, and other north-east African and general African and African American communities there. And there are A LOT of Africans there too, intermingling with black American’s, many of whom are survivors of the 1960’s COINTELPRO era.

Just north of Albury’s quiet suburban digs in the “Indian casino” town of Shakopee, MN lies the Cedar-Riverside area, and the locally famous Lake Street, what could pass for a miniature local strip similar to route 66, but with little more than local history and car clubs using it as a cruise strip. That just a short cruise from his house, so he could easily hop on highway 35W, and quickly drive downtown, or to the Minneapolis Third Precinct, which was burned down a couple years ago during the George Floyd protests.

This was not the first time there have been riots in the area because it sits at the center of black and white urban tension, with predominantly white, Nordic landlords from earlier generations using native and other populations for cash as they rent them property, and sell them subsidized “gubmint cheese” from a variety of shops and gas stations–on one hand decrying the “welfare state” and on the other, greedy fingers outstretched for easy government subsidies to house these same people’s they deride.

While the Germanic, Swedish, Norwegian etc. white population and its power is gradually receding in that area, it’s not without a fight, as a merchant class of middle eastern and others has begun to replace it over the last several decades. But this intersection of its tribal-religious networks–those networks indicative of a “net” of power in that area–and the area emerged now as a cultural mecca for Africans and Muslims too–reveals that it is also at the heart of some deeply contested political and ideological ground too.

The Lake street, and Uptown, and Lyn-Lake area is a battleground of sorts, itting as it does in the center of “Indian town,” where the Native American population, and it’s American Indian Movement activism in the 1960’s-1990’s was decimated by FBI and local police campaigns of oppression. But also the black and LatinX populations are there too–and I-35 W runs right through the heart of it, and is not incincidentally a major drug running corridor.

In the 1950-90’s era the MPD was literally full of Nazi’s, who targeted the urban migrations of black people from larger cities like Los Angeles, and Detroit or Chicago. That presence lingers today in various forms too, such as we saw the police union head in that area was affilliated with the various white biker gangs.

And the city proudly boasts of the USA’s “Only Native American Urban Corridor,” despite much of the real estate in that area having been taken over by foreign investors, and native American’s largely driven out of the area “feather’s” replaced by Indian’s who wear “sari’s” or hijab.

There are even native American descended FBI agents named “Melissa Olson,” too, a perfect hybrid of, on one hand advancing people, while on the other, crushing their actual leaders who demand actual justice–a typical pattern in ethnic recruitment in mlost US agencies. The Uncle Tom syndrome, the “good Injun’s v the wild prairie savages” and so on–a nod of the head if you will towards “diversity”, but never any progress towards respect for civil rights and liberties or even historical context.

And that’s what finally got stuck in Albury’s craw too: this idea of the so-called “law breaking the law to enforce the law,” and so on.

The area is now multi-ethnic, partly due to these historical trends, but also because it is very near to several universities that actively recruit ethnic students. It is also an ideal place to recruit informants of all kinds, ranging from college professor’s to Oromo mathmeticians, to speakers of Urdu, Farsi, Bosnian; and the Ethipian dialects of Amharic and Tigre of coure, and many remote dialects too that were necessary in that era to build a US based “gang” of translators and infiltrators in the runup to the Somali based Yemen incursion of American “advisors.”..

Related Story: This same Minneapolis neighborhood is also where a classic “honey trap” scheme targeted a Chinese billionaire in an act of extortion-via-fake-rape, which Minnesota is known for. The #fakerape in question got its wing’s in a Japanese restaurant called “Origami” just down the block from Little Mogadishu. Who could ever guess that “the best sushi in Minneapolis”could take on such a meaning? Lol…

And so the neighborhood is dotted everywhere by some of the best Ethiopian food you will find anywhere in the world (this area features not just ONE “best” Ethiopian restaurant, but 12 of them…mmmmm…doro wat berbere!!!), though there are also many well know ethnic eateries from many cultures–or, at least there were before the Floyd riots, which have changed that city-scape somewhat–and there is evidence that the destruction of this diverse area was not an accident either, as “outsiders” deliberately provoked rioting, burning, and looting in what was othertwise a peaceful protest.

Related Story: Minneapolis neighborhoods

Needless to say, Albury was an ideal recruit with an ideal romping ground in which to make his career as yet another hybridized American, and that was possible, because the Minneapolis-Saint Paul FBI agents then were all white, nearly to the color of their tightey-whiteys and occasional “stakes.” For the most part, previous to 9-11-2001, that hive of agents was primarily Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran and other–but extremely white, regardless in the Great White North.

And then, along came modern “diversity,” initiatives in all institutions, not least of which was policing, and that same office scrambled to hire as many “diverse” hires as they could–and of course, diversity in that area meant then (and even now) that white women could easily fit the profile, and LatinX people (if we absolutely have too!!!) classified as they are as “minoritiy hires.”

But then 9-11 happened, and all of those white men and women with Quantico drawls, Eddie Bauer loafers, butch haircuts and over-sized pickup trucks (when they aren’t using Dodge Caravans with shiny hubcaps, strange white vans with the name of non-existent front companies on them, or impound lot specials) were faced with a huge challenge: how in hell could they infiltrate these local “communities of color?” None of them fit that role or profile in the least bit, and just like terrorism manufacturing became common place, so too did the manufacture of diversity hires.

So, how can beef and potato fed white people with bad smelling aftershave, and the faint scent of vanilla candles by-candlelight with seabreeze bath salt under-aroma’s and funny police academy haircuts (with the exception of those fake-bikers with straggly long hair and “tactical beards”) compete in “spice world?” They simply couldn’t at the time–the agency was straddling between Free-wheeling Louis Freeh as FBI director, and about to meet Robert Mueller and his international cabbalists, and then ease into James “Saint Gang Stalker at the Devil’s Bedside” Comey’s FBI–these were all pro-white, and pro-cabbalists.

How to Infiltrate SPice People!!!???

That spice world a place where funky armpits wafting garlic and hot spice, splashed over with rose water are often the norm in such a world, not the exception–how could these lily white, church-going occulted Nordics compete with funk and spice!!, and do the necessary work of terrorism manufacture looking like they just stepped out of a Perkin’s Restaurant in Iowa on any given Sunday–or a Super Bowl party at an Irish Pub!!?? at a time when the CIA needed fresh meat to grab the African bull by the Horn, and take on the problems of attacking Somalia and Yemen?

And so, a new class of FBI agents was recruited, who looked the part–and Albury, et al was that exact recruit–and Minneapolis’ Cedar-Riverside neighborhood? The largest Somali population in the entire USA.
Image from the University of Texas

.I have documented these facts in other stories around the web(search for stories about the “tall Ethiopian’s” and “butch banged women with telephoto lenses” and also the “Asian FBI“) but suffice it to say that these new recruits were all “ethnic:.”

Short fat and ugly Pakistani women who just love to take pictures of activists at rallies, Ethiopian looking people who could also play the role of Kenyan’s and Arabs too, or nebulously middle eastern (Armenian’s, Syrian’s, even Russians from the bloc countries could be found there) and these “Arab” looking people who only need to grow a “tactical beard” to be the jihadi of the month at any mosque that needed infiltration–and Indian’s (sari’s, not feathers)and others who could play all of those roles too.

It was in that era where Terry Albury found his niche, and later, became a whistle blower as a special agent. Special indeed–Albury was tasked with tracking Somali people around the various cafe’s and restaurants–butcher shops and libraries and Starbucks, where Somali’s and others congregated in that era. Running teams of hackers against their internet connections, duping cab drivers into tailing targets, and framing people with pop-up jihadi spam takes special people.

And of course, the Karmel Mall in Somalitown (known as “Little Mogadishu” to the locals) too, that mall owned by FBI informant Bassam Sabri, who at one point was convicted of bribing agents; and his insane brother who also owns major swaths of real estate in that exact area.

Yup–Albury was a perfect fit in a place like that, with a bright carreer ahead of him, if he could just manufacture another, and yet another informant/potential terrorist!

A hybrid swimming in the sea of cultures, until one day, like Pinnochio, he grew a conscience, and developed the delusion that the FBI is beholden to the American people–not some secret rule book that defies the law itself–not some secret interagency memo, talking to another secret memo–no, that the agency WORKS FOR THE PEOPLE, not for it’s own auto-fellating, rainbow dildo dangling and navel gazing (and wife beating) purposes.

And the rest is history–or as we know it today “The FBI’s Secret Rules.” Albury is in prison, for telling the people that The Corporation has its own set of rules now–and none of those rules follow established constitutional practices, nor respect civil rights, due process, or any of those other quaint, pre-911coup “laws.” Yup–Albury sits in prison today, because he suffered from a delusion like that, exactly.

Re-Posting from Dr. Eric Karlstrom. Click the link, and read the whole piece

‘I Helped Destroy People:’ ex-F.B.I. agent, Terry Albury (Sept. 1, 2021)

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I Helped Destroy People

Early on the morning of Aug. 29, 2017, Terry Albury awoke with a nagging sense of foreboding. It was not yet dawn in Shakopee, Minn., the Minneapolis suburb where Albury, an F.B.I. special agent, lived with his wife and two young children, and he lay in bed for a few minutes, running through the mental checklist of cases and meetings and phone calls, the things that generally made him feel as if his life was in order. He was a 16-year veteran of the F.B.I.: 38, tall and powerfully built, with buzzed black hair and a black goatee. Most of his career he had spent in counterterrorism, investigating sleeper cells and racking up commendations signed by the F.B.I. directors Robert Mueller and James Comey, which praised his “outstanding” work recruiting confidential sources and exposing terrorist financing networks. He was a careful investigator and a keen observer. “Something is going on behind the scenes that I’m not aware of,” he told his wife the night before. She told him to stop worrying. “You always think there’s something going on.” She was right. But this time he had reason to be apprehensive, even though he’d been careful. The memory card was buried in his closet, tucked into a shirt pocket under a pile of clothes. “Stop being so paranoid,” he told himself. Then he left for work.

Albury had spent the past six months assigned to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as a liaison officer. It had always amazed him how little most Americans knew about the legal netherworld of the international terminal, where federal agents from ICE or U.S. Customs and Border Protection could, at the behest of the F.B.I. or another intelligence agency, pull a person out of the customs line and interrogate him or her based solely on being from Pakistan, or Syria, or Somalia, or another country in which the U.S. government had an interest. His role was to supervise this form of intelligence gathering, a particularly unsavory aspect of counterterrorism, as he saw it, though it was better than being stuck at the sprawling, five-story edifice that was the Minneapolis field office, where he had worked since 2012.

That morning, Albury had been summoned to the field office for an interview with a group of F.B.I. inspectors from Washington. It was fairly routine — headquarters was always dispatching inspection teams to make sure agents and their managers were doing their jobs — but Albury had been at the office so infrequently that the last time his supervisor saw him, he asked him what he was doing there. “I work here,” Albury said. The encounter left him with an uneasy feeling…..

…..foloow the links! Connect the dots!

*it is very rare in the modern era for them to approach someone to become an ally, paid informant, or cooperator, because first they do what is called an “assessment,” and those assessment’s frequently tainted by provocations of all kinds. These assessments which have been covered by journalists as “The FBI’s Secret Rule’s” also follow CIA/NSA dossiere based information, and derive from the EXACT methods that are used to target and radicalize “terrorists” in the middle east. And all of that, off the books, as if it never happened. It was Terry ALbury that made those stories possible.

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