Real Estate and gang stalking: have you met yet? If not–take a look at Alta Oaks Drive in scenic Arcadia, CA!

One common feature of a lot of gang stalking reports is that it involves real estate–and lots of current and former police, military, and intelligence agents surrounding certain properties, or filling up neighborhoods. In many cases it is state and federal pension fund related, and in other cases it is just plain harassment.

In fact many of the more famous cases of gang stalking–the case of Rick and Cindy Krlich in Ohio were targeted by the police and fire chief and their “gang” of associates; the case of Bob Deis in Stockton CA, where he was targeted by the police union; and many other cases can be traced similarly.

Of those that were documented in the mainstream news such as CBS TV, and other major media, they included the police and firefighters moving in next door to their targets, and waging noise harassment campaigns using the noise of constant construction work to harass their targets; or other sich and juvenile actions such as waging a horn honking campaign in front of the targets house, throwing garbage on their lawns, stalking them around town and so on.

Most gang stalkers are technology savvy at some level, having trained in the military/policing/intelligence agency capacities, and do in fact use “electronic gadgets”ranging from various surveillance gear to extra-legal”sound weapons” like wiretaps to laser sound smashers and radio frequency weapons.

These weapons can be purchased by anyone online, and used AGAINST those who stalk others too. A genuine targeted individual, Richard Moore brought my attention to an excellent scientific electronics website called, where you can buy the coolest electronic gadgets ever!

Look at this little beauty here below, the Phasor Pain Field Generator for Home Or Automobile Protection, and imagine turning that on your stalkers!

Sound weapons, and pain generators are very real, and easily purchased online

A major complaint online is that “noise harassment” is a major frature of gang stalking, and it can be waged in various ways, ranging from cars sitting up the block rumbling their muscle car engines all night (many local and federal police/agents use Dodge Chargers, and Mustang muscle cars, as documented here in the story of FBI whistle blower Terry Albury); to construction at all hours of the day and night too. Some stalkers actually do use “sound gadgets” that can easily be purchased online from companies like this too.

New Design - PPG30RC-HP
The Phasor Pain Field generator, model PPG30RC-HP, billed as “Produces a feeling of intense pain and disorientation. Excellent for Home and Property Protection;” it can blast RF between 5kHz to 25kHz. Image from Information Unlimited, Inc., dba

Well–for those stalked in such a way, I first advise you to use free tools such as these here and also here to begin naming your stalkers, and targeting them back with lawsuits, or other legal actions (or, use other creative solutions, if you are the creative type of person….). Its a very sad day when one realizes the levels of depravity and corruption in law enforcement, but that is the reality of the post-constitutional democracy. The above equiptment, while providing a immediate results, such as sense of revenge or pleasure when you target these asshats back, such results are short lived, and can cost you more than they are worth if you uses these tools incorrectly.

So, of the many free tools available for research, is one of my favorites. It can tell you the history of a property, and gain facts about the owner in ways that other free real estate sites like, or cannot. So, let’s stab a pin into a certain map, in a non-random location where I have a bit of experience with actual police gangs of stalkers–a place where I have a few pins on my own brainstorming board.

I will pick an address range of a certain location where I have traced an actual gang of stalkers, and then, lead you through how you can use this wonderful, free resource. But keep in mind that ALL tracing of stalkers requires that you have a name and/or an address to start with. Without that, you are shooting blanks. The adress can even ve your own address too–a good starting point if you need to call the city on the landlord next door to you for renting to asshats like those that I describe above.

Let’s look in the range of addresses from 1500-2000 Alta Oaks Drive, for property values, and other key details about a neighborhood where I was able to trace an actual gang of stalkers, whose activity spanned a period of over 15 years, and whose victims were and are many. You can also cross reference my various posts around the web using search terms “Asian FBI” and “San Gabriel Valley” and “Temple City” and so on.

Then, after perusing the general demgraphics and other free data found in the many, many addresses in that location–bring your search back into the case at hand, which will usually be one or two addresses within that bigger block. In my case, I had exactly one address of interest, but because the case involves a “gang” of police and other agents from various agencies, I also looked at the properties immediately surrounding my target/s, who are a couple of people who have shared various addresses in the LA area over several decades.

But in international money laundering operations, police corruption cases, or in standard Open Source research for whatever reason–you will find ClustrMaps to be an invaluable tool. In my research of this area, it was for the purpose of flagging various corrupt police agents and turning that data over to the proper authorities, but your purposes might differ.

SO, start with an address (I will use a random address, so as not to reveal my exact target):

1921 Alta Oaks Dr, Arcadia, CA 91006

Once you have a target address, you want to locate it on Google Earth, or Bing’s version (or really any good satellite map) and scpe it out, as if you are a B-52 pilot. Note the surrounding terrain, and the directions of the streets, and so on. THis last detail is important if you are employed to do surveillance in an area, because you will need to know every turn, and corner, and alley and cul-de-sac. You wil need a map of that area in your head.

You will also want to note other curiosities in that area too, which might be related–and might not be related, for example, the address 1844 Alta Oaks Drive has some interesting companies attached to it, while other addresses have nothing that stands out.

For my purposes, I noted the topography–the layout of the land around that address, which conveniently included a “lookout” spot high above the actual address, where one could do all kinds of interesting activity relatig to the target address….

….post in progress, check back later for the finished result!

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