The jury is in! Gang of stalkers Gregory and Travis McMichael, William Roddie Bryant sentenced to life in prison for murder of Ahmaud Arbery

The tables are starting to turn on these “gangs” of state sponsored stalkers that are comprised of prosecutors, current and former police, military and intelligence agents, state workers and their community assets.

It is becoming better known that these types actually form gangs and stalk people, sometimes killing targets exactly as street gangs do, but under color of law.

‘Vigilantism always goes wrong,’ prosecutor says

Linda Dunikoski

The murder of Ahmaud Arbery (timeline here) was definitely that, a calculated murder by a retired cop, his son, and a neighbor, who were bothe familiar with Arbery, and also familiar with the prosecutors who had targeted him on many occasions, both overtly, and covertly.

These killers will likely never breath free air again, so there’s that.

*Clapping hands everywhere now, as pats on the back go all around*

These gangs of stalkers are definitely on notice that targets are getting respect now, as even Judge Timothy Walmsley genuflected for a moment of silence to honor the life of Arbery, who aspired to be an electrician, in a state where opportunities for African American electricians is hampered by race gangs in the various unions there.

But also hampered by these gangs of stalkers who deliberatley stalk and harass people to try to drive them insane, institutonalize or incarcerate them. In the cell phone era, the story of these modern lynchings often makes it to the media before the stalkers can cover their tracks, or otherwise subvert justice–and this was a case of that too.

3 men sentenced to life in prison for Ahmaud Arbery’s murder; parole denied for father, son

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — A judge sentenced three men to life in prison Friday for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and denied the possibility of parole for two of the defendants, father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael.

However, Judge Timothy Walmsley granted the possibility of parole to William “Roddie” Bryan, the McMichaels’ neighbor who joined the chase and took video of the killing. Bryan must serve at least 30 years in prison before becoming eligible.

A young man with dreams was gunned down in this community,” Walmsley said. “It was callous and it occurred … because confrontation was being sought.”

Before the sentencing was read, Walmsley held a minute of silence to represent a fraction of the time Arbery was running before he was shot. He called the image of Travis McMichael aiming a shotgun at Arbery “absolutely chilling.”

Its important to note the following facts in this case:

  • it was an actual conspiracy by the “gang” and the prosecurtors to cover up this homicide. Of the three prosecutors who stepped down, all are under investigation, and one is now charged with crimes.
  • it was in fact an actual gang as described by ROGS Analysis of gang stalking, and the facts and results of this case are as predicted by the ROGS model
  • there were claims about the victims “mental health” which are irrelevant to the case entirely. Had that victim not been murdered, he no doubt would have been stalked forever in that jurisdiction, where, like other jurisdictions that utilize the British derived “predictive policing” model, he would be stalked until he was driven insane, incarcerated or institutionalized; most notably he would be harassed until “he moved away or sues” the corrupt asshats and that corrupt policing model
  • there were actual electronic weapons used on Ahmaud Arbery. Two years before this gang murdered him, local deputies attempted to Taser him without any pretext or provocation whatsoever. It was caught on film, and it s hard to watch.

All of that above is further evidence that answers the questions “what happens to gang stalking targets,” and “who are the gang stalkers,” bt especially “what is electronic weapons in the gang stalking dialectic?” But mostly, the unasked questions too, like–is vigilantism right? Are adrenaline junkie retired cops, military, and intel agents deserving of the “respect” that they get, as society fawns all over them, not knowing how many of them go on to lives as gang stalkers?

The prosecutor didn’t think so in this case.And I hope that sets a trend that will endure.

Lead prosecutor Linda Dunikoski on Friday said all the defendants deserved the mandatory life sentence for showing “no empathy for the trapped and terrified Ahmaud Arbery.”

She asked the court to impose a harsher sentence on Greg and Travis McMichael because of their “demonstrated pattern of vigilantism.” She pointed to a series of incidents described during the trial in which the father and son tried to investigate alleged crimes in their neighborhood.

“Vigilantism always goes wrong,” she said. “Here we have some men who should have known better.”

R.I.P. Mr. Arbery, justice has been served.

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