A Berean Baptist and a Taoist walk into a bar….examining the claims of Richard Moore using falsifiable evidence–and Occams Razor!

The simplest explanation is always the best explanation, and when it comes to explaining gang stalking, Richard Moore provides it over at his Youtube channel, the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association.

He provides solid evidence that the local police, the state police, and others as yet to be named, by overt, covert, and non-action, are “who the gang stalkers are,” but also answers many other questions about gang stalking too. I will cover those questions below, in order to begin new statistical analysis of gang stalking claims, and also to further ROGS Analysis, using the scientific method..

In his case, the claims and the facts are rather clear and simple:

The claims: he claims that he is being stalked by gangs in Mississippi, and that the police are avtively encouraging such stalking. Further, that the police refuse to investigate, or prosecute the people who stalk him, despite ample and substantial evidence of that stalking, which takes bizarre forms, which he captures on cell phone video and Ring Camera’s. He claims that the fire department is doing it, and he names names of these stalkers too.

The evidence: se my search feature, KW “Richard Moore,” and “Union County” and “Mississippi”. Also see the Youtube channel and his Go Fund Me which is near its goal of $5000 (yay for Richard).The evidence is extensive, as these cases are often quite complicated

So–the simple explanation is always the likely explanation, and his case is that. When applying Occam’s Razor aka the law of parsimony to the situation, we see that police inaction on his many complaints has now led to him being run off the roads, his car totalled, and his ability to wage his lawsuits hampered–again–by police inaction.

Simply put, that’s the start of some pretty good science there–police inaction on his complaints is by default, action itself. And the car crashes, people kicking in his door ON FILM, tearing their oversized pickup trucks through his front lawn ON FILM and all of that indicates a certain police “action by inaction” in the matter.

Right there in William Faulkner’s home town, New Albany, and Union County Mississippi. What a shame on such a great, historical writer’s name, to have that going on there–new American’s do not look kindly upon such mayhem when they buy the debt of these ca$h strapped local economies. I will make sure to it that they don’t.

SO that case, when we apply the scientific method and Occam’s Razor to the claim that “nearly 100% of all gangs of stalkers are current and former police, military, and intelligence agents, working with their community policing asshats to stalk targeted individuals,” we easily arrive again and again at scientifically sound, replicable, and falsifiable evidence: Richard Moore is being stalked by police affiliated stalkers, in collusion with state assets, and the police there refuse to investigate, or prosecute his many claims.

We arrive at the conclusion that police there in New Albany MS, and Union County sheriff’s and Troop F of the Mississippi state patrol will do NOTHING to stop the violence directed at Mr. Moore. And, we see that the FBI in that area returns his mail, unopened, but X-rayed–way to go Mississippi! Great use of resources and assets folks. Or are you just stupid?

Sound science requires that we do a few things which you can read about here, things like making predictions to predict results, and replicate those results and so on. And I have done that in Moore’s case, and Moore has also done that in his own case too.

ROGS Analysis has been batting about 1000% in cases of mass shooters and other cases–you can use my search feature, KW, “ROGS Analysis” to find more about that. I have posted a lot in that category, so linking easy links is difficult, there are SOOOOO many! But Moore’s case is indeed a case of “justice and the expectation of equal protection under the law” is thrown out the window as local authorities still have not opened an investigation.

Like all legal claims, he still has to prevail in federal court, which is an uphill battle for sure, because despite the string of false arrests since he filed his lawsuits–and despite gaggles of ogling stalkers which stalk him on the highways as he records on cell phone and dash cam videos; and despite police informant Tanner Vaughn kicking in his doors and so on–despite the car crash caused by a commercial vehicle this week, which ran his car into a ditch and caused him actual physical damages–yeah, prevailing in his claims is getting more difficult outlook.

And that’s the way these cowardly asshats want it to be, which is why I drag these cockroaches and community gang stalking into the light for all to see. Please go contribute to his Go Fund Me campaign, and encourage him in bringing these “community policing practices” to light–to help drag these cockroaches into the courts, as we see with the eBay gang of stalkers, even the feds will bring a case if the evidence is solid. But sadly, the FBI in Oxford, MS has so far only returned Moore’s packages.

Occam’s Razor–the simplest explanation in that example, would imply that “yes, the FBI is in on it,” and in so many other cases too, especially since they seem to appear on the scene BEFORE, DURING and AFTER most mass shootings. And it’s estimated that nearly 70% of all news stories about mass shootings in the US have the phrase “he was on the FBI’s radar” in the narrative, after the event, a noteworthy correlation; and above in Moore’s case we see a little bit about “causation” too.

That type of policing, called the British Model, or the National Intelligence Model is going on all over western “democracies” now, and the best example to date is the New Zealand “stabber”Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen, who was on the New Zealand police “radar” for 53 crazy days and nights, as 30 police from several agencies, AND community policing assets literally followed him online and off, “24-7” until he finally resisted by picking up a knife and stabbing some people in a market–and under the countering violent extremism programs, it was quite likely that he stabbed people who were indeed stalking him.

So, Occam’s Razor predicts that people who are denied rights in so-called “free societies” will eventually act out in some way, or collapse in other ways. It is a program designed to cause malady, not stop it. As the Pasco County FL cases demonstrate, these county sheriffs will abuse their victims until the targets “move away or sue,” which is exactly what is going on now in Pasco–and will soon become a nation wide trend.

While shootings and stabbings are far flung outliers on a Bell Curve where some gang stalking targets target stalkers with often justly deserved and well-earned murder**, they are actually rare cases yet, they do happen after this form of “policing” aka “gang stalking.”

So–what questions does Moore’s case answer?

  • will police investigate gang stalking complaints? Not in famous author William Faulkner’s Union County, New ALbany Mississippi, and North Eastern MS in general. NO–police there use a variety of action, inaction, and covert action to ensure that people like Richard Moore who stand up for his rights, and the rights of others will not receive justice there
  • are firefighters involved in gang stalking? Well, Moore certainly has documented his share of asshat firemen and their associates at the Alpine Valley Fire Department (right next to his home) revving their engines, squealing their tires, and stalking in front of his house–and he did that on cell phone video as it happens
  • who are the gang stalkers? In Moore’s case, he has named several police officers by name, several departments, and Troop F of the state patrol, and their community assets–people who form gangs and use cars to stalk people on the highways, and who plot harassment campaigns from behind the skirts of Jesus in several named churches as they “minister to the Jews” in that area*. He has also named a formed deputy who was caught with child pornography several years ago–and the “authorities” in that area have yet to even charge the guy!
  • is federal grant money being misappropriated by local authorities who use that money in a form of “crony capitalism” that includes excessive and unnecessary 911 calls and fake mental health evaluations, and so on–are targeted individuals just another ca$h source for jurisdictions that use the public funds this way?

Moore has also documented the Mississippi Department of Public Safety in his stalking, which seems to indicate some gross mis-management of funds for human trafficking issues. And, I can happily announce that an investigation is under way as I write this.

*this is a religion joke about the Baptist/Protestant/christian belief system with Jews as lesser people who need to be “ministered to,” in the post Jesus era, and despite their own culture, traditions, or wishes. The Protestant sects are affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan and their extra-judicial “courts”which you might have heard of, but go by a different name–“lynching parties.” But the Catholics and other religious groups also have their own bizarre stalking practices too.

**I am not one who believes in “the sanctity of all life” as pertains to gang stalkers. They deserve what they get, but ideally, the “shot callers” in Infragard, state and federal agencies that stir up these witch hunts are the proper targets.

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