New Years Resolution, 2022: Please support “The Brady Cop Project” and PINAC News

What is “The Brady Cop Project” and why it’s important: Brady Lists are lists of police officers who lie under oath, and/or whose testimony is routinely fraudulent, deceptive, or outright fabricated. Prosecutors at the state and federal level use these lists to avoid using the testimony of cops who game the system.


In legal terms, these cops testimony is impeachable, meaning any testimony from such cops is easily destroyed by counter-argument from defense counsel due to their lack of credibility. That credibility may or may not be related directly to previous court testimony, and can also derive from the officers known conduct and misconduct in reports to superiors, and other official testimony.

These lists began in the era of the civil rights movement, with a case called Brady v. Maryland, where courts decided that police and prosecutors withholding evidence that can prove a person innocent is unconstitutional, and these lists and associated materials are primarily used by local District Attorney’s who put together cases, and charge citizens with crimes after an arrest, where the defendant goes to trial, and calls witnesses. The state has its own witnesses too.

But prosecutors abhor allowing the public to hae access to these lists for many reasons, not least of which is that the biggest gangs in the USA are the police unions, and they can destroy the career of anyone who challenges them, including state prosecutors.

Here’s a slideshow you can watch to understand these Brady lists, and here is one of thousands of such cases in San Diego where the DA keeps a secret list (as all DA’s do) of dirty cops, and refuses to hand that list over to the public.controversy arises about whether or not these lists should be made public.

Click the Build a Brady Cop Database link above to contribute to this worthwhile cause (and TBH, I wonder why it’s not on Go Fund Me yet…)
This is the basic idea. Click the slideshow link to read more

Photography Is Not A Crime aka PINAC News has been around about fifteen years, documenting the horrific abuses that have arisen since the War On Terror erased the constitutional rights of citizens, and began to use tactics ideologies, and methodologies that were derived in terror zones, specifically in the Middle East and Israel.

These tactics include warrantles searches, proerty seizures, shooting unarmed people in the back, no knock raids that target low-level offenders, and much more–what is colloquially called “gang stalking.”

Founded by Carlos Miler after he himself was brutalized by police, he has received favorable press in the MSM, and now needs your support to collect Brady lists from around the country and build a database of dirty cops, so that defense attorney’s, public interest groups, and common citizens can research this hidden area of jurisprudence–hidden because prosecutors around the country actually hide these lists from the publc.

Hereare examples of Brady Lists from various jurisdictions around the USA:
Brady List from the Yakima Herald, current as of 2017.
Brady List from th Fourth Judicial District, Colorado Springs
MIddlesex DA’s Brady List

7 thoughts on “New Years Resolution, 2022: Please support “The Brady Cop Project” and PINAC News

  1. I sent them $5. I will also be sending money to Richard Moore some money tomorrow. We need a Brady list of rogue agents from Department of Homeland Security and Infragard, too.


  2. There’s not much left to tell as far as my gangstalking story goes. Gangstalking still happens, but the insults don’t bother me at all anymore. Infragard, DHS, and the police tried to drive a wedge between me and my family, but they failed. I like to read, watch youtube, practice foreign languages, and travel (When I can afford it.). Next time I travel, I would like to meet other TIs to hang out with. That would make my travels more fun.


    1. Wow, what a cool story! Yes–as you said “Infragard, DHS, and the police tried to drive a wedge between me and my family, but they failed.”

      FBI-Infraguard secret police do indeed try to drive a wedge between you and your family–what a sense of control! True psycopaths, targeting the very existence of our relationships!

      Well, keep travelling. I suspect the Ukraine is overdue for an “intervention” by like minded targets.


      1. Sure, I understand. I am going to meet other TIs in my travels, hopefully. I want this covid crisis to be over before I travel to Europe. Next trip is going to be Sofia, Prague, or Budapest. Will travel the US with my brother in 2023 while I save for my international trip.


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