The eBay gang of stalkers on trial, helps answer the questions: Who are the gang stalkers? What do gang stalkers do?

One of the better things to happen for people who have been stalked by “gang stalkers” in the last decade was the feds indicting the eBay Gang that had stalked David and Ina Steiner in order to “terrorize, stalk and silence” the couple’s criticism of the failing eBay platform–a truly high profile case amongst targeted individuals, giving insight into these practices.

As we see in that case, nearly 100% of all cases of gang stalking are lead by current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, and their “gangs” of associates in the community. The eBay gang alone has several cops now indicted, copping pleas, and going to jail

The main perpetrators–the kingpins of sleze in this case, Devin Norse Wenig and Steve Wymer have yet to be criminally charged, though they are named in the Steiners lawsuit.

What do gang stalking shot callers look like? Here are Wenig and Wymer

Devin Norse Wenig has yet to be charged, though he stepped down as ‘Ndrangheta Boss shot caller Grand Wizard Grand Lodge Master of Ceremonies CEO of eBay right after the charges. He famously issued the “take her down!” memo ordering the harassament. He is currently is currently the principal of Norse Charitable Trust. Predictably, he comes from a family of “Big Pharmaceuticals” foinders. Regular readers will immediately understad the connection between gang stalking and Big Pharma–and if you don’t “take yer meds!
Smilin’ Steve Wymer is the gangs underboss in this case. In a text memo, Wymer wrote, “We are going to crush this lady.” And of course, Wymer–a graduate of a Baptist University, and true to form of devout Baptists and other fervent Jesus worshippers everywhere, the gang stalking commenced. He has since moved into the role of chief gang stalker of the US Brownshirt Youth, aka “The Boys and Girls Clubs of America.”

Hey, Syeve Wymer!!? Have you read the code of the B&G Clubs lately? It mentions something about GOD and the CONSTITUTION !

The Boys & Girls Club Code I believe in God and the right to worship according to my own faith and religion. I believe in America and the American way of lifein the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Well, there’s that, but to gang stalkers, whose pretext for stalking people is ALWAYS some fundie B.S. about safer societies, that Constitution–and even their GOD and that llil’ ol’ “Do unto Others” thingy gets tossed right under the schoolbus.

ALSO that in the era of electronic media that travels the world at the speed of Tweet, we see CIA whistle blowers like Lynnae William’s live-Tweeting her stalking by the CIA/DIA types that fill a person’s life after some agency or another tries to frame, dismiss, or destroy you. The agencies, corporations and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that are doing it may change, but the tactics are the same.

She talks about her case @wlynnae on Twitter, and anyone intersted can contact her for her story. That case is quite interesting in that she describes nearly all of the low level targeting that such whistle blowers get, including attempts to label her mentally ill, and an unwarranted, unnecessary mental health evaluations, and gangs of conspicuously huge security contractors, and so on following her around afterwards–these are actually low level intimidation tactics, not yet the full blown gang stalking, because she was only a CIA trainee, not a case officer, high value asset or other.

And these cases no longer need the mainstream press to validate them or their facts either, because in the social media era, what worked to frame, target, and harass targets in the past doesn’t work so well now, as first amendment auditors, and the mates of murder victims like Philando Castile* capture these bizarre police and agency stalkings as they happen.

SO the eBay case then, is emblematic of a long standing problem: how police in the US have qualified immunity, and that, combined with “investigation privileges” creates a police state entirely, because then, these “gangs of police and their associates” cannot be dragged into the light UNLESS they commit such an egregius constitutional violation that a prosecutor decides to take up the case.

Such a bizarre case, that one, with major media–like the New York Times –going on record and calling that gang “eBay’s Cockroach Cult,” the exact word that actual targeted individuals have long called gang stalkers too:”cockroaches.” In that case these “investigators” were a literal gang, assisted BY The police at the local level, who turn a blind eye to the crimes of stalkers who disguise themselves as “investigators.”

Then there is always the question of “agency” in terms of who or what is responsible, and we see that not all cases are alike in their origins. So some people get corporate targeting as we see with the eBay Cockroach Cult, while others like Lynnae Williams got actual CIA gang stalking; while still others ask “is the FBI behind gang stalking,” and of course, without missing a beat, one of the Cockroach Cult members, the former top eBay Inc. security executive James Baugh has now gone on record saying that the things he did to stalk the Steiner’s he had learned AT THE FBI.

Follow along here, because this is evidentiary testimony, and it indicates that the FBI trains “gangs” of actual “stalkers” who wage “psychological operations” on “targets”–this terminology isn’t coming from crackpots who ramble onlie–it os coming from an actual FBI agent and trained stalker:

Accused EBay Stalker Says He Was Just Mirroring His FBI Work

A former top eBay Inc. security executive charged with spearheading a bizarre stalking campaign against critics of the company says the tactics he allegedly used were regarded as legitimate in the work he did for years as a federal agent and contractor for the FBI.

James Baugh argues he can show the harassment campaign he’s accused of leading mirrors the kind of deceptions he used in surveillance assignments for the U.S. government from 2014 to 2018, which he said sometimes required “arguably unlawful means” in service of a greater good.

“He reasonably understood the conduct was lawful or, at least, necessary; and he undertook that conduct not to ‘harass or intimidate’ or to ‘corruptly’ mislead but to serve important national security objectives,” Baugh’s lawyers said in a filing Monday in federal court in Boston. The filing hints that Baugh may defend himself by claiming the security staff sought to protect eBay’s executives and their families from an “existential threat” posed by online critics.

Baugh, who was eBay’s senior director of safety and security, and David Harville, who was the company’s director of global resiliency, are still fighting charges after five former eBay employees were convicted in a plot to harass a suburban Boston blogger who angered top executives with posts critical of the company. The campaign allegedly included anonymously sending live cockroaches, a bloody-pig mask and a funeral wreath to the victim’s home and trying to place a GPS tracker on the family car.

Read More: Ex-EBay Security Manager Philip Cooke Gets 1 1/2 Years for Cyberstalking

So the question “is the FBI behind gang stalking?” begets new questions because no one single case is a one stop shop for casting blame, but what we CAN SAY with the empirical evidence above–the testimony of an FBI trained stalker–is that in SOME cases, and certainly the case at hand, yeah–the FBI is behind gangs of stalkers doing bizarre and illegal stuff.

And, that the agency trains private contractors to do this stuff too, and those asshats work in the “community policing” scheme to further target individuals. All of these “secret” tactics are pretty much out in the public now, and derive from the CIA and other intel agencies like the Mossad et al too, so really, its no mystery anymore–these tards simply cannot get away with what they used to.

What’s noteworthy though, is that we can see how greasy these agencies domestic operations are as the inter- agency blur is highlighted in context to Baugh’s accusations–he himself too cowardly to be a whistle blower himself, but just another ass-saving ex-cop trying to save his own ass once they are caught doing this stuff. Seriously–eBay is a “national security” issue? Wow…just wow, right? Because what is really at stake here is tribal-sectarian ownership of infrastructure, corporate control, and then, the issue of religion, expressed through national security claims.

Related Story: Former eBay Director of Communications Steve Wymer is named in the Steiner’s lawsuit. It is no coincidence that he targeted Jews, as he himself is a tribalist from the ultra-right Baptist fold–they HATE Jews by doctrine and teaching. It is also no coincidence that he slithered right inrto his next gig heading up Silicon Valley’s Boys and Girls Clubs either, as that orgaization is a Protestant and Baptist institution “saving children.”

And it’s not like we need anymore evidence that the FBI is in fact filled with dirtbags either, because those stories are literally pouring into the news these days. Look at this guy in the Las Vegas office, wearing a rainbow colored dildo to work–or his compatriot in Louisiana, who beats her wife. Then there’s the Michigan case of the #fakeplot to #fakekidnap the governor, where 12 informants and thre agents with questionable conduct have nearly destroyed their own case.

And so, what gang stalking reveals then, is the tribal sectarian nature of these agencies, organizations, corporations and institutions. It reveals “who the gang stalkers are” on a case by case basis. And that is a GOOD THING, that will help targets in the future wage lawsuits, and maybe even trace these cockroaches to bigger cockroach hideouts too.

*Philando Castile was stopped over fifty times for petty traffic violations over a 14 year period, including several times, the exact same offense: broken tail light. One of the things that these gangs of police and their commuity policing miscreants do is to literally do things “behind the targets back”including knocking peoples tail lights out, just to harass them, and the entirety of gang stalking is an authority test, directed at people who resist authority for its own sake–the very state of the US police state today. If I documented the times I filmed and photographed these asshats doing these things, it would require a new blog, so I like to shorthand it by simply reposting my favorite gang stalker meme

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  1. Please help me I’m out in California and I’m being gangstalked by local law enforcement I’m in need of severe help asap anything you can send me would be helpful I have proof of my gangstalking and I can possibly prove local law enforcement agency are behind this my email is rwb1080@yahoo


    1. Hi. Well, these cases are all complicated, and I do not answer email.

      Here’s what you need to do:
      -read my self help sections titled “free tools” and “krlich” and any others similar
      -Start a free wordpress blog
      -post your evidence

      Then, I will take a look at it. If I find your claims credible, I will contact you via a third party throwaway email service with further instructions. Check your spam folder.


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